Axl Rose Mocks RHCP Super Bowl Show: 'Maybe They Had Microchips in their Asses'

"Like Google Glass... Google A-s!" the funny letter reads.

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With all the controversy around Red Hot Chili Peppers' "wireless" Super Bowl show still shaking up the web, Guns N' Roses mainman Axl Rose penned an open letter addressing the matter, spicing it up with a dose of humor, mockery and an overall relaxed vibe.

Titled "In the Name of Science," the letter reads (via Billboard), "I enjoyed the show and I've no idea what the real story is nor would I want to suggest or imply anyone wasn't actually performing or that what they were playing wasn't what we actually heard. That said I feel it's important to always look on the positive side of things and to give the benefit of doubt."

Axl then got on the funny side, adding, "So consider that maybe sometime before their actual performance that rather than use a guitar cord or standard wireless, that in the name of science and for all mankind Flea courageously had a newly invented breakthrough in microchip technology installed in his ass that picked up the frequencies of his bass and transmitted them to his amplifier."

Further elaborating the anal microchip idea, Rose continued, "Maybe they all had microchips installed in their a-ses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get Direct TV and the internet too! Like Google Glass ... Google A-s! They could be 'Scientific Pioneers!' Like Buzz Aldrin and s--t! True (pardon the pun) a-s-tro-nots! Or like Superbowl crash test dummies for bands kinda like those cars that drive themselves!"

Reaching the conclusion on a light note, the singer added, "And besides ... If the band wasn't really playing or wireless or whatever and Anthony was really singing they may have set a new world record for the largest karaoke audience ever! Awesome!

"So relax and show some pride! This is probably all just Google finding new ways to enrich our lives with the selfless volunteering of the Peppers and the ever ongoing creative process of true innovation or perhaps a new lounge bar record of super magnificent proportions and a new pinnacle of human achievement not seen since the sign language guy in South Africa! God Bless America, the Peppers n' technology... PN'T!"

Flea had already addressed the situation, noting that the band had no intention in hiding the fact that the instruments were pre-recorded for the show. "Could we have plugged them in and avoided bumming people out who have expressed disappointment that the instrumental track was pre recorded? Of course easily we could have and this would be a non-issue. We thought it better to not pretend. It seemed like the realest thing to do in the circumstance," the bassist said.

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    "Maybe they all had microchips installed in their a-ses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get Direct TV and the internet too! Like Google Glass ... Google A-s! I'm just imagining Axl saying this in a really slurred drunken state.
    Good god, this whole thing reminds me of the Axl Rose journal entries on uncyclopedia.
    The title really makes it seem as though Axl is genuinely mocking RHCP. This was actually quite amusing.
    He's just jealous that he wasn't invited so he could show up late in the 4th quarter
    Is it me, or is this really random? We don't hear much of anything from Axl for long periods of time, and then he writes a (kind of funny) open letter about the Super Bowl half time show? I dunno, just struck me as an odd topic for him to speak out on. Happy Birthday Axl!
    Hey, at least they showed up on time and played the whole thing. Can't say the same for Axl and his performances
    That sure was a note by a man in a cheerful mood and spirit. Maybe he was sauced at the time. )
    What a knob. Being locked in a studio for 15 years certainly wasn't good for his sense of humour.
    Ha, I got a good laugh out of this actually. With that said, why the hell did they even play to a backing track? Just why? I've heard some people say that it was their manager's idea, but still, why? Why not just play the song through some speakers and forget about the band appearing live altogether?
    Its the super bowl.. how is this a surprise to anyone? They did it for fun. Who cares? They are still nasty live.
    Dude axl has no room to criticize anyone he can't sing worth shit just watch the bridge school show guns did a couple years ago, Anthony's vocals were live and they sounded ok, I love the chili peppers but when you're a worse singer than Anthony kiedis you know you're pretty bad
    The largest Kareoke act? THIS coming from the dude who wont play with the band that MADE his career, that made his name a household name. Axl, not only do you sound terrible now, but you keep the G'NR name simply because you will sell more tickets. Thats it. Every other member of the band was able to move on. Time for you to retire the G'NR name and tour solo. You can still play the G'NR classics under a solo career. If Kareoke is singing another persons song with a faux instrumentation of it, thats exactly what G'NR is today.
    I saw "Guns n roses" last year, Axl spent half the night off-stage! Pretty much every instrumental section of a song he was not to be seen. They even did some weird song without Axl (bumblefoot sang it). So Axl is pretty brave to rip on other bands for anything really.
    This is the worst "news" article I've read in my life. Also, "microchips"? What is this, the 90's?
    This from a guy who should be using prerecorded tracks at this point of his career. It was pretty funny though.