Behemoth Frontman Back In Hospital

artist: Behemoth date: 02/04/2011 category: music news
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According to the Polish web site, Adam "Nergal" Darski, the 33-year-old leukemia-stricken guitarist/vocalist of the Polish extreme metal act Behemoth, has been readmitted to the hematology division of Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne (Uck) in Gdansk after he developed an infection six weeks after he underwent a bone marrow transplant procedure. "The patient was taken to hospital again because he did not care proper care of himself," Dr. Maria Bieniaszewska, assistant professor in the Department of Hematology, was quoted as saying. It is not presently clear if the infection will affect Nergal's adoption of the bone marrow transplant and how long he will have to remain in hospital. In his condition, when the immune system is weakened, such infections could even be life-threatening. In a statement released last month, Nergal stated about his recovery, "Although the whole treatment went really good, as well as the bone marrow transplant and the post-transplant period, the next several months is the time when I must really take care of myself. Of course, I will have plenty of time to recover, think about the strategy and my return to the stage - which approaches imminently. (laughs) First of all, however, I must rebuild my physical condition." Thanks for the report to
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