Bassist Run Over By Carjacker

A brave bassist has been crushed by a car while trying to prevent a robbery, but a photo from his hospital bed shows he is on the road to recovery.

Ultimate Guitar

A brave bassist has survived to tell the tale of a carjacking where he was run over.

Lou Panico plays in Socratic whose 2008 album "Spread The Rumors" was produced by Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus.

He was in a guitar store car park when he spotted a car robbery taking place. Panico ran over to prevent the robbery, but despite his best efforts, the bandit ran over his leg.

Doctors had to insert four pins and a rod to save it, according to Classic Rock, but doctors are expecting him to make a full recovery.

It's unlucky timing for his band's tour around New York on September 15, but the bassist swears to make it anyway.

I don't care if I have to be on a gurney throughout the entire set I'll be there," he told The 1st Five. Worst things have happened to us. We always persevere.

His band Socratic produced their own self-titled album in 2012 following the collapse of their former label Drive Thru Records.

Panico has been brave and we wish him a speedy recovery, but it could have ended really badly. If any of you see a crime, don't try to be a hero call the cops and make sure you stay safe.

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    In all honesty, if there were more people like him in the first place, then there would be significantly less crimes. It's all good and well to be crowned a "hero" for doing something heroic but would things not be much simpler if y'ano, people weren't dicks in the first place?
    More people like him? So that'll be less crimes vs. less Blink 182 inspired music... now THAT is a tricky one.
    Well, I guess that now... *Sunglasses* They're gonna have to cut this leg of the tour... *YEAAAAAH!!*
    Ever since Cliff Burton died in that car accident bassists should be more cautious around vehicles... I should do it too since I'm a bassist & a driver... But seriously, this guy should be rewarded somehow. And not only for being a bassist.
    Interesting fact: It was meant to be Kirk Hammet. Apparently Kirk was complaining (in typical guitarist fashion that his bed wasn't comfortable enough. Being a bassist and all, Cliff agreed to swap beds with Kirk. Later that night, the tour bus that they were on crashed, killing Cliff in his bed, the bed that was meant to be Kirk's.
    Cliff and Kirk drew cards to see who got which bed. Cliff won and got first choice, and Kirk slept up front.
    Didn't we learn from Madina Lake? Bassists are always heroes, they're just... rarely winners.
    I can't believe people are bitching about this article being about an unknown musician. I would rather that than another article about Avril Lavigne. There is no pleasing some people.
    Metal Head420
    "I dont care if I have to be on a gurney throughout the entire set Ill be there" Wish my bassist had that determination.....
    Root Beer
    After reading this article, my respect for humanity went up a notch, but after reading all these comments, it just dropped another 7. So congratulations on that.
    Nobody gives a **** about how much respect you have for humanity. Man, people take some things way too seriously.
    Root Beer
    Ok then, how about you try being run over by a car and see how seriously you take it.
    Dude, just because we make black humour jokes doesn't mean we don't respect the person or don't care. We just try to find the humour in bad things, make it a little easier to bear. If you don't like it that's OK, but don't think that we are heartless bastards or anything. Anyway black humour can be brilliantly funny, watch In Bruges if you don't believe me.
    ...Seriously, in the time you spent typing a whiny comment, you could have looked up an article that you DO deem as important. And you can wash that AWFUL taste of a "sub-par" article out of your self-consumed mouth. PLUS you don't sound like a whiny b*tch. WIN WIN!
    Our Endless Obsession's singer recently had a similar thing happen, almost lost his leg. Was on stage the following weekend in a wheelchair, and they ****in' rocked it. Hope for a speedy recovery for him.
    Seriously people. The guy did a good thing. If you guys are gonna be dicks, might as well wear condoms on your heads..
    "Bassist Run Over By Carjacker" Who cares?
    Bassists, the silent guardians of the band. They take the jokes because they can. Also becasue on the inside, they no it;s funny too.
    Dr Funkenstein
    It would be funny, if it actually were funny. Maybe "Bassist run over,probably by other bassist" may have been more appropriate, or "Bassist gives leg up to bandit".
    I lol'd, I seriously did. Fucking people negging you...
    Root Beer
    Yeah I guess some of us actually respect this guy what he did and feel sorry for him. Go figure.
    I also respect what he did. I never said I don't. I guess some of us actually find black humor harmless, especially considering the guy is still alive and acted like a true sir. Go figure.
    Root Beer
    You know what, it doesn't matter. There's a time and a place. If the guy WASN'T actually seriously injured after doing a good deed, then yeah, I'd find that funny. Considering the circumstances, I just don't. Sorry.
    "There's a time and a place" For black humour? Hardly. Also... "but doctors are expecting him to make a full recovery." Seriously injured, huh?
    Root Beer
    I call needing to have 4 pins and a rod inserted into your leg serious, yeah.
    Did you see the picture of the guy at the top of the article? A grin and two thumbs up. Unless UG is silly and just picked a random picture from an unrelated incident, that does not look like a guy who would want people whining about other people making jokes.
    Full recovery... it's not gonna leave scars dude. FFS, people really can't take a joke around here.
    I don't know why, but I found the fact you kept being all 'it's black humour blah blah' more funny than the joke itself. I'm not saying it's not, I just find it funny that you keep labelling it as if it matters.
    I'm not labeling anything and it doesn't matter, I'm just pointing it out... besides, it was more of a bassist joke than anything, lol
    I laughed too, but at the picture. It's the thumbs-up. He's thinking that he's getting more publicity than the rest of the band, or in one word, 'Revenge!'
    this guy is a trooper, I commend him for what he did. As for the dark humour, it's pretty jokes, no one should take it so seriously... keep in mind, the bassist himself looks pretty damn happy in the photo so why is everyone else stressing over nothing?
    4 pins and a rod to save it? No no that's just what doctors DO with a badly broken leg. Leg breaks are pretty bad. A friend of mine still has the bar in his leg. Sadly he may never walk the same again due to pain.
    Bad Kharmel
    I don't know if it were "Avril Lavigne Run Over By Carjacker" I'm pretty sure this site would be all abuzz with excitement
    yeah I would be so scared of some hipster emo bass player trying to thwart my robbery attempt,schmuck lol.