Axl Rose Stars in World Cup Budweiser Commercial

The video features GN'R classic "Paradise City," some famous soccer players and UFC legend Anderson Silva - watch it here.

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A new commercial for Budweiser features a brief cameo from Axl Rose. The spot, called "The Greatest Show on Earth," also uses a remixed version of a Guns N' Roses classic tune "Paradise City." 

The nearly two-and-a-half minute ad was created to coincide with the World Cup, which started in Brazil yesterday (June 12). It stars four internationally known soccer players - Maya Yoshida (Japan), Gary Cahill (England), Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) and Hulk (Brazil) - as members of a band. They're hanging out backstage until their manager tells them it's time to perform.

They hit the stage of the stadium to the familiar riff from "Paradise City," but then Eto'o, the talented but famously temperamental striker, begins to rap new lyrics over the track. Towards the end, at the 2:07 mark, Hulk throws a guitar pick into the crowd, where it is caught by Rose.

The 2014 World Cup runs through July 13, so be prepared to see this commercial - or more likely an edited version of it - repeatedly over the next month.

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    I was eating some delicious pancakes and I stopped cold once that rap started. Fuck you for ruining my pancakes!!!
    Thanks everyone! It was my birthday yesterday, so my first gold medal is quite the present. Take it easy everyone.
    In other GN'R news.. this trumps every song on Apocalyptic Love, as great as it was, in my book.
    Not at all. Just like "You're a Lie" on AL, I think they've chosen the worst song as the first single. I'm confident the rest of the album will be much better.
    Pretty mediocre. Apocalyptic Love had better tracks than this one. Hopefully the rest of the album is better.
    Really love it. The "set the world of fire" part kinda reminds me of the song Too Close - Alex Care
    Meh, pretty cringeworthy. But always good to see Axl doing more normal stuff I guess. I dont think the ad is a big deal.
    Hip hop, stay the hell away from my rock music. You already tried to kill "Crazy Train" and almost succeeded, do NOT ruin GUNS N' ROSES
    Well if he needs money that bad maybe a classic lineup reunion can be in sight
    All new Slash music is bubble gum. Everybody is a bunch of pus***s. Every Slash solo is rushed, and out of time. He is trying to play beyond his own capabilities. GNR reunion is too late. They are all a bunch of fat washed up idiots. so called "rock n roll" now a days makes me want to throw up.
    I cringed when I saw the title of this, but it's suprisingly well put together!
    no, it was awful all around. also, Axl didn't "star" in the video. he appeared for maybe 5 seconds.
    Considering this is a soccer themed ad wouldn't Corona. Modello, or Tecate have been a more wise beer choice? Secondly, Look it's another guns'N Roses cover band with Axl Rose in the same building. Just like All the dates on GNR's tour
    Budweiser and Heineken seem to get all the football sponsorship deals. Not seen any of those beers on football related ads. Though I don't see why the World Cup needs an official beer.
    Pablo Mortis
    It's not that the advert was filmed by FIFA and then they decided which beer was to be advertised...
    Now this was a clue that the New Album Axl has ready to go rap versions of all their classic hits
    You're thinking of the guy everyone jocks around her--Slash. He has a version of Paradise City with Cypress Hill and it sucks donkey. Really. Check it out.
    You mean of Chinese democracy. He did they had remixes of the maybe you're right
    that entire commercial was crap. Should have just had air instruments, might have been more convincing. Axl looked like a fat old lady with a hairlip.
    we have to hear about axl.....even when the topic is soccer.....great.
    Well, you did choose to click on an article that had Axl Rose on the title so, it's your own fault.
    No one else notice that the burgundy(ish) Les Paul on stage had its strings put on in reverse?
    Was that Anderson Silva doing security at 0:12 and 0:29? Best part of the video. I have to admit, though, once you get over the "OMG THEY RAPED THE AXL AND GUNSANDROSES!!1!" thing, the commercial, itself, was rather well done.
    holy shit that looks more like the guy from Lynyrd Skynyrd or Van Morrison than Axl Rose. How the mighty have fallen.