Bad Brains Dedicate Album To Late Beastie Boy

artist: Bad Brains date: 11/23/2012 category: music news
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Bad Brains Dedicate Album To Late Beastie Boy
Hardcore punk heroes Bad Brains have dedicated their new album "Into The Future" to the late Beastie Boy Adam Yauc. Yauch had produced their previous album "Build A Nation". As teenagers, Yauch and his friends were inspired by Bad Brains and their local punk scene to start their own band, borrowing the 'BB' initials for Beastie Boys. "He was a good friend and fan of the band, always was our Number One supporter out of celebrities," bassist Daryll Jenifer told Rolling Stone. "We knew each other from way back. We were in bands together. I played in his band Brooklyn. He's still doing his thing, spiritually." Singer H.R. said Yauch was often in his mind while making the new album. "I wanted to put something on paper, on track, that he would enjoy," he said. It's roughly three decades since Bad Brains burst onto the Washington D.C. scene and stirred a punk revolution. So how do they appease old punk fans while following their newer musical interests? Jenifer explains: "We know that our fanbase likes our hardcore style, so we want to make sure we have some of that on the plate. And we always love our rub-a-dub style, our reggae style, so that's going to always be in our lives. Now, the inventive area, that's where it gets exciting for us, because that's where we can say, 'OK, let's see what the great spirit has in store for us.'" "Into The Future" is available now.
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