Better Than Ezra Re-Release 'Closer'

artist: Better Than Ezra date: 10/12/2009 category: music news
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Better Than Ezra have re-released their previously out of print 2001 release "Closer," which contains two previously unreleased tracks titled "Simple Song" and "Screwed Up And Beautiful." The album is on sale now at Better Than Ezra's website. "Closer's been out of print for a long time," Griffin told Alternative Addiction during an interview in June. "I hadn't listened to that album in a long time, but it's just a great album, one of our best." The new tracks were actually recorded during the recording sessions for Closer, but did not make the final cut for the album. "They didn't make the album initially but it should have because we love them," Griffin said of the tracks. Sporting a red cover (the original release was yellow) the re-released version is on sale now for $14.00. Considered by many as one of the band's best releases, Closer was released in the summer of 2001 on Beyond records. Just months after the album was released, Beyond Records filled for bankruptcy and left the album out of print. Now, over eight years after its release, the band has acquired the rights to the album and re-released it for sale. In related news, Better Than Ezra have released a video for the second single from their latest new release Paper Empire, the song "Just One Day". You can watch the video here. Thanks for the report to
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