Behemoth Frontman In Court For Desecrating Bible

artist: Behemoth date: 06/30/2011 category: music news
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Behemoth Frontman In Court For Desecrating Bible
Adam "Nergal" Darski, the frontman of Polish extreme metal band Behemoth, has found himself in court over an incident involving the tearing up of a bible onstage. According to, the singer attended a hearing at the District Court in Gdynia, Poland after tearing up a bible, calling it "a book of lies" and labelling the Catholic Church as "the most murderous cult on the planet." The incident took place at a Behemoth show in Gdynia back in 2007. Darski, while giving evidence as a witness, claimed that his actions were not intended to hurt anyone and that he considered the act of ripping up the bible "an artistic metaphor": "I am a free man, living I hope in a free country. Although I do not publicly recognize the principles outlined in the Bible or the Ten Commandments, that does not mean that I am not a decent and useful human being." This is the second time that the band has come to court over this issue. While the case was originally dismissed in July of last year, the prosecution was granted an appeal which has seen the band return to court. TheAll-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects is the body that has filed a suit against the group, accusing them of promoting Satanism. After his court appearance, the frontman issued the following statement via Metal Blade Records: "I spent five hours in the court in Gdynia today. The case is back on track and there's still a few witnesses to be interviewed. It's way too early to give any further comment. I just hope the final verdict is gonna be positive for me. I have a feeling that I'm in this situation for right reasons and I'm not giving up. Cross fingers! The battle ain't over yet" A video of the incident can be found at the following location:
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