BB King Movie Set For May 2012

British director Jon Brewer is working on a full-length movie about the life of B.B. King.

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British director Jon Brewer is working on a full-length movie about the life of B.B. King. The blues legend, born Riley King, has sanctioned the project and given extensive input. "B.B. King: The Life Of Riley" is due in theaters May 2012.

"B.B. is still giving everything to it, and he has a big history", Brewer tells Guitarist magazine. "It was an absolute privilege to be asked to make this film it's B.B. King's life!"

Talking of B.B.'s life so far, Brewer says: "One aspect tops all others. There's this little boy who loved going to school, didn't so much love going to church, but so respected his mother and did what his mother told him. And suddenly she was fading; he saw his mother die, that then led to how he relied upon his grandmother and worked the land, who was also fading in years so they could eat. And then she died as a nine or 10 year old, his life had been crushed."

"He managed to become a sharecropper, which is somebody who earns $2.50 a month to pay for his rent and his food. I have seen the ledgers that still exist where he cleared his debt and his grandmother's debt, before his father came to collect him. That man survived and became The King of the Blues. To do what he has done is remarkable."

In the December issue of Guitarist, B.B. himself also reminisces about his early days, his "Lucille" Gibson guitars (named after a nightclub fight over a woman), his work with U2 and much more. The magazine is available in Europe now: it hits U.S. stores near Christmas.

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    I actually enjoy watching these docu-movies about musicians. I've read so much about them, it's interesting to see it on screen. I just recently watched "the Runaways". That chick looked so much like Joan Jett.
    For the first time in my life UG posts an article that makes me happy in about 5675839346278 different ways.
    I have seen him twice, and both times he has blown me away with his performances. I have been to many a concert in my 21 years, and very few can even hold a candle to the B.B. King show. You can tell from the moment he steps on stage that he loves what he is doing, and will do it as long as he can still hold a guitar. Hats off to the king of blues!
    Sad thing is though, once a movie is made about a living musical legend, they usually end up dying either just before or just after the movie is released in theatres. :/ Wonder who's gonna play him.