Babymetal Land Red Hot Chili Peppers Support Slot

J-pop metallers to open for band on UK tour.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers are due to return to the UK for their first tour of the country in five years this December. And, it looks like the band are bringing an unexpected special guest along for the ride.

J-pop teen metallers Babymetal have been announced as the support act for the jaunt, touring behind their latest album "Metal Resistance."

Tickets for the UK shows go on general sale 10 am. On Friday, September 2, so if a Red Hot Chili Peppers/Babymetal double bill has you psyched, then mark that date down in your diary.

Red Hot Chili Peppers UK tour dates:

Dec 05: London, UK - The O2
Dec 06: London, UK - The O2
Dec 08: Glasgow, UK - The SSE Hydro
Dec 10: Birmingham, UK - Genting Arena
Dec 11: Birmingham, UK - Genting ArenaDec 14: Manchester, UK - ArenaDec 15: Manchester, UK - Arena

Chili Peppers' 11th album, "The Getaway," was released earlier this year. The record, produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Nigel Godrich went to #1 in ten countries across Europe.

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    Babymetal and poor man's Faith No More? Sounds....interesting....
    Why? Are RHCP fans often interested in j-pop or metal? Seems like force-feeding babymetal to RHCP fans, or maybe the other way around.
    I have to agree with this to be honest. Are RHCP fans really all that into metal? Never mind the J-pop part. With that said RHCP are a stadium rock band, and who else are selling out stadiums right now? Babymetal. I would imagine there is some label agreement going on here or at least a buy-in to the tour, but who knows.
    I'll definitely be trying to get get tickets! I'm a massive RHCP fan and a massive metal fan, i love babymetal. It is possible to like multiple genres.
    Oh shit! I had no idea people could like multiple genres! What have I been doing with my life!? Obviously there will be some in the middle of the venn diagram but for the most RHCP isn't a natural fit for Japanese Pop-Metal. In general people who like mainstream RHCP won't be people in metal, or Japanese music.
    It's pretty naive and cynical to claim it as a buy-in. I think a lot of bands would be pretty eager to take them out on tour to the extent BM can pretty much pick and choose. Which is probably why they're not doing a tour with a Metal band. They've had exposure in that circuit for a while now. It's worth noting BM's fans are a wide bunch. A good number that go to their shows weren't even into metal to begin with. This tour kinda makes sense in exposure terms RHCP probably don't need a support to shift tickets for this tour, but there will be a strong number of BM fans buying tickets just for them. In my case, for the whole tour. In either case, this tour had obviously been on the books for BM for at least a year. It's the only reasonable explanation as to why BM placed their huge Tokyo Dome shows in September rather than their usual December end-of-tour slot.
    Although I personally love both of these bands and can't wait for this tour, I can't imagine many fans of either of these groups are going to be too happy with this match up.
    theresehodor · Aug 27, 2016 09:56 AM
    I'm getting real sick and tired of hearing about babymetal. I swear they get talked about just for shock dislikes... I mean... I think only one of my friends has mentioned them once and thats it. Other then that no one even talks about them.
    I'm still not over the fact they cut the solo for painkiller when they jammed with Halford. Everyone prolly has a guilty pleasure over that main singer chick n that's it.
    I think this is awesome. some decades ago bands didn't needed to sound the same to tour together. you could see some heavier bands with glam/hard rock ones playing in the same tour or festival. SO altough neither of them are my cup of tea, good for them. and, I think that more and more rock/metal will become like a niche thing so it's not bad that rock/metal acts(even sounding quite differently) start touring together.
    They should get Dave Grohl to play with the japanese band as well. Frusciante must be so happy that he won't be part of this parody! RHCP don't deserve to have such a genius in their band.