Beats Music Streaming Service Officially Launched

Can you guess who's narrating the official commercial? Details inside.

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Beats Music streaming service was officially launched yesterday (January 21), marking the entrance of Beats Electronics into the competitive world of music streaming.

What should make Beats Music different than the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and Rdio is the human touch. As chief executive Ian Rogers told Wired, "No one was doing a music service; everyone was building a music server."

So rather than just building a massive music database, Beats Music is focusing on detecting users' "music DNA" in order to bring them "the right song for right now." The service will use a distinctive algorithm for musical suggestions, reportedly unique enough to set Beats Music apart from the competition.

"In our experience, it's always been a living, breathing human who has brought us that song we fell in love with," the company stated. "We tried to remember a time a robot found us magic, but all we could find were the times the robot made us laugh: 'You like Pantera? Have you heard of Black Sabbath?' 'You like Mumford and Sons? Here's another song with banjos!'"

The official Beats Music commercial has also surfaced, featuring the company's chief creative officer, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, handling the narrating duties. Check it out below.

The app is currently available for Apple's iPhone and iPods, as well as Android devices and Windows phones. A specialized iPad version is in the works and should drop soon.

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Have you checked out Beats Music yet? And do you think the service has a chance to make it big?

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    Well I can't help but say that this sounds a whole lot like what you get on recommendations I get on there are mostly not stupid examples like the beats guys mentioned, but wonderful music, if you listen to something different than mainstream music.
    Last fm doesnt get enough credit! Iv found some of my favourite bands on there! It can seem to get a bit stuck in what country the "similar artists" come from but other than that its a great tool for finding new music!
    So far, I have fiddled around with the app for about 24 hours. This is the first music discovery software that I have used that is as truly brilliant as it is aesthetically pleasing. The way it finds music for you is ingenious. The only gripe I have so far is that I am on a limited data plan with my phone which may or may not have an effect on how I could use the service.
    I'm willing to try this out, I gave Spotify a chance and it is awesome.
    it'll be marketed as something you "NEED", as something thats revolutionary, as something thats cutting edge, just like the Beats headphones are marketed... anyone with a semi-decent ear can tell they're horrible overpowering on the lower end of things. plus active cans? no thank you. it'll be a success, people dont bother researching and accept exactly what they hear and take it as the God's honest truth.
    EVERYTHING gets marketed as something that you "need". It's kind of the point of marketing.
    good marketing will do it subtely. Beats do not. If you're familiar with the JML company in the UK, have a look at their marketing. its HORRIBLE.
    If Trent Reznor approves, this should be good. I'm curious, but I also want to know how they benefit the artists
    I was all on board until I saw that pornography-based commercial... Was that voice-over guy trying to seduce me? Eugh, another commercial making me feel exploited...
    "another commercial making me feel exploited" What other commercials out there have made you felt exploited? lol
    I find Trent being involved with this highly ironic, as I first found out about spotify through an interview he did a year or two before Spotify made it to the US.