Ben Weinman Leads Alternative Art Movement

artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan date: 07/17/2014 category: general music news

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Ben Weinman Leads Alternative Art Movement
Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman has launched Party Smasher Inc. , a website for musicians, photographers, illustrators and designers to share ideas and encourage innovation, Metal Hammer reports.

Speaking about the new online portal, Weinman says: "I was well into my 20s with a college degree and a corporate job, playing with music with no intention of generating money or some massive fan base. Before I even realised it, I was making 100% of my living creating art. How did this happen? Because we ignored the rules.

"It wasn't until I started living my artistic life with that mindset that I became a responsible creator - one who could move people through honest expression. That is what Party Smasher Inc. is all about. We are here to celebrate the artists that are following their own path, undeterred by the trends."

Joining Weinman on this creative journey are a raft of artists covering a broad spectrum of creative disciplines, including fashion designer Kerin Rose, author Jesse Cannon, who wrote the book "Get More Fans: the DIY Guide to the New Music Business," and film maker James Sharrock, who has worked with artists including Iron Maiden, Bullet for My Valentine and Slipknot.

Dillinger Escape Plan will be touring the US in August with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.
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