Babymetal: 'Slayer and Metallica Are Very Different Live From Who They Are Backstage'

"When we are not being metal, we are also different people," the band says.

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Babymetal recently gave their first-ever US interview, sharing quite a few interesting details from over the past few months.

As reported, the J-pop death metal act recently saw a massive popularity rise, getting a chance to share the stage with such metal behemoths as Metallica and Slayer. Speaking of which, the girls got very impressed by how different metal titans are on and off stage.

"When we were at Sonisphere, in the dressing room we were talking to a lot of people," Moametal told Metal Sucks. "We met the guys from Slayer, so when we first met them it was a different impression from watching them onstage - they were like totally different people. That was very cool for me. We saw Slayer and Metallica perform. I think that they are very cool live and very different from who they are backstage, but very cool."

The girls further added, "When we are not being metal, we are also different people. So of course our friends are like, 'Oh, you guys are totally different from when you're on stage!' But we go to karaoke together and our friends will sing metal songs with us. Everyone is really supportive."

Asked to pinpoint the reason behind Babymetal's popularity, Su-metal explained, "I feel that it's probably because we're doing something so different, something that has never been done before in the metal scene. This is probably the reason why people have responded very well to our music and what we’re doing right now."

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    I can only imagine James Hetfield brutally saying Yeah to everything everywhere he goes. No I cant.
    "I think that they are very cool live and very different from who they are backstage, but very cool." yeah. So how are they actually different? I've gained nothing from this article,
    "I feel that it's probably because we're doing something so different, something that has never been done before in the metal scene." I feel its probably because your 3 young Japanese girls prancing about onstage, dressed as schoolgirls. Because other than that, Babymetal are awful.
    I think they're hilarious and a lot of fun, I enjoy listening to them
    I don't have a problem with BabyMetal really, there are so many worse bands out there.
    "When we are not being metal..." Says it all. Hopefully they'll be gone and forgotten in a couple of years.
    They're also Japanese, and their English is either translated Japanese or not as strong as English-speakers. Just saying, you can't always translate language 100% accurately.
    Can't really see why all the down votes. What they are saying about Metallica and Slayer is probably true. I don't see those guys being very "metal" off stage and why should they? As for Babymetal being original, I suppose they are as a concept. Are they good? I don't know, I don't really care about them. Lot's of people seem to like them, though, and that's great. At least they bring some positive energy to the metal scene, which seems to be on short supply sometimes.
    People get their panties in a bunch over Babymetal. I personally find it funny. I mean, it's just music. If you don't like it you don't need to comment on every single post about them. Live and let live. Metalheads really need to lighten up sometimes.
    "I feel that it's probably because we're doing something so different, something that has never been done before in the metal scene." yeah, nor has a surgeon ever blasted his explosive diarrhea into a patient he is operating on, so i will just do that and say im innovative
    I love how UG users get their Metal panties in a bunch over Babymetal when even the big name bands are supportive, like come on, when Gary Holt is on board you can tell that you guys are just being dumb.
    It's funny how people react to Babymetal. Some people actually feel like a band of 3 teenage girls from Japan is somehow "threatening" to the metal image. At least Babymetal is doing something NEW by combining J-pop with metal, rather than making some carbon copy Djent or Deathcore band.
    "got very impressed"? Is it just me or does that not sound right? Sounds like one of the members of Babymetal actual wrote this article.
    They're like 16(?) at the oldest? Can we take they're opinions seriously?
    Most of the people in here are that age (or at least that's what they imply) so, by your logic, almost no one in here can have their opinions be taken seriously
    How funny would it have been if the title read like this, 'Srayer and Metarrica Are Very Different rive From Who They Are Backstage'?
    "when we are not being metal" am I being pedantic in their phrasing when I say most metal fans don't just "switch off" when it's convenient?
    I think most artists have a "stage persona". Even if they are themselves on stage they act very differently from usual and display their personality differently. It's like a different social role on stage without necessarily being "fake". Still, usually there is certain amount of acting involved. Babymetal's comment makes sense, it was just roughly translated.
    i didn't expect them to know english. they're still in middle school, after all.
    The only reason they will ever take this as "NEEEEEWWWSSSSS" is because of Babymetal...
    For **** sake...they are only entertainers and you guys are only listeners. If you dont like it, then dont listen and dont comment on it. Anyway, Music is supposed to revolutioned as creativity increased. Rock evolved, Blues evolved, Jazz evolved, so Metal evolved too...Babymetal just add in and strengthen Kawaii Metal or Cute Metal genre. So what the **** are you so called "Knowledgable" Metalheadsare talking about? So what if it is Jpop and Metal is blended together? Why dont you talk about Rap or Hiphop being blended with Metal? or Folk with Metal? Symphony Ochestra with Metal? Are you DUMB metalheads or are you the smart one who knows what music is all about? Metal musucians are somehow respecting other genre...but you listeners are DUMB. get the **** out of here.