BBC Refuses to Play 'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' in Margaret Thatcher Protest

Suggestions that chart was rigged to keep the song from #1.

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A recent Facebook campaign to get "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead" to UK #1 in the wake of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death has stalled, with the song being kept off the top spot. Duke Dumont and A*M*E's "Need You" (100%) outsold the track by over 5,000 copies, leaving "Ding Dong!" at #2. Controversially, the BBC has refused to play the song, featuring a shorter clip of the track inside of news report on the chart campaign in its place on the chart show.

Jon Morter, the man behind the campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to Christmas #1 in the UK, has accused the BBC of rigging the charts in order to keep the song from the #1 spot:

"Quite an interesting chart week to say the least, in fact quite an interesting week full stop. So the UK singles chart has had another 'Pistols moment' with a controversial song being stalled at Number Two despite selling 40 per cent more than the eventual number one on the iTunes & Amazon charts for a few solid days. It's caused debate and support/hatred all over the place, and has highlighted weaknesses at the BBC too. I actually believe it'll spark even more debate and noise by actually being Number Two."

This is not the first time that the BBC has faced such accusations. "God Save the Queen," the Sex Pistols single released to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee infamously stalled at #2 in 1977. The BBC also refused to play that song.

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    Black Mustangs
    I agree with the BBC's decision to not play the song. Whatever you thought of Thatcher's politics in life, you don't disrespect the dead like that.
    It isn't disrespecting anyone, Thatcher doesn't exist anymore, just her lifeless body does. The people are disrespecting her abuse of power, albeit not the perfect choice of song, the number of sales still stands for the publics disgust and motivation to prevent wrong doing, or something like that anyway...
    I guess Lenin want so bad then?
    Lenin wasn't so bad actually, he led a popular revolution against an unfair regime at the time. It's people after him who corrupted the communist ideology (most notably Stalin).
    When you try to use a ruthless dictator in an argument about disrespecting the dead, I think you've lost. Thatcher didn't slaughter millions. Sure her politics were crap, but she wasn't Mao.
    Lenin didn't slaughter anyone. To say he did is to expose a typical lack of historical knowledge when bad-mouthing communism.
    Except the royal family. I wasn't so much attacking Lenin, though I do have some criticisms. I was attacking the person I was replying to. I hate when someone compares just any ordinary world leader to a dictator which is what he was going for. Trust me. I know my communism. I won't defend Salin though.
    To be fair, I don't think someone immediately deserves respect just because they died. No matter what you thought of her, that shouldn't change now. If you hated her when she was alive, why should you then respect her after her death? Even after death people should be judged on their actions in life. Hers gave very mixed responses and it's not really fair to tell the people that disliked her in life that their viewpoint is now not acceptable just because she is dead. Yes it's disrespectful, be we don't seem to have much problem with disrespecting the living.
    Let's put this in a other perspective, if this would of been George W. Bush, the song would be number 1.
    Ooooh no. The UK wouldn't have the balls to taint their "special relationship" with the US. I mean, it may interfere with the spoils of an orchestrated war. OMG I SOUND LIKE DAVE MUSTAINE.
    I'm so indifferent to all this Thatcher business at the moment. Maybe it's my generation, or maybe it's because music charts make me vomit cosmic piles of fart.
    I understand about the whole freedom of speech idea, but it does seem a insensitive so do this right after she died. I might only think this because, like you, I don't really know much about her. Some people said she was amazing and others thought she was the reincarnation of satan
    So the hell what? That's the beauty of free speech. You have the right to be offended. That's it.
    I like John Morter (added him on Facebook and he comes across as pretty intelligent). I supported the RATM campaign because that was light hearted but this is making fun of someones death and whether we liked her decisions or hated them, she is a mother, grandmother and daughter and I can't begin to think what they make of all this. They didn't campaign "America, Fuck Yeah!" to be Number One when Bin Laden (a terrorist) was killed but when a Prime Minister dies of old age, everyone starts breaking out the champers etc.
    People are being so horrible about her death, really ashamed to be part of modern day ****ing society sometimes. So much disrespect. I fully support the BBC's decision here.
    I disagree with Thatcher's policies in the 80s, but let's get real here. When Thatcher died, she wasn't a politician anymore. Hell, she didn't really have anything to do with politics at all anymore. She was an old woman who passed away with her family by her side, a family who are now in grief. People celebrating and buying singles to mock the dead sicken me. I'm anti-Thatcherism, but I'm also anti-disrespect. Good on you, BBC.
    I agree we shouldn't be disrespecting the dead, but equally we shouldn't be celebrating her reign with a state funeral. Which apparently her state is paying for, she left the money to pay for it in her will. Which is pretty arrogant and force full for a dead person, died as she lived at least. Her funeral should have been a quiet family affair. The thing that has pissed me off the most about the whole thing is that the BBC went to the north to get an opinion piece, they went to one of the most conservative constituencies in the north, full of people who commute to London for their jobs, and were originally Londoners. They only showed interviews in support of her, and finished the piece with a sound-bite about how even in the north, the place she supposedly ravaged she divides opinion. Couldn't have been more biased if it tried. And they say our news is impartial and has nothing to do with the government in power.
    People whine because the truth is she made lazy people work People grow up in homes where there parents have complained and perhaps have been under her rule. The UK saw a rise in GDP during her rule of the country and brought England out of the place it has become now. So much respect for that woman and these people who are disrespecting her are absolutely awful.
    This is like saying "poor people are poor cause they want to". She made lazy people work shutting down mines? How?
    Coal mines were a dying industry, she was the only politician who had the nerve to come down and say this is over. Its not like she left these people anyway as well, most people refuse to acknowledge that she gave these people benefits for A YEAR to learn a new trade/apply for a different job.
    link no1
    For a lot of people it was pretty late in life to learn a new trade. Giving them benefits should be expected as well, I would want them if I was made redundant.
    She had a brilliant chancellor, who she then betrayed enough fro him to resign. If someone disagreed with her she fired them. If she wasn't stuck up her own ass about being right that particular chancellor would have done a lot more. Never give the credit to the person in charge when it was the other people in charge that did it.
    Liberals are a bunch of immature people, btw don't think I'm a conservative because they're *****s too.
    Conservatives are narrow minded religious fanatics who want to keep the world in the dark ages
    It may be delicious, but it's not really relevant now, is it?
    Its a British expression from Top Gear. Leave the lad alone. EDIT: Nevermind. I thought you were just being an American troll.
    I don't care how much you hate her, it's not like her death changed anything, she's been irrelevant for the last 20 years or so.
    Well Duke Dumont and A*M*E's "Need You" should be thankful for the free ride. This stuff is so stupid it's hilarious, lots of people hated the woman for decisions made. I'm not political, so I don't care. Tampering with record sales is so stupid, basically shows that if you know the right person you can buy a number 1 single. (mind you, what's new). I wonder if Simon Cowell made any money off of this =)