Babymetal: 'We'd Like to Collaborate With Metallica-san'

Meanwhile, Carcass members compare J-pop metallers to Ghost. More inside.

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Babymetal have recently expressed a desire to join forces with the ultimate metal greats - Metallica.

Chatting with Girls on Games, the three girls discussed the success they managed to achieve in recent time, as well as the Fox god, the higher entity responsible for the group's existence.

Prompted to name an act they'd like to collaborate with the most, the girls briefly responded, "Metallica-san."

We all know that Metallica aren't afraid of unlikely collaboration, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise if we get a Babymetal ft. Metallica record one day.

In related news, members of Carcass gave the band much props and support, telling metal fans to lighten up and just have fun. A few Ghost parallels were also drawn.

Asked to single out his highlight of this year's Sonisphere festival, frontman Jeff Walker told Nuclear Blast, "My highlight was getting my picture taken with Babymetal. I'm starting to warm to the idea of what they're doing. It's actually fun, you know - like Ghost, to be honest.

"Some people get very reactionary about a band like Ghost or Babymetal. It puts a smile on people's faces. That's what music's about, isn't it?! Enjoying it and not being so serious." Guitarist Bill Steer chipped in (via Blabbermouth), "I mean, obviously, we don't cover this ourselves, but the fun, entertainment angle, it is important."

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    "We would like to collaborate with Metallica, but we don't even know who they are"
    Do it! That would be awesome! Who woudn't want to collaborate with Metallica??
    I just don't get the Babymetal thing. I get that its new and different, but that doesn't make it sound good to me. I seriously believe that a lot of people are talking about how much they love Babymetal simply so they can say that they like something different, regardless of whether or not they truly enjoy it. Just my two cents.
    Y'all realize that Babymetal has met Metallica multiple times and helped them promote in Japan, right? Also that picture is in bad taste.
    Ugh, aren't these girls underage (18)? The manikin picture kind of creeps me out based on that. Just saying. Implied child pr0n.
    liking babymetal does not make sense to me at all. how can some people actually give bands like avenged sevenfold flack but enjoy a bunch of screaming 14 year olds yelling in japanese into a mic over heavy metal riffs. lame
    Ultimate Guitar site really sank in decline these last 10 years with the clickbait articles. Metallica has lost their relevancy pretty long ago, it's not like they have anything to lose. I'd be surprised if they manage to make an album that rivals Megadeth's.
    When did Metallica lose their relevancy? I'm pretty sure they still tour all the time and sell out all their concerts. All while being the biggest band in metal? I don't get when it became cool to hate on them. The only complaint I have is that they don't release albums fast enough lol...
    "It puts a smile on people's faces" no it makes me wanna go on a killing spree
    "I'm a big J-rock fan, but I can't pronounce Yoshiki" ...Still I have to admit any mention of X Japan makes my inner fanboy happy.
    I hope they start proper touring now that they're coming back to the stage.
    If nothing else, they ought to with the new album when the finally finish it, what with the trying to get in on the western market, right? I saw Yoshiki in London on his classical tour, and it was amazing but it wasn't quite X. I would probably kick a puppy to get to see them. Probably. I like puppies.
    I've pretty much given up on the album seeing as it's been "almost done" for 7 years now but they do seem more motivated to just play existing songs. Maybe it will come out though now that Yoshiki's done solo touring. Missed out on his solo concert, I think I would've preferred a larger orchestra.