Behemoth: It's a Fact That Europe Is at War, the Civilized World Is at War With Radical Islamists

"This is the times we live in and we have to learn how to deal with that."

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Behemoth: It's a Fact That Europe Is at War, the Civilized World Is at War With Radical Islamists

Due to "potential terrorist threat," this year's Rock Am Ring festival in Germany had to be evacuated, forcing Behemoth mastermind Adam "Nergal" Darski to miss the performance of Rammstein.

The musician told WDR about the whole thing (via Blabbermouth):

"We're all gonna die sooner or later, and I definitely don't wanna die, so all the prevention is very much needed and I support that.

"So as much as I'm disappointed that I couldn't see one of my favorite bands, I think all that had to happen happened, and that sucks. But security comes first and health comes first.

"I mean, this is the times we live in and we have to learn how to deal with that. We should do something about it, you know what I mean?

"Just use some effective tools to stop that kind of stuff. I don't know, I'm not a politician. I don't know what.

"But I wish this will stop soon, which is probably just wishful thinking, because we are at war, Europe is at war, the civilized world is at war with radical Islamists, and that's a fact."

Asked whether global terrorism inspired his songwriting, Nergal replied:

"Well, it maybe adds - it's an extra brick in this wall called frustration that us artists need to release somehow.

"So writing helps get some of these emotions out. I cannot really say that particularly the terrorist topic is something that occupies my brain, but it definitely has an influence this way or another."

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    Meanwhile, various Western countries (such as USA and England) support countries such as saudi arabia and the saudi support terrorists group. Not only that, but virtually every problem we have with Middle East is or has been incited directly or indirectly bu the West, who nows wants to play the victm of this shit we are in. The people are victms, for sure, not the politicians!
    Now tell me the way in which a sane person is incited in such way that he/she starts killing innocent people. You do understand that most terrorists are born in country that they attack?
    " I'm not a politician. I don't know what.....   Europe is at war, the civilized world is at war with radical Islamists, and that's a fact " Im sick of this "i dont understand shit but this is a fact because im angry of this and that bla bla" bullshit. 
    With all due respect, you misread or didn't understand his words. He said that we are at war with radical islamists and that he can't suggest any solutions to the problem since he's not a politician and therefore is not qualified to do so. He didn't say, "I don't know shit, but we're at war with radical islamists". These are two very different things. If you think that he's wrong, consider this: During the Champions League final a couple of weeks ago, Juventus fans were gathered at a square in Turin to watch the game. Suddenly some fireworks went off and they all thought that it was a shooter, causing a stampede with hundreds injured. Would the same thing have happened were it not for the recent attacks in Paris, London, etc? That, my friend, is the true power of terrorism and that's what we're up against in our bleak time and age.
    But we are not(only) at war with radical islamists, things are much more complicated( read what eduardocardoso wrote in comment below, you will get some idea what is going on). Politicians are doing their job pretty damn good, selling stories about evil islamic empire and how all countries are fighting agains it. And that is the perfect way of maintaining fear on a high level. By sayng this, he participates in spreading global hysteria. If he or you or anyone expect politicians to bring solution to this problem, i have a bad news for you...
    No, I don't expect politicians to solve anything, history has proven that if anything, they only make everything worse. But I also don't pretend to know all that's going on behind our backs. The fact that there are probably larger conspiracies at play doesn't contradict the fact that folks stab/shoot/blow up people while screaming Allahu Akbar. Me, I just try to live a happy and fulfilling life to the best of my ability. I'm kind of a fatalist and I believe that our actions cannot affect the big picture. I am in favour of small, personal revolutions though.
    Were the security concerns something totally unrelated to potential extremist threats?
    Every organiser of every festival in Europe now is concerned, but i dont want to go deep into the nature of "extremist threats" here because i dont see what does your comment have to do with my comment?
    Because the main point he was making (yes, saying that Europe is "at war" is a little overkill) was that these Islamic threats that many try to downplay as farfetched and mostly intangible, are in fact, getting in the way of normal European life. A festival cancelled means about 100,000 people's schedules were changed, because of a violent ideology. That's not something that happens in a normal, civilized world. So my point here was, is he wrong? You're calling him out, saying that by his own admission, he doesn't know the intricacies of the situation, and therefore shouldn't comment. But was he wrong though? Or do you think his main point was misinformed?
    Read what eduardo wrote below, things are not black and white. "Civilized world" you are talking about is deeply involved in all this shit. 
    They people are way too hysterical. The Rock am Ring "potential terrorist threat" was caused by a wrong written name on the Securitys list. Panic for nothing in that case.