Behemoth: Nergal Released From Hospital

Nergal is out of the Polish hospital he'd been receiving treatment for leukemia.

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Behemoth frontman Nergal, who has been receiving treatment for leukemia for more than six months, has left the hematology division of Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kliniczne (UCK) in Gdansk on Monday, January 17th.

His release comes four weeks after he underwent a bone marrow transplant procedure. He commented:

"Hey! What's up! At last one could say. After almost half a year of treatment in various hospitals, several cycles of chemotherapy, irradiation and a bone marrow transplant, I have been finally released home in a pretty fuckin' good condition. I'm feeling ok, taking the intensity of treatment under consideration. That was not an easy period of my life, but, as I envisioned, I left the hospital victorious.

"I never considered any other options, but anyway, there were rough moments too At this point I must express my thanks to the people who made all of those downs fairly bearable. My parents thank you. You deserve a monument for all your love and patience. Dorotka, thank you for your heroic attitude, love and support. I can't forget Doda's fans, who made a gigantic effort for me and other ill people. You rule! Absolutely fantastic Behemoth fans from all over the world were organizing various events to make people aware of what leukemia is.

"To all of you out there - my deepest respect! Thank you the real heroes - Prof. Hellmann, Dr. Piekarska, Dr. Knopinska, Doc. Giebel, Prof. Hoowiecki and all the nurses of the hematology division of the Medical Academy in Gdansk and the Oncology Clinic in Gliwice for all the professionalism and great hearts. My band mates for all the friendship and never-ending support. All my friends for sticking to me throughout the whole period of my illness. The list is too long to mention you all, but remember, you have special place in my heart."

Nergal will now go through a recovery which will last for several months. During this time he will stay in his flat in one of the Gdansk's districts.

"Although the whole treatment went really good, as well as the bone marrow transplant and the post-transplant period, the next several months is the time when I must really take care of myself. Of course I will have plenty of time to recover, think about the strategy and my return to the stage which approaches imminently (laughs).

"First of all however I must rebuild my physical condition apart from that, I hunger for playing, I haven't been playing the guitar for a half of year now! Really much to catch up, but also a huge motivation and a desire to work again at the same time. This year will be a really important one for me and the band!"

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    Awwwww shiiiiit. It's all about willpower. Seriously. After reading what he said before surgery, I knew he would pull through it like a beast. I love this guy. =D
    Next Hendrix
    It's great to hear he's doing better! =D His state of mind through all this is a huge inspiration to me.
    Duality Ninja
    Well, I have to say I am pretty happy he came out okay. Nergal's a pretty big idol of mine, and this only makes me idolize him more.
    HAIL THE MIGHTY BEHEMOTH!!! Way to go Nergal, can't wait to see you play live again!
    Burgery wrote: Awesome news! Also, "Prof. Hoowiecki"? That's a weird name...
    The tiny 3 is supposed to be an "l" with an accent through it, so just think of it as Holowiecki, we don't actually used superscripts in our language. =P
    Fiddly Diddly69
    I'm so glad to hear about this. Too many musicians died in 2010 and I really wouldn't want Nergal to be the first of 2011
    Absolute FUCK YEAH! I don't know this guy, but his attitude is awesome. Glad he's better
    I'm glad he finally pulled through, what an awesome guy. Perhaps this year we can have more stories of Rockstars living and making awesome music instead of losing them.
    I don't listen to Behemoth that much, but this is great new to read/hear.
    SilverRock113 wrote: This made my day. BEHEMOTH!!!!!
    Made my day aswell! Glad to hear he is doing better!!!!
    after a very ****ed up year, THE METAL STAYS ALIVE! cheers everybody, cheers!=)
    The Interlude
    I literally started crying tears of joy when I heard this. He is just an admirable and loving guy. And yea, there has been to many deaths in music and he should be under extreme speculation. Especially since many good musicians have died not long after an operation, like Chuck Schuldiner or Ronnie James Dio. I may not know you Nergal, but I love you like one human being can love another. Oh and.....BEHEMOTH!!
    Phe4rTheGod wrote: Alexander_BR wrote: Thank God... I'm sure Nergal just saw this and laughed...
    ambivalent615 wrote: as I envisioned, I left the hospital victorious. nergal is awesome. this is good to hear, even if i don't really dig behemoth.
    pretty much this. anybody who after this kind of treatment, emerges referring to himself as victorious, has my respect xD
    [x]Huffy[x] wrote: I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass".
    please UG, DO IT =D!
    CoreysMonster wrote: [x]Huffy[x] wrote: I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass". Agreed. Fantastic news. Checked.
    Please change it. It would be epic.
    CoreysMonster wrote: [x]Huffy[x] wrote: I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass". Agreed. Fantastic news. Checked.
    sooo....can we get it changed? XD
    I have to admit, he still looked pretty ill in the photo on the front page!
    Nergal is so inspiring. A great guitarist/vocalist and hopefully I can meet the guy one day and have a few beers or something... Cheers
    I dont care too much for Behemoth, although ive recently gotten a bit into them, but this guy just seems like such an honest and good person, so I think this is incredibly good news and im glad to hear it.
    Behemoth isn't really my thing, but it's always good to hear when one of ours has taken time out of his busy life to kick cancer in the balls. Congrats to Nergal and kin.
    i'm not a fan of Behemoth, but this is fantastic news nonetheless. good to see someone on the road to a full recovery instead a long road to the great gig in the sky. fantastic news for once
    [x]Huffy[x] wrote: I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass".
    Agreed. Fantastic news. Checked.
    I'm so, so, SO glad to hear this. Granted I've never met Nergal, but all the interviews I've seen make him look like one hell of a nice guy, and I love Behemoth. Glad he's getting better, and it'll be a mighty fine day to see him up on stage again!
    [x]Huffy[x] wrote: I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass".
    Amen to that. So happy Nergal's still going. Can't wait to see what Behemoth are going to be putting out for all of us after this.
    I vote in favour of the article title being changed to "Nergal Kicks Cancer's Ass".
    thedarkblues06 wrote: ChucklesMginty wrote: Finally someone who's not dying. +infinity
    I hesitate to say 'yet'. Oh shit, I said it... I have cursed us all. :c
    :'D After months of bad news last year this is just what the metal world needs! Thank God (and/or Nergal's indomitable will) he's been one of the lucky ones... Here's to a complete and speedy recovery!