Beastie Boys Call It Quits: 'We Can't Make New Music'

"We do not let our music get used in commercials for commercial products," says Mike D.

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The Beastie Boys' Mike D has confirmed that the band does not plan to continue making music after the death of Adam (MCA) Yauch in 2012. Mike D (real name Michael Diamond) made the statement in court on Friday (June 6th):

"We have not been able to tour since MCA, Adam Yauch, died. We can't make new music."

As New York Daily News notes, Mike D was testifying in Manhattan federal court as part of the band's $1 million suit against Monster Energy Drink for using its songs without its permission for a video called "Ruckus in the Rockies." Speaking in court, the rapper noted that they would not have let Monster use their music, even if they had sought permission from the band:

"We do not let our music get used in commercials for commercial products."

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    As much as it sucks it's the right way to go. Thanks for the good music.
    It's unfortunate but it's better this way. MCA was my favourite and without him I don't think it'd be the same!
    Although I don't care for their music, I like it that they chose to quit instead of going on without one of their core members.
    Rancid Ivy
    The Beastie Boys were probably my biggest musical influence. Their music was dope and through them I discovered rock, hip-hop, and punk music. Though I wish I could've seen them perform...they can't go on without MCA. This is for the best. Wouldn't be the same without him.
    I was lucky to catch them at a festival in Sydney. Snoop did a couple of songs with them and they also did about 25 minutes of just instrumentals.
    One of the few Hip-hop/rap artists I really love. Very classy of them to call it quits. Thanks for all the great tunes, fellas.
    Hardly news, but sad none the less. It is a good call
    Monster...the reason there was no sleep until Brooklyn?
    Scott O
    Could their music be used in commercials for non-commercial products?
    depends on how you want to define commercial, because they could have their music appear on an advertisement for a charity or something else which is not for profit
    I think it's amazing how people can be ok with these guys calling it quits because the death of a band member but people can't stop bitching about Pantera not reforming. I agree with their decision but am just blown away by the hypocrisy. I shouldn't expect much from people.
    There are people in the world that can cover for Dime's performance-style. He was more of a writer. Don't get me wrong, Dime was a hell of a performer, but his writing of those brutal riffs and amazing solos is what made him awesome. MCA can't be replaced on the stage. He was way too involved with the performance-aspect of the band to be covered onstage. Yeah, he was a kick-ass writer, but he was first and foremost great at putting on an awesome show. Plus, there isn't much emotion in The Beastie Boys' music. It's all fun, and messing around. Ad-Rock and Mike-D lost a best friend. I can't imagine them having near the amount of fun onstage, knowing their friend isn't coming back. Pantera is anger and angst. They dealt with emotion and pain at every show. They wrote songs that would fit a somber, angry environment.
    They'll make new music or tour when the bank accounts get low. Nothing wrong with that...just human nature.
    They have been doing this for a LONG time. Mike D has a net worth of 75 MILLION dollars. Oh yea... He's Jewish too. So he's naturally good with money You will be waiting a long time for his bank account to get low.
    I doubt it. They could have made tons off commercials but refused to do so. That shows you their mentality when it comes to that sort of thing
    They're not rockstar, they will stay true to this.. It was pretty clear since MCA's death that there would not be anything more by them :|
    I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a close friend and band mate. I know some people hoped they'd keep going but it must be so painful trying to create with such a big hole where your best friend used to be.
    Sad moment but the right decisions. Better leave out of respect then keep going without their brother. MCA, Mike D and Ad Rock are the Beastie Boys. You can't have the Beastie Boys without all three of them present
    Understandable. But not exactly news. When MCA passed on everyone knew the Beastie Boys were over. As well they should. Just wouldn't be the same with out him.
    I feel like MCA was the unofficial leader, and the best out of the 3 imo. So it sucks but anything without him just wouldn't be the Beasties... unless they did something like "The Mix Up" again
    "We do not let our music get used in commercials for commercial products" RESPECT