Babymetal: 'We'd Like to Collaborate With Metallica-san'

artist: BABYMETAL date: 08/14/2014 category: music news
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Babymetal: 'We'd Like to Collaborate With Metallica-san'
Babymetal have recently expressed a desire to join forces with the ultimate metal greats - Metallica.

Chatting with Girls on Games, the three girls discussed the success they managed to achieve in recent time, as well as the Fox god, the higher entity responsible for the group's existence.

Prompted to name an act they'd like to collaborate with the most, the girls briefly responded, "Metallica-san."

We all know that Metallica aren't afraid of unlikely collaboration, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise if we get a Babymetal ft. Metallica record one day.

In related news, members of Carcass gave the band much props and support, telling metal fans to lighten up and just have fun. A few Ghost parallels were also drawn.

Asked to single out his highlight of this year's Sonisphere festival, frontman Jeff Walker told Nuclear Blast, "My highlight was getting my picture taken with Babymetal. I'm starting to warm to the idea of what they're doing. It's actually fun, you know - like Ghost, to be honest.

"Some people get very reactionary about a band like Ghost or Babymetal. It puts a smile on people's faces. That's what music's about, isn't it?! Enjoying it and not being so serious." Guitarist Bill Steer chipped in (via Blabbermouth), "I mean, obviously, we don't cover this ourselves, but the fun, entertainment angle, it is important."

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