Axl Rose Reportedly Considering Classic GN'R Reunion

But even better, Nic Cage was caught behind the stage wearing a t-shirt with Nic Cage. Also drank from a goblet.

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Following the massively successful Las Vegas residency, Guns N' Roses might be on a way to a full-on classic lineup reunion.

As the Las Vegas Sun reports, the powerful crowd response to the shows featuring bassist Duff McKagan drove Axl Rose to actually considering the mentioned reunion.

"So much so, he's begun thinking about putting the original group all back together for a global tour," a "knowledgeable insider" told the source. "That would be the biggest-selling rock tour of all tours."

Not disputing the knowledgeable insider, but another source claimed that a full-on reunion is still far-fetched. However, the return of guitarist Izzy Stradlin, at least on a temporary basis, was supposedly set to happen during the residency.

The second source told Alternative Nation that Izzy was scheduled to appear with the band in Vegas on June 6 in 7, but couldn't make it for an unknown reason.

In related news, Slash weighed in on McKagan's appearance with the Guns, telling Daily Star that "it really isn't that big a deal. Duff told me he was going to fill in for what's-his-name." And by "what's-his-name" he meant bassist Tommy Stinson.

But we're forgetting the most crucial thing of all here! Back in Vegas, Nicolas Cage was caught behind the stage wearing a shirt with Nic Cage. Also drank from a goblet. And wore leather pants. And a cowboy hat. Just check out the photo.

But on a more serious note, Axl Rose's former manager did recently claim that the classic GN'R reunion will happen in about two years. However, the latest info isn't exactly the most reliable one, so stay tuned for fresh tidbits.

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    As much as i'd like to see this...I doubt Slash will want to take part
    in fact in a interview of 2011 slash said then he still sending christmas cards to axl xd, he really doesn't have resentment about him
    Didn't he say after the Hall of Fame that was the last straw?
    He kind of just said he's over it at this point. I don't think he would be against it, but he'll be very busy touring for World On Fire for a while, so it would have to be at least a year or two in the future, and that would further delay VR.
    Slash joining Axl on stage, yeah and my tiny little nipples went to France.. As much as i would love to see the original line up, even on a shitty youtube phone video, you would have a better chance of Dave Mustaine saying something nice about Obama then a reunion
    "Nicolas Cage was caught behind the stage wearing a shirt with Nic Cage. Also drank from a goblet" WTF Copies and Pastes this shit
    I feel like the majority of the members have moved on, though. Duff's doing his own thing with Loaded, Izzy's putting his own stuff out, and Slash has his own solo career with god (aka. Myles) to worry about. Not sure about Sorum, admittedly. The only former member of GN'R that has actually expressed interest in a reunion (many times) is Adler, and as of when I last checked he's not even sober and clean yet. And I don't think Axl would fire his entire band on the basis that he's just written an entire new album of music for them to record... TL;DR: This won't happen.
    Come on man be optimistic!
    IF this does ever happen it would be exactly Guns n Roses. It wont start until 110pm or so... it will either tank horribly (been to a few of those in the 90s) or it will rock so hard we will need a few days off to recover(been to a few of those in the late 80s early 90)and if we are lucky enough to see it again good or bad, I for one will be there ready to throw down... Ill keep my fingers crossed, but I'm not losing any sleep over it.
    I don't want to be optimistic unless slash's new album turns out to be shit (and from the real to reel miniseries, it sounds pretty decent). I reckon (having seen both slash and axl separately, that slash is much better by himself than with that idiot. Just my opinion though
    Exactly. People think Axl is a douche because everyone left the band but will be ok with him firing people how have been their working hard for 10+ years. Imagine that in any other line of work."The guys working at my insurance firm the last ten years plus have been great but I'm firing them to bring in some of my old buddies who quit 20 years ago."
    Read the article again. It's total rubbish. Axl doesn't even get quoted here and the rest is made up of dribble that we've heard a thousand times before. I love GnR and have seen all 3 versions live and yet I still do not want to see a cash fuelled reunion tour.
    Anybody know how Steve Adler is doing?
    Not too well, last time I checked. I tried to see his band Adler towards the end of last year, but they cancelled because he had to go back to rehab.
    Seems to keep swinging back and forth with him. You hear "Steven's doing great!" then 6 months later it's "Steven's doing horrible!" No surprise - drugs are like that. But it sucks to think, as I pretty much do, that it will only end with him dead or in jail.
    The day Slash and AXL are on stage together, is the day I will need a new diaper.
    Slash would NEVER take part of it. He stated it again and again. I clearly remember him 2 years ago, in an interview about a fest where he was playing same day as GnR, he was asked if he would go on stage and play with axl. He clearly replied something like "I don't know this band, there is no way I would go on stage with these guys."
    And I clearly just watched an interview from October on Larry King where he said "if it happens, it happens".
    I think Slash just wants Axl to confess that he was being a dick and say sorry. Slash seems like a pretty chill dude but if you piss him off a lot he'll hold it against you. I feel if Axl apoligises to Slash, Slash would be cool with it and they may collaborate or something. But then again I'm being (very) optimistic
    Slash has his fair bit of apologizing to do as well. People like to forget he was a dick too. He was the one that kept going to the media to trash talk Axl and during the GNR times he was quite unpredictable and hard to handle.
    Not true. Slash has said many times that as soon as AXL jumped out of a moving car he knew to use kid gloves with him. Since when did Slash trash talk him? Even interviews with him from '96 right before he quit GNR, he wasn't talking shit or anything close, just saying that communications were tense and they were moving in different directions. It's pretty clear that AXL was the main instigator.
    Read Slash's book. He admits he and Duff said a lot of things during interviews that definitely hindered their relationship with Axl. Not only that but you get a sneak peek of what was like having a junkie Slash in your band.
    Really I think the best POSSIBLE scenario is this: get Myles to sing for Velvet Revolver, and then just keep playing the GnR tunes they already do in Slashes band but WITH Duff & Matt. I don't see Slash agreeing to play with Axl, he's really got no reason to. Axl's not sounding all that great these days anyway...
    To be honest, I am glad that original members have moved on, especially Slash, because with Myles on vocals, I can finally really enjoy Gn'R classic stuff.
    I call total bullshit. Reunion with Axl would suck anyways. I say original GN'R with Myles as lead singer is good enough.
    Don't know why this was downvoted. I suggested something similar in an older article about a reunion and got a gold medal. Honestly the original members and Myles would be great! Sure he isn't the same as Axl but at least there won't be the drama!
    Its because the idea sucks. For all of Kennedy's ability, he lacks Axls inherent character, charm, mystery, all that stuff. And his voice just doesn't compare to Axl's voices character, young or old. Axl or bust for GNR.
    Why hasn't anyone pointed out Dice standing right there? I mean, that's who that is, right? Sure looks like him, anyway.