Behemoth Prepare 'The Most Satanic US Tour In Years'

artist: Behemoth date: 11/02/2011 category: music news
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Behemoth Prepare 'The Most Satanic US Tour In Years'
Polish extreme metal band Behemoth say they will soon embark on the "most satanic tour" the US has seen in years. Frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski told the Full Metal Jackie radio show (via Blabbermouth) about the upcoming tour which will head through Europe before crossing the Atlantic on April 12. "The lineup is still a secret, but probably within days or weeks it's going to be revealed to the world," he said. "People are dying to see this kind of bill; it's going to be super-evil. It's going to be the most satanic tour that's going to invade the U.S in a long time and there's going to be no tour like that in years. That's a promise; just wait and see. I can't wait for this to happen." Darski also talked at length on his recovery and improving fitness after a serious illness ("A few months ago I wasn't even able to run for 200 meters now I'm doing six to eight kilometers every day") and his role as a judge on the Polish version of singing contest "The Voice": "There's a lot of controversy here in Poland about it, because there's a group of people that's part of society that apparently find it offensive that a guy like me, a guy that fronts a black metal band All my virtues and life stands pretty much in opposition to their life, so there's a lot of controversy." Darski doesn't mind the bad press, and says all he can do is be himself. "I pretty much speak up my mind and I don't hide behind a mask or anything like that. I'm just being myself. "A lot of people find it really cool and very refreshing that people from the alternative scene find their place in TV." Behemoth will re-release their album "Demonica" through Metal Blade as a 2xCD on November 22. Watch the video for their single "Lucifer" here.

Behemoth "Lucifer" (OFFICIAL VIDEO | Uncensored) from Metal Blade Records on Vimeo.

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