Babymetal to Open for Guns N' Roses on Upcoming Tour

Slash previously said Babymetal are "the most exciting thing that I'd seen recently."

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Babymetal to Open for Guns N' Roses on Upcoming Tour

Based on new billboards that have surfaced in Japan, Babymetal is set to perform as an opening act for Guns N' Roses on some of their upcoming shows.

Apparently, the girls will support Axl and co. on their recently-added Yokohama show on January 25, as well as in Tokyo on January 29.

Last year, Slash praised Babymetal, branding them one of the top acts to emerge in recent years.

The guitarist said on The Dave Fromm Show: "I've heard these guys - they're the most exciting thing that I'd seen recently. 'Cause they have a look, and they're girls."

Directly asked if he'd play a show with Babymetal, Slash replied, "Yeah, sure. I mean that's its own thing. But, I mean you know, all these artists are really established in what they do. In other words, they sound really good and very professional."

Some of the acts that have opened for GN'R on the ongoing reunion tour include Skrillex, Chris Stapleton, Billy Talent, The Cult, Alice in Chains, and Lenny Kravitz.

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    Gray Lensman
    Maybe Axl wants to try to fulfill his "Three Japanese schoolgirls" fantasy.
    Maybe it is the three girls that want to fulfill the fat fucks that I have fucked.....NO, it is most definitely the other way around...
    The girls are LOCKED down with security to the max...KOBAMETAL has it no other way. With good reason. These girls and the KAMI Band are so amazing, humble and professional. Closest will probably be just a photo ops and interviews maybe meet n greets. I think family members also tour with them. Their image is their product. Very professional show and family oriented tour group. Everyone who gets to know them loves them and protects them.