Baroness In Serious Bus Crash

Their bus fell 30 feet off a bridge in the last few hours, trapping two people and leaving some with "serious" injuries.

Ultimate Guitar

New heroes of metal Baroness have been involved in a serious bus crash today while touring in the UK.

The band were near the Roman town of Bath in England when their bus crashed and fell 30ft down off a bridge.

Early reports say that two people including the driver were trapped in the wreckage. Ten fire crews and several ambulances were sent to help the injured and recover the bus.

"A coach has come down Brassknocker Hill, turned right, lost control, come off the road and gone over the side into the basin," said an onlooker soon after the incident (via ThisIsBath). "You can't see if it has gone into the water. They told us before that there have been no fatalities but someone is trapped."

Nine people have been taken to hospital with two of them sustaining serious injuries, though it is unclear whether they are the same two who were initially trapped.

Police are investigating the accident, and say it is too early to tell what the cause was.

Their tour promoter has cancelled their next shows and wishes the band and the crew a speedy recovery.

We loved their new album "Yellow & Green", rating it 9 out of 10 in a recent review. UG wishes the best for the band and all those affected by the crash.

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    Whoa! Very shocked to hear about this but am glad that everyone is OK. Baroness are one of my favorite bands and I wish all involved a speedy recovery.
    Really hope nobody's too injured. Such an awesome band, and really bad timing as they really seem to be (FINALLY!) getting some wider recognition these days.
    Oh god, I've never heard of these guys, but this happened literally around the corner from where I live. From what I heard they'll all be fine, there were no injuries that were life-threatening.
    Holy crap, thank god they're alright, I'm seriously digging Yellow & Green.
    Two are seriously injured, which means they could still make a turn for the worse. I just got into these guys too. Too bad.
    I am very personal friends with Baroness' current sound engineer and nobody has heard a word yet from anyone on the bus but yes it sounds like everyone will make a full recovery. Good thoughs.
    I hope everyone in the band recovers soon. And to everyone that made a joke involving Metallica and the bus crash please...go and fornicate yourself with a metal spike People dying isn't funny and you seriously shouldn't joke about that. How would you feel if either situation happened to you with YOUR friends being injured or worse dead? I may get a laugh out of people getting hurt sometimes but there is a point where you just cannot joke about stuff.
    Dont know the band but quick recoveries to all involved.
    Check out the Red Album first. Play it from beginning to end. They took me a couple of listens to get used to but it's only because they have a distinct sound that only grows on you. Blue Record, then Yellow and Green. They kick ass!
    NO! This is the worst UG headline I've ever read. I hope everybody is OK, these guys are definitely one of my favorite bands.
    Im sure you've read worse. How is this a bad headline anyway? It describe what happened.
    Yeah I just meant its really bad news, not its a badly written headline.
    The Spoon
    Yeah, it was actually one of the more truthful, no nonsense UG headlines. That being said that really sucks. Hope no one is hurt. These guys are awesome.
    Bricks were shat, tears were shed, yet Baroness will be fine. It's not as if these guys are even mortal.
    Awesome band and cool guys. Hope they get patched up and back on the road soon.
    Sounds like Metallica... I guess that promises a good future !
    You mean the most talented member in the band is going to die, spiralling the band downward into music Hell, only for them to come out of it by making dumbed-down, radio-friendly Rock music, which sky-rockets them to success, where they are loved by everything except legitimate Metal fans, who only take to accepting their first couple of good albums?
    Kinda sad that was one of the first things that crossed my mind.
    Oh shit, I saw about this earlier but had no idea it was Baroness in the coach. Hope they all pull through alright
    These are the last guys on the planet who deserve something so damn-near tragic to happen. Here's to a speedy recovery for the band a crew. Hope this doesn't affect their fall tour dates too much :o
    Thank God everyone's alright. Baroness are one of my favorite modern metal bands.
    This actually happened down the road from my sister and her husband. Glad they're okay!
    saw them last week. Awesome show - hoping to hear that all the guys are allright, and make a speedy recovery.
    Living near that road I can confirm it's damn nasty, especially with the huge amounts of wind we've had today. Hoping they're alright.
    I hope they're ok. Saw them with Mastodon on the Crack the Skye tour, awesome band, and seemed like cool dudes.
    My brother met John Dyer Baizley at a show, said he was the nicest dude. Baizley hopped the fence keeping fans away and hung out with everyone and took photos. Hope everyone recovers quickly.
    Meet him as well as Pete Adams and they were both very nice. And yeah, they took the time to talk to the fans!
    I saw an article about a coach accident on BBC News yesterday but it never mentioned it was this band. Luckily no-one died. It was a 30 foot drop.