Bad Religion Talk Retirement

They play every show as if it could be their last, and say that when the time comes, there won't be a farewell tour - the band will finish without celebration.

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Bad Religion aren't calling it quits yet - but when they do, it won't be with a big bang.

They say that when the time feels right, there won't be any celebrations or farewell tours. And while they're not planning to quit yet, they say their retirement could happen at any moment.

"It's like any relationship. We could wake up one morning and decide we don't want to be part of it anymore and then it's over. So we look at every show as potentially our last," bassist Jay Bentley told Spinner.

Bentley says they're constantly checking on themselves to make sure they're still in it for the music rather than prioritising the money and glory.

"You have to ask yourself, 'Do you a really enjoy what you are doing or are you just going through the motions for a paycheck?'," Bentley said. "Greg [Graffin] and I have an agreement: when this is over, it's over - no farewell tours, no balloons, no bullsh-t, we'll just call it a day and we are done."

Meanwhile, they're currently promoting new album "True North", which was rumored to be their last album when a journalist mis-quoted singer Greg Graffin. It's not officially their last, but it's time for fans to accept that Bad Religion won't last forever.

Do you think punk bands hit a wall when they should call it quits, or is it cool that they can represent youth and energy in their older years? Share your opinion in the comments.


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    sounds like theyre trying to ready some fans for a farewell. true north was a solid final album after 22 years or however long its been. graffin still knows how to rock, really hope i get to see them play once before they call it quits
    at least they left us with a huge collection of amazing music! True north is fast and aggressive as fk!!!!!
    33 Years on and bad religion still tearing it up better than anyone. Be a shame to see 'em call it a day.
    What a same. They were the first real punk band I got into. I saw them in 2011 with Rise Against and they were phenomenal.
    I hate to see them go, but I respect a band that knows when to call it quits. (Looking at you Aerosmith) Sometimes preserving a legacy is more important than releasing a few semi-decent albums.
    More bands should go the way of the White Stripes or Led Zep. always leave em wanting more
    I respect these guys but find them to be rather boring. If you want to see/hear an interesting punk band of veterans check out OFF! or Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine. Those guys still know how to really do it!
    Bad Religion retires? So no more hearing about Jebus and his wild fantasies ?
    They've been releasing the same album for the past ten years, so yeah, I'd say retire already. I've seen them live on two continents - always a great show, but always the same show.
    You obviously haven't kept up to date with what they've been doing the past 10 years!! The discent of man was probablt the most melodic album theyve ever made and True North is like an updated collection of everything that is 'Bad Religion'! I for one am deeply saddened about this but at the same time....they have been going forever!
    Wrong. You may think that slight variations equal musical 'diversity' but I do not. They've merely been remaking The Process of Belief since Brett rejoined the band. They release solid albums but they are completely formulaic and not very interesting.
    so it seems like YOU should be the one who'd be talking retirement: Stop listening to them if you're not interested in their music anymore, it's that simple, you should try it