Ban Classic Tracks From Playlists

Some people believe you can/'t get too much of a good thing while others will point out the concept of radio overplay proves that's not true.

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Some people believe you can't get too much of a good thing while others will point out the concept of radio overplay proves that's not true.

Now eccentric blog the Donnybrook Writing Academy has published a list of tracks including a stack of rock classics which should be banned from the airwaves. The Who, Queen, Springsteen, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Metallica, Ozzy and Soundgarden all make the "bottom 100" alongside the Led Zeppelin and George Thorogood ones.

Author Colonel Hector Bravado says: Some of these songs we love. Some of them, if they were people, we'd burn to death in front of their families. But what do they have in commong? All have succumbed to the putrefaction of overplay. None of them should be played anywhere for any reason.

The Donnybrook's rock tracks which should never be played again:

Baba O'Riley The Who Bad to the Bone George Thorogood & the Destroyers Been Caught Stealing Jane's Addiction Black Hole Sun Soundgarden Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen Born to be Wild Steppenwolf Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne Creep Radiohead Don't Stop Believin' Journey Enter Sandman Metallica Feel Like Making Love Bad Company Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner In the Air Tonight Phil Collins Janie's Got a Gun Aerosmith Jeremy Pearl Jam Light My Fire The Doors Lithium Nirvana Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi Money Pink Floyd Mony Mony Billy Idol More Than a Feeling Boston Pour Some Sugar on Me Def Leppard Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) Offspring Rooster Alice in Chains Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin Start Me Up Rolling Stones Take it Easy Eagles The Boys are Back in Town Thin Lizzy You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC

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    Good riddance, I loved classic rock, in fact that's what got my started playing guitar. However due to disgusting saturation of 30/40 year old songs, I won't even play a blues riff because it reminds me of AC/DC, and have since moved onto metal.
    Second Rate
    This list is missing: Def Leppard: Animal, Armageddon It, Love Bites, Rocket, Hysteria, Rock of Ages, Foolin, Photograph, and Too Late For Love Boston: Rock n Roll Band, Don't Look Back, Peace of Mind, Hitch a Ride, Let Me Take You Home Tonight, hell.. pretty much anything off the first two albums Led Zeppelin: Ramble On Metallica: Wherever I May Roam Journey: Feelin that Way Too, Lovin' touchin' squeezin', Lights, Separate Ways, Stone in Love Motley Crue: Doctor Feelgood, Kickstart My Heart, Too Young to Fall in Love Judas Priest: Living After Midnight, Heading Out to the Highway, You've Got Another Thing Coming AC/DC: Every single from Back in Black Cream: White Room Eric Clapton: After Midnight, Layla (especially the insipid acoustic version) Pink Floyd: Young Lust, Welcome to the Machine, Wish You Were Here, Run Like Hell, Another Brick in the Wall pt. II, Brain Damage/Eclipse, Time Credence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising Rush: Closer to the Heart Queensryche: Eyes of a Stranger, Silent Lucidity Scorpions: No One Like You, Rock You Like a Hurricane, The Rhythm of Love, Still Loving You That's about all my local rock station plays. Everyday and usually in the same order. If you hear "ramble on" at 3 o'clock in the evening on Monday, you will hear it again at 3 o'clock in the evening on Tuesday. Rather limited for a station that claims to have the "largest collection of classic rock records in Louisiana."
    Why not ban these great songs? I mean, come on, we have the beautiful voice of Justin Bieber to entice our ears, what more could you ask for?
    peaches58` wrote: What would we play on the radio then?
    That's funny. Because I remember those bands having more singles than what is on the list. Let's try playing different songs by those bands maybe? Or does the entire life's work of an artist not matter except for one single? Am I missing something?
    Thanks for this new playlist, Donnybrook Writing AcademyI'll be playing it often.
    Root Beer
    This is almost as ridiculous as that idiot's rant against Apple they decided to post here a month ago. If you're sick of the ****ing song, don't listen to it. But why deny others who DO want to listen to it the pleasure just because you're a whiny bastard? This "article" would instantly be a lot better if instead of being so absolute, it was merely "The 100 most overplayed songs". THAT I could live with and even understand. But "These songs should never ever be played ever ever again" is ridiculous, especially when a lot of them are good songs. On top of that, the list isn't even very good; I could come up with some much worse songs that I hear over and over than Baba O'Riley and Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh yeah, and anyone saying Pink Floyd is overplayed needs to get a brain and maybe some ears to go with it.
    Root Beer
    leonkennedy74 wrote: +1 for Creep. Kill it and never bring it back again. And then replace it with The National Anthem...
    Okay, this one I agree with.
    Thats why theres more then one radio station, change the channel if you dont like it.
    leonkennedy74 wrote: +1 for Creep. Kill it and never bring it back again. And then replace it with The National Anthem...
    Try not listening to classic rock radio. I very rarely here any of this on mainstream radio. Except Journey but that's only because of Glee.
    mat hazelwood
    i agree with every song on that list except thin lizzy.... you all sound like old farts cryin about your youth "our songs are better wahh" completely sick of all those songs
    I agree for the most part. There are lots of great songs by the same artists that aren't considered classics because they never got as much airplay in the first place. Then again the new kids do need to be exposed to the classics because they've never heard them before...They should just have some more variety but not ban the songs completely.
    I only agree with Bohemian Rhapsody, although that one is usually only played once where I live, in a yearly "Best all-time 2000 songs" list, and it is always featured no.1 or no.2.
    They'll never do it, all radio most big radio stations want is for u not to change channel, they dont really care about what they play.
    hmcguire wrote: None of them should be played anywhere for any reason. so were just gonna take away the classics we grew up with away from the kids? dont we want them to listen to these songs instead of pop music? kids discover most of classic rock from their parents radio, are we just gonna take that away from them?
    Agreed. Sick of bloody whingers.
    x0vincent0x wrote: ''Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne'' randy rhoads will come back to earth to kill the author of this article
    i would prefer if randy was left out of this conversation, he was such a great guitarist and needs to rest in peace, but i will say, he would disagree with this article, because he was big on classical, because???? it was art, it was something that you can play on any given day and change it to your nuances, but to call a classic overplayed? if this guy doesnt like the song, then he needs to use those fingers he used to type this, and shove them in his ear, because we will not let our classics die because a prick hit male menopause and is jealous his little 80s band with spandex never went anywhere.
    All I read of that article was "Wah wah wah, this music shouldn't be on the radio"
    hmcguire wrote: None of them should be played anywhere for any reason. so were just gonna take away the classics we grew up with away from the kids? dont we want them to listen to these songs instead of pop music? kids discover most of classic rock from their parents radio, are we just gonna take that away from them?
    +1 taking songs like these off the radio is a death sentence for classic bands
    Dear Colonel, if you are blessed with all your fingers on your hand, please use them to turn the tuning knob on your radio every time one of those songs is being played.
    Yeah, let's just cut all these songs off the playlists and make the kids listen to Gaga and Beiber. Seriously, wtf? These are the kind of things that SHOULD be on the radio.
    The list is garbage. If you don't like hearing a certain song, they get an iPod with your own music. If you have a team who likes one of these songs, then leave the stadium to go pee during that time. Is it really that hard to avoid a song that is "overplayed"? Sure some get played a lot on certain stations but last time I checked we have dials and fingers so why not change it to maybe a different station for 3-4 minutes. Problem solved. Not worthy of news, next news story.
    I actually agree, there are tons of great indie artists that deserve airtime but doesn't get any. Bands like Fang Island for example would skyrocket in fame if they got some mainstream air time. Just listen to this, it was made in 2010.
    There's a reason these songs are played on and on: They are simply great Besides after reading this I feel like listening to all of them
    The Necrotizer
    BassFishin wrote: BassFishin wrote: I actually agree with this guy. The point he's trying to make is that we should be playing the LESSER KNOWN songs from these great artists. However, we shouldn't eradicate these classics. Just play them about 75& less. percent*
    I 100% agree with your take on this, but the blogger was a dick about it, the problem with radio stations were I live, is the ones that are not top 40 and play more classic stuff play the same 3,4 0r 5 songs from an artists all the ****ing time ! I can't listen to it, this kind of radio programming kills classics, there is nothing classic about hearing hey jude three times a ****ing day! keep classics classic, use them sparingly, but not never that defeats the purpose.
    I would rather UG not post any news at all than to post opinion articles taken from bloggers.
    I agree that some are overplayed, but I don't listen to the radio, so Baba O'Riley and Bohemian Rhapsody are still great for's all a matter of opinions P.S. But he's right that "Classic rock" radios always play the same songs
    my play count for baba o riley on my ipod is 127. And I still listen to it almost
    actually, if you listen to sirius radio channel 14 (the classic rock channel)... this makes some sense. Obviously the implication here isn't to delete the songs from your ipods. It's just saying that'd it'd be nice to go a day on a classic rock station without hearing one or more of these songs... which you do. Always.
    they have a point. clear channel stations WAY overplay these songs (anywhere from their pop, rock, or alt stations). they should not be banned, but really oughta make way for some lesser known tracks by these artists
    Don't think they should be banned, but definitely played less. And I swear, if I hear another "classic rock" station play Hit Me With Your Best Shot again, I will find it and burn it to the ground.
    Some of these are certainly overplayed, and I'm sure I could come up with a few more songs that could stand to be shelved for a little while. I have an iPod, and most of my music does come from that, but I try to enjoy some random radio pickings on my way to and from work - but when it's the same old stuff all the time, I just drive in silence. There are even some NEW songs that get played too often for my taste. God, Shinedown's "The Crow & The Butterfly" seems to be on at least twice a day on my local station. What the hell? Play "Cry For Help" or "The Energy" or ANYTHING ELSE off of that album instead! Really, they should just substitute different songs by these artists, and then maybe people would know more than two songs by their 'favorite band'. (and some of these bands just shouldn't get radioplay, but that's just my very picky opinion) Baba ORiley Who Are You, My Generation Bohemian Rhapsody Bicycle Race Crazy Train anything from "Black Rain" Enter Sandman more from "Garage Inc", "S&M" versions Janies Got a Gun Seasons of Wither, Make It, Rats in the Cellar, Combination... More Than a Feeling Rock & Roll Band Rooster Rain When I Die, Angry Chair Take it Easy Heartache Tonight The Boys are Back in Town Jailbreak You Shook Me All Night Long Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, Razor's Edge
    Wait...people actually read others' blogs? I thought it was basically an e-diary that lonely people use so they feel like they have friends.
    this guy is 100% correct..the radio SUCKS now. it's all the same shit over and over again. Yea let the pop stations play their music but cmon mix it up on the rock stations at least..These bands have plenty other songs they can play besides their singles. why can't we get some lesser played ac/dc stuff like "the jack" and livewire" instead of you shook me all night long EVERYTIME. anyway **** the radio I have my ipod
    It looks like he Copy/Pasted the playlist from my local rock station. But seriously, Sweet Home Alabama should be on the list as well.
    I remember one day when I was driving to In-n-Out, I had forgotten my iPod and decided to listen to the classic rock station. In the 20 minutes that I was driving there, I heard "Who Are You", "Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning", "Paranoid" and a lot of the same things I always heard on that station. Worst of all, just before I had arrived was "Feel Like Makin' Love", which I had heard almost quite literally every time I turned the station on. So I left the car in a bad mood, and said that if I heard that song again I was going to just ride in silence and never listen to the radio there again (every other "decent" station was just as bad with that kind of problem, just different songs). Sure enough, not 30 minutes later as I got in my car, turned the keys, and THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG AGAIN. Shit, it was seriously like 30 minutes and they couldn't resist playing that again.
    C'mon baby, light this guy on fire. Classics are what I grew up on, passed down to be my dad. Why not keep the tradition alive and just leave the radio alone? Buy an mp3 player if you can't handle.
    I think hardcore metallica fans like me should still be able to include enter sandman on our playlist of songs to jam to.
    i agree with the fact that these songs are over played. every year a radio station in seattle does a count down of like, the best 100 songs ever or something like that, and stairway is always ALWAYS no. 1. and pisses me off. but taking them away forever would be just plain stupid.
    peaches58` wrote: What would we play on the radio then?
    Lady GaGa and Katy Perry of course
    Hmm... I could have sworn there was a knob on my radio that could change the station if I didn't like the song currently playing...
    Nothing by Soundgarden or Pearl Jam has been overplayed for 15 years, I get excited whenever Boys are Back in Town comes on. In general, I like most of these songs, and my radio stations don't really play most of them a whole lot.