Babymetal Confirmed for Sonisphere 2014

J-pop death metal online sensation set to rock Knebworth alongside Metallica, Maiden and more.

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J-pop death metal viral sensation Babymetal were officially announced as the new performers of this year's Sonisphere festival.

The band will make their UK live debut in style, rocking out alongside such metal giants as Metallica and Iron Maiden.

"I am so honored that we are confirmed to play Sonisphere Festival UK," said Su-Metal. "There are so many different types of artists playing this festival but I hope to deliver a one and only, unique style metal - Babymetal - even to those who will see us for the very first time.

"This will be our very first time in the UK, which makes us nervous, yet excited just imagining what type of people will come and see us, what sort of show it will end up being, and whether the audience will enjoy our show. We'll hopefully get to see Metallica-san's performance again after witnessing them at Summer Sonic festival in Japan which we are very excited about," the girl added.

As the official release reads, over 1,000 fans demanded to see Babymetal at this year's event. The trio scored major popularity with their latest single "Gimme Chocolate," crossing 5 million YouTube views within three months. Check it out below.

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    16 years old and playing Sonisphere. What have I done with my life.
    I'm sure they will be very well received as long as they play and sing live. I love these guys but some of the earlier 'live' videos were just glorified karaoke/dance performances which they are slowly moving away from - hopefully in time for Sonisphere!
    yes. that's what i worried about. hopefully suzuka have enough stamina and scream to balance their performance.
    Japan's like that weird but clever friend where you try and tell everyone else that they've got the most advanced technologies and intelligence in the world, but then they release really weird (and weirder) stuff like this and all your other friends are like "Are you SURE he's a genius?"
    It should be interesting. They may not be one of the better upcoming things but its certainly not a bad thing. Anyways, its good to see that people from different cultures and media are coming into the extreme metal focus.
    Say what you will about the sugary vocals, their album is catchy as hell.
    Wow...they actually sound pretty good. It's really cheesy and goofy, but some of those melodies, man...sound pretty good.
    Is it me or is it just a bit annoying ? Its not about whether or not its metal - its just commercialised nonsense without soul designed to create internet celebrities. Some say that as long as its "entertainment" then its ok - maybe, but thats the attitude that gives us X Factor,The Voice and Britain's Got Talent's dancing dog....!
    Even though I've never really listened to them I've known of the band for a while (since the start I guess). They seem to have gotten quite the spike in popularity after the first album was released.
    I think its epic! Yes, it's Jpop mixed in with a metal background but music is meant to be experimented with. If we stick to one sound of metal we will run out of possibility of something new and every new band will be coming out with things that someone else already has and criticism will follow with that. Look at KoRn, they mixed dubstep with metal and almost EVERYONE complained about it because it wasn't the original KoRn. People still complain about Metallica not being the original Metallica that it was before the Black album. Music changes, let it. As a side note, I would go see em live, just because I think it would be a blast of fun.
    lucky you. i am ready to do almost anything to go their concert. but my almost do anything isn't emough yet. here i am in indonesia
    Oh I can't go either unfortunately, I am stuck in the US. Two of the all time greatest metal bands to exist on one stage AND Babymetal? Sounds like one hell of a show if you ask me.
    The instruments are good, but everything else about this is not metal.
    It'd be nice if they'd give the people actually playing the instruments some quality screen time.
    Why? They don't do anything apart from dance to the music and maybe lip-sync. What has the world of metal come to if we are to allow this to enter it?
    Will teletubbies play too? And after this comment bunch of people will attack me and explain how incredible talented they are. MEH!
    Its not always about talent, sometimes its ok to just be entertained. I don't think anyone will attack you for not liking them though, its quite a niche and most people get that. What annoys fans is when the only criticism people mount against them are that they aren't metal/brutal enough, like theres a checklist of what it is to be metal. Just sounds dumb.
    Nero Galon
    I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how the majority of users here are reacting to this band. Not my cup of tea at all but its good to see that for once elitism isn't so high. Ok these girls are probably just another novelty act but they are entertaining and for them to be coming into such a different culture to their own it will indeed be very interesting to see the reaction.
    Pretty boring. Could at least have some screams...
    Hmm so Babymetal get exactly the same criticism as Opeth do these days...
    people who will watch them to laugh and see them fail will probably get disappionted. they are actually good live
    This is the Japanese take on the Spice Girls, I assume??? I'm so bummed.... Our Spice Girls didn't have sweep solos...
    Clearly they'll have to go on early. They need to go to bed before 9 after all Honestly I don't see the big deal about why people dislike them . Sure they're gimmicky, but can't kids like metal?? I guess it's because it's not death growls
    both forms are popular in Japan, I suppose it was inevitable someone would combine them. I would respect it more if the girls were actually playing the instruments. I suggest you search "Yellow Machinegun" on youtube if you want to see that
    If they bring Takayoshi Ohmura to play guitar, then it would definitely be a show to see.