Baroness In Serious Bus Crash

artist: Baroness date: 08/15/2012 category: music news
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Baroness In Serious Bus Crash
New heroes of metal Baroness have been involved in a serious bus crash today while touring in the UK. The band were near the Roman town of Bath in England when their bus crashed and fell 30ft down off a bridge. Early reports say that two people including the driver were trapped in the wreckage. Ten fire crews and several ambulances were sent to help the injured and recover the bus. "A coach has come down Brassknocker Hill, turned right, lost control, come off the road and gone over the side into the basin," said an onlooker soon after the incident (via ThisIsBath). "You can't see if it has gone into the water. They told us before that there have been no fatalities but someone is trapped." Nine people have been taken to hospital with two of them sustaining serious injuries, though it is unclear whether they are the same two who were initially trapped. Police are investigating the accident, and say it is too early to tell what the cause was. Their tour promoter has cancelled their next shows and wishes the band and the crew a speedy recovery. We loved their new album "Yellow & Green", rating it 9 out of 10 in a recent review. UG wishes the best for the band and all those affected by the crash.
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