Baroness Part Ways With Drummer, Bassist

Half of the Baroness lineup have left the band in one day, according to a heartfelt statement by the remaining members explaining their decision.

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Cult metal band Baroness have parted ways with their bassist Matt Maggioni and drummer Allen Bickle.

It takes something serious for a band to cut half its members from its lineup, and it seems their bus crash in England last summer has proven too much to bear.

Nine members of the Baroness crew, including the band, were hospitalised when their tour bus fell 30-feet from a bridge in Bath, England in August.

The band have since discussed their determination to recover and continue, but a new statement explains why Maggioni and Bickle will now bow out on good terms, and that two replacement musicians have been found to help the band back on tour:

"Nothing can truly prepare you for a brush with death," reads the statement. "Our bus accident left indelible marks, external and internal, physical and mental, you name it. Each of the nine of us went through and continues to go through an entirely different, yet common experience. We are tied to each other by a trauma, which, despite its damage, has been made individually easier through our shared ordeal.

"Thankfully, injury was not dealt out evenly; unfortunately it was dealt in great supply. Each of the nine of us now finds our self in a drastically different circumstance, and we each move forward accordingly. There are two important things to note. First, we are all healthy. We are recovering at different rates, and well all be fine in the end. Second, Baroness has made a commitment to pick up where we left off, and get back out on tour, where we belong. In fact, I am personally staking my recovery on this principle; it gives me direction and something to look forward to (finally).

"However, for some of us, the accident necessitated a change that would prevent them from performing music or touring. It is with sadness that we must announce that Matt Maggioni and Allen Blickle will not continue touring with Baroness. The details of their departure are not sensational; they do not come with hard feelings. Nor are the details going to be public; suffice it to say wed like to keep to ourselves the finer points of this situation, to respect the privacy of all involved. While the nine of us must respect the significance of the bus accident in Bath, we must also move away from it and get back to our lives. Simply put, some of the effects and injuries were severe enough to prohibit further activity in Baroness. While we would never have asked them to leave; we have the utmost sympathy for this situation, and in earnest, we wish Matt and Allen the best in the future.

"In their stead, we have found two musicians who can approach our music with passion and vitality and help get us back out on tour to finish what was seemingly cut short last August."

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    i picked a bad month to finally start listening to these guys...
    Nah dude its never a bad month to start listening to Baroness. Regardless of these guys leaving theyve still made some great music worth listening to - you wouldnt not listen to the beatles/nirvana etc just cause the band splits or members leave
    I've always listened to Baroness, but I think their latest album is their best (I think they've found a really good sound) and have been listening to them extensively recently. It's a damn shame, but hey, here's to their return! Good luck to Matt Maggioni and Allen Blickle.
    That's a bummer. When I've seen them live, Allen is so explosive playing drums. His type of passion fit so well with the rest of the band. Finding a replacement for both of them, especially him, will no doubt be difficult.
    Damn, Allen was a great drummer and he and Matt both seemed like great guys. I've never heard any material written by Matt though. Sucks to see them leave
    That's a real shame. It seemed as if the band had just started to exponentially grow in recognition. Hopefully this won't stop it :/
    Y'know, thinking about the latest comment from Mustaine about creation vs evolution, I have to says I develop a tendency to believe there's an assh.le god out there.
    Face R1pper
    That's bad to hear, but someone has to teach these writers the definition of a "cult metal band".
    That's what you say when the band is rad and widely loved, but a large protion of UG readers still haven't heard of them (as far as I can tell). It's a signal to go and check them out.
    Face R1pper
    Not at all. Widely loved is the complete opposite of cult. "Cult" is smaller than "niche". A cult metal band would be one that gets no mainstream attention at all, and is usually old and defunct. "Cult" can't be applied to newer bands like Baroness who are still rising in the industry and growing in popularity. A band like Culprit or Atrophy would be a good example of a cult metal band.
    In the letter did John mean that they were both leaving permanently? The gist I was getting was that they wouldn't be actively touring anymore but that they might still record. Sucks to see Allen leave though, he was a beast on the kit
    Well damn...Maybe if they need a full time bassist I could give it a go! haha, doubt they'd take me though!
    Damn. A band that I actually like ends up in on the U-G news and it's for sad reasons.
    Fantastic live band. It's really too bad. I'm confident in the eventual replacements though as John is the driving force.
    Dude these guys are ****in awesome I'm glad I got to see them live before this but I'm sure their replacements won't be slackers....that pic of the crash is insane
    Flying Afros
    Hahaha, cult metal band.... Anyway, Allen was a ****ing awesome drummer. Never saw them with the new bassist, who only just recently replaced Summer... I wonder why they left. This sucks. I've been a fan of these guy since the Red Album came out.