Beatallica: Masterful Mystery Tour Extended

artist: Beatallica date: 11/12/2010 category: music news
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Beatallica have extended their Masterful Mystery Tour with a set of midwest and west coast tour dates throughout November and December. Continuing their infamous bash-up of Metallica and The Beatles, Masterful Mystery Tour is Beatallica's second full length studio album and features the hits "Hero Of The Day Tripper" and "Fuel On The Hill" as well as the fan favorite "I Want To Choke Your Band". The official Beatallica catalog now includes the studio albums, Masterful Mystery Tour and Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band, over 40 speech tones, All You Need Is Blood and the Holiday EP, Winter Plunderband, featuring the debut of the first ever Beatallica originals. Tour dates are as follows: 11/12 - Los Angeles CA at Paladino's 11/13 - Pomona CA at Friar Tucks 11/14 - Las Vegas NV at Cheyenne Saloon 11/15 - Los Angeles CA at Key Club 11/18 - Portland OR at Music Millennium in-store 11/19 - Portland OR at Dante's 11/20 - Seattle WA at Silver Platters in-store 11/20 - Seattle WA at Tractor Tavern 11/21 - Billings MT at Railyard Ale House 11/23 - Fargo ND at Nestor's Tavern 11/24 - Minneapolis MN at Robert's 12/03 - Milwaukee WI at Club Garibaldi 12/11 - Janesville WI at The Back Bar 12/16 - Butler PA at Ghost Riders 2 12/17 - Pittsburgh PA at The Altar Bar 12/18 - Wapakoneta OH at Rhythm And Brews
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