Beastie Boy Yauch's Final 'F-ck You' To The System

A line in his will sticks a middle finger to the advertising industry, which was added in handwriting. Was this his final wish?

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Much-loved Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, who died of cancer in May aged only 47, has given one last "f--k you" to the system in his will, which was filed in New York on Tuesday.

His will includes a phrase added in handwriting which prohibits his image or music to be used in advertising, as Rolling Stone discovered:

"Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes," reads the will. The phrase "or any music or any artistic property created by me" was added in handwriting.

His wife Dechen and their daughter Tenzin will inherit his $6.4 million fortune.

Tributes for the influential rapper poured in after his unexpected death in May. A skatepark will be built in his honor in Brooklyn Heights, New York, and his former bandmates have discussed continuing their music careers, albeit under a different name.

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    Probably just doesn't want to become a ****ing hologram...and I don't blame him!
    I wonder if this could, in any way, be related to the recent trend of family members using the likeness of the deceased for monetary gain? *cough* Amy Winehouse *cough*
    Wait, here in England there's a show called "celebrity bedlam" and it uses a Beasties song in the advert. The song used is Make Some Noise. Fuck you e4. Beastie Boys forever!!
    I'm assuming this means post-mortem, odds are that show was worked out before he died.
    Remember when Beatles songs were suddenly in commercials- back in 1989 i think it was? He's probably trying to avoid Beastie classics from being used to sell shoes, cell phones, tampons, or who knows what else.
    No, but come on .. the guy has been hugely famous for two decades, if not more. You would expect a bit more than that. Unless of course he was a total bro, and spent it all on drugs and hookers.
    $6.4mil... Is that all for being who he was? Shows that these days it IS all about the money money money