Best-Selling Albums Of 2012 In UK List

Emeli Sande's "Our Version Of Events" is on top, Adele's "21" and Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die" follow up.

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Emeli Sande tops the list of the UK's best-selling albums of 2012 so far.

The list, published on November 29 by The Official Charts Company, also includes Adele's "21", Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die" and a surprise or two Paloma Faith's "Fall To Grace" comes in at number nine. Sande's album has sold 928,000 copies so far and is expected to reach a million sales before the year's end. Check out the full list below.

The Official Charts Company's Dan Lane comments that the field may well change before the year's end. "With the busiest shopping weeks of the year upon us, there is still everything to play for for the rest of the contenders," he writes. "Every year, the run up to Christmas sees a massive surge in CD sales and, increasingly over recent years, digital downloads on Christmas Day and Boxing Day... it is still possible for late comers such as Olly Murs' "Right Place, Right Time", Girls Aloud's "Ten", Jay-Z and Kanye West's "The Throne 2", Tulisa's "The Female Boss" and Bruno Mars' "Unorthodox Jukebox" to make a huge impact on the year end charts."

Also revealed are the year's best-selling compilations. Seven out of ten are in the "Now That's What I Call Music" series, with "Now That's What I Call Music 82" and "Now That's What I Call Music 81" in first and second place respectively.

The top selling albums of 2012 so far are:

1. Emeli Sande, "Our Version Of Events" 2. Adele, "21" 3. Lana Del Rey, "Born To Die" 4. Ed Sheeran, "+" 5. Coldplay, "Mylo Xyloto" 6. Mumford & Sons, "Babel" 7. Jessie J, "Who You Are" 8. Rihanna, "Talk That Talk" 9. Paloma Faith, "Fall To Grace" 10. One Direction, "Up All Night"

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    quite surprised to see One Erection in 10th, thought they'd be higher with all the screaming jailbait that consume their shite.
    As some cool dude already said...No Erection*
    on the contrary, according to our fine tabloids here in the UK, one member of One Erection actually can get an erection and uses it to bang milfs. fair game, i say.
    Music that sells to the masses isn't necessarily good music. This list clearly proves that.
    I think i speak for everyone when I say that the music on this list is actually pretty good. Note Adele and Jessie J.
    You would think by now that everyone who wanted Adele's album has already bought it. Who's still buying it when it's been a bestseller for so long?
    I know, it's crazy that she has sold so many albums. She just broke the 10 mill mark last week! My newest female brit star is Paloma Faith...holding down the number 9 spot! Are you a fan of her album "Fall To Grace?"
    Before I even clicked the story, I'm thinking "Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, One Direction". Well, I'm off to become a psychic now.
    Predicting three of the most popular acts in modern music to top bestsellers' lists really isn't psychic.
    1. *gag* 2. *gag* 3. *gag* 4. *gag* 5. *gag* 6. *gag* 7. *gag* 8. *gag* 9. *gag* 10. *puke*
    Nice. Mine would go more like this. 10. *Lawrence from Office Space sits through one of their songs* No. Hell no. I believe you get your ass kicked for saying something like that. 9. Oh sorry, I was listening to Periphery. You know, music that actually stays relevant. 8. GO THE FUCK AWAY! 7. Who am I Jessie J? Well, I'm a man and I don't play or sing shitty music. 6. Overrated. 5. Not as overrated but still overrated. 4. Hi, I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you? 3. Who are half of these people? Why do the exists? And more importantly, why do I know them? 2. Not my cup of tea but respectable. 1. This exists?
    Popular bands topping the list, nothing really surprising. inb4 edgy teenagers complaining about how music was better a few decades ago.
    Wow each more talentless than the last.Not suprised at all.At least a couple of them can actually play instruments.
    Personally I think both "Mumford and sons" and "Ed Sheeran" aren't bad musicians
    I do hate how most of the albums on the list WERE NOT EVEN FUCKING RELEASED THIS YEAR!
    Ive said for years the brits and the rest of the UK are idiots and have bad taste. This proves my point. Not a respectable "artist" on this list. Unfortunatly the us is following in the footsteps of the uks bad tastes. Before long we will be down on their level.
    THAT LANA DEL RAY ALBUM IS ACTUALLY PRETTY SOLID. No seriously, out of all acts on the list this and 21 are actually not that bad. Well, 21 is absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. Still, I don't think that Lana Del Ray is unoriginal.. Still mainstream... but not uncreative.
    *sigh* back in the day it was led zeppelin, rolling stones, maiden. So sad