Bach And Bon Jovi Friends Again

Sebastian Bach settled his differences with Jon Bon Jovi when they met in a restaurant while the ex Skid Row singer was dining with Axl Rose.

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Sebastian Bach settled his differences with Jon Bon Jovi when they met in a restaurant while the ex Skid Row singer was dining with Axl Rose.

The accidental crossing of paths put paid to years of acrimony after Bach became upset that Bon Jovi who was instrumental in getting Skid Row together was taking a cut of their income.

He later realised they'd almost certainly never have made it without him.

Bach tells ArtScenics (via Blabbermouth): "Bon Jovi took us on our first tour and we signed some papers with him. He got a cut if we made it big, he would get compensated for helping us out.

So I was bitter about that for a while. But then I realised we probably wouldn't have made it as big, or at all, if he didn't take us."

The opportunity to settle their differences arose a few years ago, long after Bach had split with Skid Row although he recently said only one original band member was standing in the way of a reunion, a claim the band denies.

The singer, who earlier this month sacked guitarist and collaborator Nick Sterling, continues: "I had dinner with Jon. We were staying in London, me and Axl, and the waitress says, "Hey, guess who's over in the corner? Jon Bon Jovi."

I go, "Get the fuck out of here!" I didn't know what to do, because we'd had words most of them were mine. So I go, Fuck this. I'm going to say hi to him.' We used to be great, great friends. I had Christmas dinner at his house and stuff.

So I walked over towards Jon and he was looking at me, going, "Are you going to be a dick or are you going to be nice? What are you going to do? What are you going to say?"

I was like, Hey man, how's it going?' We stood up and hugged. Then he came over to me and Axl's table and we drank about 15 bottles of wine. He's a good guy we're friends again."

In 2002 Skid Row guitarist Snake Sabo revealed how Bach and Bon Jovi had come to blows at the end of a tour together. He told Metal Sludge: "The Bon Jovi crew were doing the usual end of the tour antics, dumping milk on us, throwing eggs at us while we were onstage, all of it harmless.

As this is happening, Sebastian announces to the crowd, "Jon BonJovi should come up here and get a Piece of Me", and then we went into the song. He didn't say this maliciously he said it in good fun, because we all thought Jon was behind it all.

After our set I see Jon walking towards me. I start laughing and say to him, "Man, you really got us that was awesome!" He walks right past me with this scowl on his face headed right towards Baz. I see Baz going to give Jon a high-five, then I see Jon throw a punch at Baz.

Baz throws a punch back at him, then a ton of security jumps in, but as they're heading back to our dressing rooms they're still yelling and screaming at each other.

It turns out Jon had nothing to do with any of the end-of-tour stuff. He thought Baz called him a pussy on stage when, in fact, Baz was just introing Piece of Me. To this day I defend Baz on this because he did nothing wrong. It was a completely ridiculous incident."

Thanks to Classicrockmagazine for the report.

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    anyone else find the mention of Axl Rose in this article amusing? its like it was written to make sure we knew he was there but he didnt do anything lol
    15 bottles of wine; have they eat 4 beefs, 14 chickens and 200 pounds of potatoes with that? Nice dinner.
    I want to know where is this restaurant! waitress says, "Hey, guess whos over in the corner? Jon Bon Jovi." I go, "Get the **** out of here!" LOL
    The part of this article I find most hard to believe, is that Axl has a friend?
    Bach seems to be one of these guys who seems to think the rock community wouldn't be the same without him. So you're friends with Axl and Slash? I don't care.
    I dont get it. Are we supposed to like Bach or hate him? It seems that every week were supposed to think differently of him.
    Why don't you form your own opinion as unusual as that would be on the internet? My opinion is I dislike Bach and Skid Row. You're can have that opinion if you want it.