Bam Margera's Dani Filth Collaboration Track Surfaces

"Sleepless" is posted online.

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A collaboration between Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth and Bam Margera's new band, F--kface Unstoppable has appeared online. The track, titled "Sleepless," is available for streaming here. F--kface Unstoppable comprises Bam Margera, backed by several members of CKY, including Bam's brother Jess Margera. Guitarist Chad I Ginsburg recently quit the band, citing that he no longer wanted to witness his long time friends in a downward spiral. He made the announcement through the following tweets: "I quit bams band. fagface stoppable. good riddance. "simply can't witness or enable the downward spiral of my long time friends any more. I’m a grown up." You can check out the debut F--kface Unstoppable EP here.

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    Bam needs to get it together. He's starting to look like Phil. Lose some weight, and start skating again, make another CKY film, or any new movie. DO SOMETHING.
    He can't skate anymore because he's got some condition on his legs or feet or something.
    Really? I read he just doesn't wanna be seen in public or some bullshit. Doesn't matter. He's just become this weird sellout dude.
    I used to love Bam when he was a skater and right through from CKY (The Videos), Jackass and Viva La Bam he was a hero. Obviously losing his best friend has sent him down on a massive level, but everyone loses someone right. I remember seeing 'Bend My Dick' music video for the first time and thinkin' 'Dude, dont do this'. Atleast Chad knows the score. Though he was a baddy back in his younger days.
    Lee Makky
    Start skating, stop doing drugs, stop dressing like you are, stop drinking so much, go back to how it was before Ryan died. For your health, and for your fans.
    This is a bit sad in a way, i mean where can one go after Jackass? A normal job? That'd feel pretty weird.. "Hey aren't you that guy who used to be on TV?" or do something like this. And with Ryan Dunns death he seems to have hit bottom. The hardest part must be (and i feel sad even typing it) to realise you are a 'has-been'.
    lol shut the **** up retard. he's a millionaire. you don't know shit.
    Even millionaires can hit rock bottom. Grow up. Ive never been a fan of Bam, he's always come across as a spoilt brat to me. That being said, its sad to see whats happened to him.
    millionaire problems? should be so lucky.....let em die and give away his money to those who need it
    Even if he was a "has been" sure beats your "never has been". What a lookout on life you have.
    I used to like Bam, back when I was an adolescent and I found dick jokes and acting like a retard hilarious. Unfortunately, everyone around Bam and all his fans grew up and he's no longer relevant. He's a manchild with an inflated ego.
    Regardless of what I think of Bam or Dani, I honestly think this was a terrible song. I don't know what they were going for, but I do not like it one bit.
    he probably quit skating because he could not compete with the real pros, he should just join gwar he would fit in just well.
    i used to like Bam, his CKY skits and Jackass stunts were actually pretty funny. Viva La Bam (although scripted) was a decent watch. Now its like the guy is scraping the barrell to stay relevant. Stop please. and knock it of with the booze too, its making you fat.
    What the hell, This song Sleepless is actually a cover of the classic Anathema song, which Cradle of Filth already covered over 10 years ago.. ! Would appreciate if this would be mentioned in the article.
    bam... hmmm... sucks that he lost a friend. losing someone sucks... but that's no reason to self destruct and become a pitiful waste. that said. i feel sorry for the dude. but i have never enjoyed bam. i think he's somewhat of a joke. also. his music sucksssss
    I cant give a band credit when they call themselves f--kface What the hell is wrong with people these days? Wasn't cool 30 years ago, not cool today.
    can someone explain to me (or link me an article) that explains every single comment above mine? I lost track of bam after all the TV shows and ryan's death :S
    Not completely sure but from what I understand he has gotten into heavy drinking and drugs. Doesn't do much except act like a constant ******* and live off his fame now. I actually used to like Bam, but he seems to be the only one of the Jackass crew still trying to live off the old days. I know he cheated on and divorced his wife he had, and has no contact with any of his old friends from the CKY crew. You can read through Jess's comments on Ask CKY, but its pretty depressing.
    Despite the mess hes apparently become, i really like that track Till The Wheels Fall Alf. Im gonna have to check the rest of the ep
    Dani Filth ,whooaa , the man with the Jesus is a **** t-shirt , dear me , the controvesy , it will tear the world apart , we'll all stand mouth agape at these wild rebels , we'll ..... ah bollocks I give up .
    That was the biggest waste of production and money since well sh*t I don't even know. Wasted to much of my life on that. There's talented people out there that deserve production like that to make a video without the crap. Oh and to the Year Comment towards top his name could be SPAM SO LAME BALGERA.
    Saw him and his band back in April, the rock stuff was good but the rap/dub step tracks are a joke that go over everyone's heads.