Babyshambles Back On Tour

Babyshambles are returning to the road following the conclusion of the court case surrounding troubled lead singer Pete Doherty.

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According to, British rockers Babyshambles are returning to the road following the conclusion of the court case surrounding troubled lead singer Pete Doherty.

The band's frontman was found guilty of possessing class A drugs but avoided a jail sentence and was instead handed a 12-month community order. Doherty is now free to return to the music scene and Babyshambles have said they are keen to play the dates they had to cancel last month in Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle and London.

The 26-year-old former Libertines singer has been ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation programme and could face prison if he fails to complete it. But this is unlikely to infringe on the band's rearranged tour which begins at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire tonight and ends at Manchester Academy on Sunday.


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    hahaha you spamers suck! Libertines rocked! Babyshambles arent even worthy of being slagged off. Pete Doherty died along with the memory of the Libertines. This drug addled imposter gives junkies a bad name. Cmon Carlos, give me something to believe in once again. The good ship albion will live always live on in our hearts.
    Heres to hopeing its there last, i love how brilliantly there last album bummed, they were set up to be the biggest thing since, well ever by NME, and seeing NME wrong makes me happy, extatic in this case
    Babyshambles are better than the Libs... DPT's is proof Carl is just shit You dont really know what its like to be addicted to heroin so shut it lol Albion was amazing, just not accepted by the razorlight generation... boo Shotters Nation has REDEEMED and it show who was the dringing force behind the libs and only emphisises Carls lack of talent PS i will assault C Barrat if i see him
    No matter what The Libertines were better than Babyshambles and DPT. Pete on his own is better than Carl on his own but them both together made so much sense, down in albion was amazin with the rough chords and weird solos flung in, but live during that period i have to say pete disapointed me, but being addicted to herion and crack can't be easy, shotters nation on the other hand was amazing on the album and live, but every true pete fan knows that the best babyshambles songs are the ones written in the days before or with the libertines or ones with references to carl in them. nuff said
    i disagree completely i think babyshambles are better than the libertines,yeah i love the libertines too but i like that fact that babyshambles do a lot more accoustic stuff and i just think as a band they are far more diverse.