Beatles' George Harrison Hits The Big Screen In Scorsese Doc

"Living In The Material World", Martin Scorsesess George Harrison documentary, will be broadcast over two nights by HBO on October 5 and 6.

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The trailer for Martin Scorsese's George Harrison documentary has been released.

"Living In The Material World" will be broadcast over two nights by HBO on October 5 and 6.

Scorsese says of Harrison's importance:

"George was making spiritually awake music. We all heard and felt it and I think that was the reason he came to occupy a very special place in our lives."

The documentary looks at George Harrison's life from humble beginnings in Liverpool to global superstardom and includes interviews with many of Harrison's closest friends.

The film also features plenty of never-seen-before footage.

The film doesn't shy from Harrison's darker side, showing footage of a ravaged performance from his 1974 solo tour, and hinting at challenges in his marriage.

"He never said he was a saint, but he always said he was a sinner", says Olivia, his wife. "He wanted to do everything in life. He really did."

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    Cool, I love George Harrison and Scorsese. He makes some great documentaries and Harrison is an excellent subject as he ofter gets overlooked behind Lennon and McCartney. He wrote some of my favorite Beatles songs and is well underrated as a guitarist.
    Looks pretty good. i think this is the first time I've seen a documentaty that wasn't about John.
    Damn, someone needs to get on the ball and make a Ringo documentary. I can see it now: Beatles' Ringo Starr Hits The Dollar Screen