Axl Rose Sign New Deal

Guns N' Roses main man Axl Rose has signed a new publishing deal with one of the fastest growing music groups.

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Guns N' Roses mainman Axl Rose has signed a new publishing deal with one of the fastest growing music groups, according to Soundgenerator.

In recent years, Sanctuary Music Group have followed an aggressive strategy of signing established acts to its catalogue to gain market share and publishing rights. Axl Rose follows a string of high-profile artists including Lou Reed, Fun Loving Criminals, UB40, the New York Dolls and Morrissey onto Sanctuary's roster.

The deal, confirmed by the label yesterday (January 24), will include all Guns N' Roses back catalogue and new material. A spokesperson for Sanctuary Group told Music Week the deal represents the latest step in building the Sanctuary Music Publishing portfolio, adding 'publishing is a strategic priority for the group.'

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    How sad, the ass indefinetely wanted more money--Back catalogue is probably worth more than the 'New"GNR"' album Chinese Democracy, whenever, and if ever, it comes out.
    its not GNR without the actual band! i liked the old GNR but i hate Axl. i think velvet revolver is really good though
    axles a dick the only time gnr was good was when slash was in it slash is the best guitarist ever peace out
    ^lol, serious. GNR WAS good, but now theyre gunna suck, and i doubt this CD will come out before Christ comes back again.
    I extremely hope this means chinese democracy will be coming out soon
    wouldnt that be cool if scott wieland kicked the shit out of axl, ill probably get bitched at for that bu ti think that would be cool
    i can never see why axl owns everything GNR, every former member is still alive, they should have at least something. am i the only one who thinks that.
    they do, a good band which is more than we can say for axl
    Everybody talks about Axl Rose (Axl fans (obviously), Axl haters (hmmm) Why?..... Axl , I love that name!!!..
    Yeah I heard that Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revoler are playing at Download, would be so cool but I don't see it happening.
    hehe..where were you over in the VR thread when I needed ya. I have a feeling that the album will be out real soon now, seeing as how Axl's signed a new deal. Rumour is, they might be playing on the same festival bill as VR in april too. Tell me that wouldn't kick ass.
    Here, there some slash fans who hate Axl. To those fans. Go to listen to vr! Are you here.... because you get bored of vr? hehehehe
    you have to be gay who puts "*roll eyes*" you damnn fairy go to hell
    yeah you damn fairy (axlreznor)
    bad idea, back cataloguing shit just increases risk of financial feuding between 'former' band members. neways id buy there new shit, if it sounds like shit then ill just kick myself in the head
    I think that Axl should quit the bullshit with other things and get the shit he started done. I don't care how much it might suck as long as it gets done cuz i'm tired of waiting. And by the way axl is a lil bitc*
    dude, axl needs a hot rod jammed up his ass. i mean, that cd will never get released. i mean, when did they start making it? like, 199-something? and buckethead left, which didnt make things much better. what happened? i mean, this was once a great band with so many hits, and than it suddenly collapsed. and velvet revolver is good, but it's not as good as gnr. someone needs to bitch-slap axl.
    people should leave axl rose alone. he should do what he thinks is right and what he can live with. there is nothing bad about being a perfectionist. i admire people who just do their thing not giving a **** what other people think.
    i saw some guy write something on here..that guns and roses were the same as any other band in the 80's... wake up and smel the roses dickwad... Poison just never cut it!! Axl and will always be the shit!!!.
    i saw some msg on here from a guy that said guns and roses were no different to any other 80's band,,, hey i got something for you poo puncher... Poison just didnt cut it.... wake up and smell the roses.. Axl was is and will always be the Shit... dickwad
    I love Axl Rose and he is STILL hot as hell even at 40-something years old. I'm sure he will come out with the album. That is just Axl for ya, he always takes his time and is late doing everything he does. He will do it when he's ready. and BTW I can't wait until he comes back and kicks everyone in the ***ing ass!
    Its funny cuz if half of these people, saw axl in public, they would prob run over to him and tell him how great he is, and want his autograph. They say bad shit now, but if the new cd is great, they will turn around and jump on the bandwagon, god dam flip floppers.
    Well go Axl Rose!! I thinks it's sweet.. I'll always be an Axl fan.. and what he does or thinks is okay by me, since I have liked him since I was 2 .. jeez.. his music is the shit.. So stop bitchin' about him, and get another hobby!!!
    This is gettin real old, i don't care if i never hear the name axl rose ever again. bich!!!
    doesnt axl retain everythin cuz all the other guys quit? thus he was the only remainin member of GNR under that name...basically an all-member switch..
    Axl Rose is a f'n genius, whether he's a crazy ******* or not. Personally, I think the crazy ******* road is one that should be traveled more often. Makes the world a more exciting place.
    Pedro Sanchez: No you are not. I think the same way. GN'R is or at least was an excellent band. Although Axl is a racist dickhead no one can deny he is one of the greatest songwriters ever god your an ignorant ******* who gives a fuuck if hes racist its all about the music
    Man... 1) You need to chill 2) An artist's point of view in some issues does influence his music though it should not be so don't come to me with that bullshit. Look at all political music we r getting these days 3) I believe that any person who considers anyone else inferior because of their faith should burn in hell. so if you do i hope you have a happy life getting ass raped by Satan everyday.
    I dislike Axl Rose, but, I agree with the above guy who said he was a good songwriter. I disagree with his views etc, but I have yet to meet one person who dislikes many, if any, of the songs off 'Appetite For Destruction'.
    am i the only one who thinks the Sanctuary Music Group is a bad idea?
    The Last Megadeth album was under sanctuary too you know i heard one song form that album...totally kicks ass Dave really went back to metal roots with that one
    when slash and duff quit G'n'R, matt decided to leave. axl milked all his earnings, and generally ***ed him over. axl, you are a bitch. go to MY site man
    why can't the band stay together!!! go to my site man
    I think that Axl is a dick for what he did to GNR and I also think hes a genious lyricist and a great musician and frontman. THE END!!
    I'm not gay, no. But at least I'm not a homophobic prick like some people.
    Good luck, you alcoholic bastard!!! Nobody likes your arrogant ass...
    oops, sorry. Like someone said, why the hell do you people get such a kick out of hating EVERYTHING Axl does? sLAsh ru1e5 n axl suXx cause every1 told me so. You don't know the guy. Grow up.