Babymetal: 'We Didn't Know What Metal Was When the Band Started'

Turns out Babymetal weren't always metal fans...

Ultimate Guitar

In an interview with Huffington Post (via Blabbermouth), Babymetal have revealed that they were not aware of what heavy metal was before joining the group.

The revelation came about when band members Yuimetal and Moametal were asked about how physically draining BabyMetal's live performances are.

"When I first started, my stamina could not keep up," says Yui Mizuno (a.k.a. Yuimetal). "I did not know what metal was, so I never headbanged before ... I used to have muscle pain that lasted three days ... But now I am used to it and I have more stamina now."

Moa Kikuchi (a.k.a. Moametal) added: "When [I first became part of the band], I had not danced before [to heavy metal music]. I did not know how to make the choreography look good, and like how Yuimetal was saying, I did not know metal, so the choreography was hard to understand; my neck started to really hurt, it was difficult. But now I have got used to it. I like feeling one with the audience, making the whole venue feel like one, it makes me happy."

Babymetal's debut album was released on February 26th.

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    They have 'admitted' to this for years this is hardly new news...But whatever, anything to get the metal elitists whipped up (again) I guess.
    I would like to refer all the metal elitists to ADoseofBuckey's channel on Youtube..specifically the video called "Babymetal (metal fans)"
    Cool video - and it mentions Ultimate Guitars truly awful review of the Baby Metal album too which was nice.
    This isn't exactly new news... Nor was it really plot twist... A manufactured band, of what was at the time pre-teens/early teen girls, who sung pop... It's not exactly a huge surprise! They do seem to be enjoying themselves though, so I say let them carry on! I quite enjoy the music, it's clearly written by an assortment of different people, it has different styles, and also the backing band (Kami-band?) are a group of talented instrumentalists, so it's a plus on all parts for me!
    Yeah, I'm not a fan of their stuff despite liking both Metal and J-Pop, but if they enjoy what they do then who gives a shit?
    Exactly! In the end, people like what they do, they seem to enjoy it, so what harm is it doing?
    Cuz Metal elitists seem to think that they are right and that metal is the only true form of musical art.
    Iesous, what's with this thing...It's funny?or witty?or intellectual? Or you have to be a pedo-weeabo in order to listen-fap to this?
    How about different strokes for different folks? It's a typical example of a record-company-produced band and, well, that having been considered it's actually pretty well executed. Not my thing but fair enough to those who like it.
    Why is it that people think that anyone who likes anything they don't must automatically be a paedo? Are you the ****ing Daily Mail or something!?
    Clearly this is because they were just cleverly crafted together by some producer seeing the greens in the concept. Which it utterly and totally is: a concept. The quality of the music is so poor, and so cringe-worthy. Babymetal is the biggest joke in metal right now, if you ask me.
    Hahaha! I didn't know that such a band existed, this made my day, how my mates and I are going to laugh later over some cold ones, this is comedy gold. :

    Come on, does any adult actually like this band? I hope not, this is wrong on so many levels.

    I'm an adult and I don't find anything wrong with liking them. In fact I really really like them. The only thing that's "wrong" here is hearing shmucks like you mumble on about how you are too closed minded to allow other people to enjoy music they find good or entertaining...tsk tsk that's so "Wrong".
    Well, I actually like them a lot too, they sure make me laugh, for that alone, they rock : I'm not being closed minded, people can enjoy whatever they want, it's just picturing, mainly grown man, listening to these girls, watching them jump about, and headbanging to it like you do to Pantera or Meshuggah, it just feels pretty awkward to me. It's like enjoying Teletubbies or the Tweenies over a metal track. Maybe it's my problem, not in touch with feminine side or I allowed the child in me to die or whatever, but I just can't enjoy this at all. The music is actually very well produced and not bad at all, but the gimmicky J-pop girls, I don't like it, to me and my mates we just feel like laughing, I'm sorry, that's how we feel.
    Metal elitist...
    It's not as much about being an elitist as it is about the fact that Babymetal really is f*cking awful. It's a gimmick and the fun of it will wear off very soon.
    Metal elitist, haha, cheers mate. So if I don't like ALL the bands in the world, I'm an elitist. I guess when I said adults, I meant mature adults, over 30 perhaps, I understand if in your twenties you are able to enjoy something like this gimmick. 12 years ago I actually liked the TATU song All the things she said, I fell for the gimmick of the Lesbian school girls, I admit it
    OMG how dare these people not have a positive opinion on every band on the planet. Especially this band which definitely isn't a manufactured pop band trying to tap into the metal market. They must be one of those 'elitest' people I hear about. Therefore their opinions are immediately invalid. Don't these people know that disliking bands are illegal!!! Such ignorance. That, ladies and gentlemen, was my impersonation of people who don't like negative feedback. I'm far from an elitest. I love J-pop and I love metal. But stop treating this as anything more than a novelty band.
    It's not about having opinions about bands. It's about stating opinions as facts/just hating. People don't need to overreact. If you don't like something, you can always say "this is not for me". But some people think it's the end of the world when Japanese teen girls sing this kind of music. Like metal music was something "holy". Something that some people aren't allowed to "touch".
    Well, I think this confirms my prior comparison to a Slipknot/Justin Bieber YouTube mashup video.
    It's a gimmick. Duh! But WHAT a gimmick! Also it's Japan. Japan is pretty much the go-to for WEIRD SHIT. I mean listen to just about any "normal" Japanese metal band, and you're bound to scratch your head a few times.
    I've heard a fair amount of legitimate normal Japanese bands that sound like they could be from any other country. Actually, the only Japanese band that I can think of that's actually sorta weird is Sigh, but they're avant-garde, so what do you expect?