Behemoth Fans Organize Bone-Marrow Drives To Raise Leukemia Awareness

Several fan-organized bone-marrow drives will be held on both US coasts during the months of October and November.

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Inspired by Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski's recent battle against leukemia and his call for awareness of the need of bone-marrow donors, several fan-organized bone-marrow drives will be held on both US coasts during the months of October and November.

According to MetalSucks, the following drives have been scheduled:

New York City-area drive:

Wednesday, October 20 at Club Europa in Brooklyn. It will be administered by The Icla da Silva Foundation, Inc., and the table will be set up near the merch area. Participants will be asked to fill out a form detailing some of their medical history, and then a swab will be taken from inside the cheek to determine whether or not they are an eligible donor. There will also be educational pamphlets available for concert-goers who want to learn more. On top of this, there will be performances by A Life Once Lost, Car Bomb, This Or The Apocalypse, Baptized In Blood and Last Chance To Reason.

Los Angeles-area drive:

Sunday, October 17 at Dark Realm Records in Downey, California from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It is a completely free event that will be administered by Be the Match. Again, participants will be asked to fill out some paperwork, and a swab will be taken from inside the cheek. You can get additional details here, or via the flyer at the bottom of this article.

Stamford, Connecticut drive:

Sunday, November 14 at Fritz's Cycle Haus from noon to 4 or possibly 5 p.m., depending on the turnout. This event will also be administered by Be the Match, and was organized by Steven Kolenberg, a high-school senior. Additional details of this drive will be forthcoming; in the meantime, Kolenberg urges people to register to be a donor online if you can't attend in person.

In a recent interview with the Focus On Metal weekly podcast, Behemoth bassist Orion (real name: Tomasz Wrblewski) was asked about what fans can do to help Nergal in his battle against leukemia. "To register in a bone-marrow bank, it's just a sample of blood, so that's the least that anybody can do," Orion said. "So if there is any chance for anybody to just go and do it, then go ahead, and that's a huge help. Even if it doesn't help Nergal directly, it helps some other person, most likely. So that's what people can do in order to [show their] support."

On how not all transplants will require the donor to undergo surgery if they are approved as a match (for those people who are afraid of surgery):

Orion: "The surgery of a bone-marrow donor, it's just a simple surgery it takes two weeks to be 100 percent cured and recovered. So it's not a serious thing. And to be a match for somebody, it takes months of testing and everything at the bone-marrow bank.

"The chance for a person who is unrelated to be a match for somebody is 1 to 40,000, as far as I know, so being afraid of going under a knife, it sounds a little ridiculous to me if you can go through a little surgical [procedure] and save somebody's life. It takes two weeks to get recovered 100 percent that's it."

Darski is currently receiving treatment in the hematology division of Gdansk Medical University Hospital in Poland and has already undergone his first round of chemotherapy and other procedures while waiting for a donor with complementary bone marrow.

"If you know the history of Behemoth you know we achieved everything by hard work and a steely determination," Nergal previously said in a statement. "The same goes for my private life. I happen to be a strong son of a bitch. I have no faith but rely on a 100 percent victory and I am sure I will get out of it stronger than ever. Sun Tzu in his 'Art of War' said that if you know your enemy and yourself the result of a thousand battles will not surprise you ... I enter the ring with this Nietzschean attitude and I will leave it as a winner, as usual. Just watch and see."

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    that's really awesome of the Behemoth fans, the band should be really happy that they have fans that care so much
    I think it'd work better if they did it in more than three places and outside america but it's a start. When I turn 18 I'm going to look into going on the registry thing. My mates mum has leukemia too so yeah...
    Burgery wrote: This reminds me of Chuck Shuldiners death...
    Yeah, but this is an actual lack of donors, not some greedy ****s letting him die because he couldn't afford treatment.