Bieber Deportation Petition Going to White House, Has Enough Signatures

Any petition that gathers 100,000 signatures within 30 days must be reviewed by the president.

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An online petition demanding deportation of Justin Bieber has successfully gathered 100,000 signatures, a figure that obliges the White House to give it a review and issue a response.

The given rule only stands if the 100,000 mark is crossed within 30 days, which is definitely the case as the petition was launched on January 23. At this moment (January 30), over 177,000 signatures have been confirmed.

"We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture," the announcement reads. "We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."

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    Its funny because the Canadians don't want him back either.
    Yeah. You broke him, you bought him.
    Honey Badger
    I read somewhere that Canada doesn't accept individuals back into the country if they acquire a criminal record and end up getting deported. Apparently since he now has a DUI in the States, they won't take him back even if it's his native country. I could be wrong, but it makes sense.
    Last time i checked he handed himself over to the Toronto police for assault charges on a limo driver so he's definitely allowed back in Canada. Hope this thing fails, nobody wants him back in Canada, hell even the large majority of 12-14 year old girls here have enough brain cells to hate his guts. IMO the courts always take it easy on celebs for the single purpose that if they go to prison or jail they'll get shanked. Absolutely hated the response other celebs had to this, the kid was drunk and high drag racing a lambo, he doesn't need a fine he needs his ass beat.
    I don't think that a country can exile you anymore. I don't think that they can deny you entry to the country which you are a citizen of. Maybe I'm wrong. But still...who would want someone that does all that stuff and is only 19? (Except to collect his taxes)
    Nope, not true. Weve even let Canadian-born Gitmo terrorizers back to serve their prison sentences here. Although for Bieber we may have to make an exception...
    we should incinerate him as an act of kindness to the world from the US and Canada, im sure syria would stop fighting for that exciting news
    Thing is he pays a crapload of taxes and will under no circumstances be deported. Sorry, it makes me sad too.
    Not if he lives in the USA...we don't allow the rich to pay much in taxes...we like the poor ( cause there is no middle class anymore)to shoulder that burden....
    To ammend the song title by Neil Diamond if he does go... *clears throat* He's kicked out of America (they're coming to America is the original song if no one knew)
    I don't even think the French Canadian's want him back. I sure don't and I don't even live in Canada anymore
    If he gets deported, he will no longer be able to tour the US. A criminal record means he'll also have a hard time getting into Europe and Australia. Bye bye Bieber.
    And then we grab popcorn and laugh at all the crying, distraught 13 year old girls.
    All of whom are going to claim that people are "just being mean" to him. Which, of course, will only invoke more collective laughter.
    It wont happen though will it... and either way isn't there something in the US about differing levels of felonys in order to get deported and his are not in the higher bracket? I might be wrong there though I dunno. Still, if it were you or me who did what Bieber did we'd be out in a shot, and that's the real issue (that I'm sure Obama will skirt around as usual).
    Danjo's Guitar
    Apparently its actually really easy to deport people with a green card. People have been deported for less.
    You can get deported from the US merely for being politically active. I can't go and join a GOP or Dem activist group since I am only a resident. I don't see how he wouldn't get deported if I can't even do that. I hope he gets kicked out though, I think most of the US is fed up with him.
    He won't get deported, most of these petitions are a complete waste of time.
    I wouldn't say that. Whether or not it passes, it's gotten 177,000 signatures in a week. That's a pretty impressive stat and it will always stand against him that the White House had to consider by law the option of deporting him. Politically it's useless. Not gonna happen. But in the world of pop culture where he lives, that's gotta be a blow.
    Australia didn't want him here last year..acted like a right wanker, should have had the shit beaten out of him just on principle.
    Anyone else see the video of him running out of his van acting all tough when a group of guys were talking smack through the window? *PRICELESS*
    Hey, he can tour the 3 venues and dozen-odd ice shanties they have scattered aboot Canada!
    He still has enough money to live a life in leisure, so I don't feel sorry for him. He's a douche, he messed up, now pay the price.
    unfortunately, celebrities rarely pay the same price as us normal folk
    I Finland, the amount you can get fined for simply driving over the speed limit depends on how much your annual income is. I think the highest speeding ticket issued here was around $200,000.
    K-DiDDY they actually care about class there? I told you the US is going downhill...
    Still happens, though. Just look at Danny Trejo and Robert Downey Jr. They did real time in real jail.
    "We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture". Well, still clean up to do then...
    Considering he's Canadian, he's not representing us in the USA. Thus, the petition is void.
    His face is in almost every clothing store in the U.S. He may have been born in Canada, but he has made a big impact on popular culture here in the states. I don't think his place of birth nullifies the petition.
    That's the first thing I thought. He doesn't actually represent us in the US, right? He just does a lot of garbage here.
    Don't think that most people even knew he was Canadian until now.
    He wont get deported, the Illuminati still need him
    I'm pretty sure Obama will let him stay since Beiber sang for Obama's Daughters, let's be real, Obama is friends with Jay Z, a former drug dealer who shot his brother and stabbed another guy.
    Jay Z is also American.
    It's not the point, you'd think the President would be more aware of the company he keeps.
    He knows exactly who those people are he associates with, he also knows the general public don't care and he knows he gains favor with the public by spending time with people involved with the current pop culture.
    Really don't get the 'Bieber takes drugs, kill!' mentality. No one ever voices similar opinions about Slash or Keith Richards, who were far, FAR worse at his age. It's about his music, which is terrible. Kick the little turd out for that.
    Actually, it was a huge issue about 40 years ago with John Lennon. Nixon didn't like his influence on the youth. Particularly Lennon's anti-war stance.
    There are probably other bellends in America who do worse things than Bieber has so far. But obviously, since they're not famous, there are no petitions against them. But whatever, I don't like hearing about Bieber misbehaving for the sake of it either.
    Of course, but since he's not from the USA they think they can just dump him back in Canada and, bam, he's gone forever. Most of these people have no idea how the legal system here works, regardless of how broken it is. Also, most people don't realize that even giving him the pause for thought is enough to keep him alive in the "music" world. Which, makes this comment rather pointless, but I feel it needed to be added. I'm not claiming to know better than anyone else, but this the conclusion that I have come to.
    Please everyone just stop writing articles about Justin Beiber. Especially pages like this.... what makes you think that people here give a shit about what hes doing? People, please just let it die. Unless you are a preteen girl, theres no reason to be thinking or talking about Justin Beiber. Theres a lot worse going on in the world than bad music.
    There are a lot of Justin Bieber guitar tabs on UG, I'm sure someone on here cares.
    There's guitars in his music?
    Epi g-310
    People who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers care. He wasn't just being a dumb shit this time, he was putting other people's lives at risk.
    link no1
    I'm sure if UG didn't post this piece of news, some people might have missed out on the opportunity to sign it.
    Those who hate Bieber care about articles like these. I'm speaking for nyself because I'd love to see him go. No more annoying, whiny tunes by him where 'beliebers' won't shut the hell up... In other words, he annoys me. Again speaking for myself
    Well, when the only articles here are about things that annoy us (because that's what gets the most attention), there will be nobody to thank for it but ourselves.
    Imagine if you were Beiber, majority of the Western world hates you for no real reason and everywhere, both online and offline all you can find is disrespect and hate from strangers you've never met in your life. People want to see you destroyed for no valid reason. Look, I dislike Beiber as much as the next guy, but deportation? Really? To me it seems like everyone is being immature. Sure he's acting like a dick, but I'd like to see how you act after being bullied by majority of your generation. Seriously do people hate him so much that they care what country he resides in? If he ****s up again, he'll go to prison, isn't that enough?
    You seem to be forgetting the millions and millions of legitimate fans this kid has. He probably sees a whole lot more love than hate in his day-to-day life.
    His fans are pretty insane though. I'd be exhausted if I had to deal with them on a regular basis even if they're technically admirers.
    With his success, he obviously gets tons of praise to go along with the negativity. I don't like him, for many valid reasons- the kid symbolizes to me an entire generation of youth yearning to be more like douchey MTV robots. I don't think deporting him would be right, but I think he's beyond the whole "the internet is too hard on him!" argument.
    But he doesn't get bullied personally. He has bodyguards who will fight anyone for Bieber because Bieber can't fight back. He acts like an idiot, taxpayers have to pay for his stupidity if he does massive damage (that drunk drag race could have been costly if something went wrong). Bieber is the kind of guy who won't change even if you send him to prison (unless he's sent to the same prison in Shawshank Redemption). Even his manager said grow up or get out the business. Plus, the 'beliebers' are always with him so he barely sees the hate when he's in the pop crowd.
    I'm actually worried that with his deportation, we'll lose some jobs. I'm not in the business, so it doesn't affect me personally, but there are people who depend on him whether it's his crew setting up the stage or the concert venues he performs at. There's also the possibility that someone just as bad or worst could come in and replace him as the new fad. I mean Bieber isn't that much worse than One Direction.
    One Direction are ****ing amazing mate! I'll not hear a bad word said about them!
    I think that if he were to be severely sanctioned by laws on his behaviour, this would serve to set an example. He's one of the most known faces and people on the face of the planet right now - like it or not - and that means he has a lot more power than people like to credit. Millions of impressionable teens need to be shown that if you do stupid shit, it does come back and kick you in the ass...hard. Nobody likes to be made an example of, but if you put yourself in that position (i.e. bieber here) then you kinda have it coming IMO.
    So this is a prime example of what the American people do to take initiative and change their country for the better, huh? (kidding)
    You know its not gonna happen but its pretty pretty funny that its going to that extent
    This is ridiculous. I dont like the kids music but this petition is crap. Did the citizens try and remove the Chilli Peppers for drugs or Guns N ' Roses for drugs and riots in the 90's? aah no. Good on him for actually enjoying his life and doing what he wans,, give any kid millions of dollars and see if they would act any differently. Maybe he doesnt want to be a role model for anyone else. Grow up America, petitions like this just fuel the fame.
    They couldn't deport the Chilis or GnR anyway as they're US citizens, not green card holders like Mr Bieber
    I'm not sure about the Chillis comment, but I'm thinking that Nightrain7 was referencing the riot that Axl caused in Montreal after James did his best impression of a torch.
    Ok, yeah, good on anyone who does what they like and enjoys life (even if he is an over-privileged, under-talented idiot). But things are different when his enjoyment could mean the possibility of killing someone innocent. Although yeah, the petition is over the top and useless
    Agreed, but deportation is far from being the best solution to a DUI case. He's likely to come up with the same behavior wherever he goes by now, considering that he's a kid who just met money, drugs and boobs. A big fat fine (considering that he's rich enough to pay it), some points in his driving licence and some jail time would be better solutions.
    "He's likely to come up with the same behavior wherever he goes by now" Which is why we don't want him sent back to us
    And I can see why. Canadians are not made of steel. Do you know that you guys might actually get killed if a drunken knobhead hits you square in the chest with a car? Shocker, right? Using the argument that Bieber is putting other people's lives in danger (he is, btw) to justify his deportation is just incredibly ironic. I don't see how this case isn't the definition of making your problem someone else's. If JB isn't a good influence on America's youth, neither is hypocrisy. Now allow me to calm the **** down before I have a stroke.
    ...perhaps if he had run over one of your family members whilst drunk and stoned would you still be such a shining light on his about thinking about what comes through your fingers before typing it ya dick.
    This is dumb. Just ignore him! Deporting him would legitimize his influence on the world, when in reality he is completely insignificant!
    Tell that to all those hysterical fan girls of his who'd probably jump off a bridge at his command
    All this extra publicity probably earns him a few more million, which will earn him access to just about anywhere he wishes to go. There is no way he gets deported or prevented from entering any country. The govts are too greedy and eager to take his money. Want to get rid of the little bugger? Start ignoring him, not giving him free publicity!
    Seriously people, there are worse issues in the world... I don't even like this music but what do I do, I just ignore the guy. There's no point in hating him. Are you all jealous for not being famous?
    I completely agree, so many people got butthurt over a teenager they don't even really know, all they see is what media feeds them. I do agree, that some of his behaviour is not acceptable but that doesn't mean he is an *******, do you know him personaly ? Also if you want to deport the real *******s start in the government, I can't understand why so many people are obsessed with "celebrities". It's people the media want you to deal with. Not really succesful people, but rather people put in place to attract attention.
    The Spoon
    I think it would be hilarious if this is what ended his career. However,if you're not a preteen girl, who honestly gives a shit about what's going on with him in 2014? Move on with your lives, people.
    Get a ****ing life people. A lot of you are adult males. Why do you even spend time thinking about Bieber? You wanna get rid of him? How about you stop giving him publicity.. -_-
    I don't think anyone here is giving him publicity. The fact that there's an article on him on a website catered primarily to guitarists who listen to/play rock music shows that his publicity was quite established before we started bitching about him.
    There is no such thing as bad publicity.. you want someone to go away.. ignore them
    Ironic that you comment on an article about him then. Oh wait, now I did too! You can't win! Let's ignore him starting nnnnnow
    The problem is not Justin Beiber, it is you, the involuntary advertisers of his name. May I remind you of Brittany Spears? Do we not learn from history? Shes still making music. To everyone who is excessively commenting and trying to support this: grow the **** up. This is an extremely immature idea, and if you are capable of thinking realistically at all, you know this isn't going to work. Please, just stop talking about him. The music industry is simple economics, if you quit advertising the product (Bieber) consumers will stop paying, then the little ugly flower will wither non-major record label hole it came from. Better yet, convince all self-conscious pre-teen girls, longing for any kind of form of sexual attachment to stop listening to pop music. That would solve the problem once and for all. Who knows, maybe us rockers would be back in the mainstream?
    Way to help Beiber acquire a "bad boy" image.
    I wouldn't say 'bad boy', more like 'get the idiot out of here before he ruins everything' kinda guy. Shame he's already ruined quite a bit...
    What the hell are you talking about, 'before he ruins everything'? You act like he just acquired a tank with legal immunity!
    Why would this actually work? He is a billion dollar industry, the US rarely ever does anything to impede companies making money off their products, or else some of the biggest corporations would not exist in the US (Walmart, Shell, etc). As much as he's one little teen trying to be a badass, he is essentially just a product sold by a larger company who owns his identity. Even if he had gotten in a drunk accident and killed somebody he wouldn't be deported. They don't deport people for drug abuse who are that wealthy. So why again do they expect this to actually work? It only strengthens his fanbases fervor and "us vs them" mentality. Best thing to do would be to just ignore him and Cyrus and other products that one does not like and stop helping them with their fame.
    I would rather read fifty articles about Dave Mustaine than see even one mention of Justin Bieber on the front page of UG.
    I'm not sure who's worse, the people who adore JB or the people that spend their time trying to trash him. What if I told you that if you don't talk about Justin Bieber *gasp* that he would eventually disappear and be irrelevant. Or is that concept completely above your heads?
    Well let's get real . I don't like the kid and we Canadians don't like his music but , nothing will change . How many american artists were convicted of crimes and are touring the world ?? Vince Neil comes to mind .
    NO GOD NO PLEASE NO. WE DON'T WANT HIM IN CANADA!! According to requirements, he isn't even a Canadian artist.
    Psycho Pigeon
    liberals need to stop wasting taxpayers money with this crap
    Yeah, maybe they should be more reasonable and just shut down the entire government. Sorry, I wanted to.
    I don't see how this has anything at all to do with political leanings, but you are aware that it's the taxpayers who called for this to happen, right?
    What a phenomenal waste of taxpayers' money. He can't and won't be deported.
    he actually can be deported if obama feels its best for his country, although obama hasnt really done anything right so far so no he wont
    he actually can be deported if obama feels its best for his country, although obama hasnt really done anything right so far so no he wont
    Bettering the youth of America, waste of taxpayers' money? I really don't think so. He is bad role model for the youth of nation and something needs to be done about it. Kids are very impressionable and this type of behavior that he is demonstrating should not be condoned. And yes, there are more important issues, but something need to change and even a small change is a push forward.
    Let's ban video games too. Conservative mother.
    Wow, bro. Never said that. I'm just saying the harm in exposing kids to that behavior in real life. I think you missed the point that Bieber is real and video games are not.
    Yes better role models...Bankers maybe? Yes Bankers. They could be a role model for the young instead. That way they can just ruin entire economies and rip off their friends in pyramid schemes whilst stealing money from customers with fake products and putting people out of business to make a quick quid. Much better.
    He's famous, that doesn't make him a role model. If someone sees him as a role model, that's their business. Goddamn. While you're on your ridiculous high horse, how about we ban Led Zeppelin, too? Kids are impressionable, after all. They might see Robert Plant in half a shirt singing about sex and go out and do it. How about you just stop being so obsessed with Bieber? That way, you can stop trying so hard to rationalize your obsession. I don't care if it's out of hatred; it's so weird to be that aware of someone's existence that you think the White House needs to personally address it. He's a recording artist, not a baby rapist.
    You, sir, are close minded. I don't think you understand my point. People, not all people, idolize famous people and certain impression on kids can lead some, not all, to that lifestyle. I'm criticizing one person here, but the whole entertainment industry is guilty of it. Every genre of music, every genre of movie, and plenty of celebrities live lifestyles that can harmful impression. I never said ban his music. I'm saying deport him the country. He is taking advantage of our country and people are seeing it. This means that, a. instead of worrying about more problems caused by him, the problems are solved and b. that others who live to excess and are famous can use him as an example. It's a waste of money to try all of these people and its a waste of the court's time. Americans who do this have their rights and cannot be deported. He does not have that right. It would be a good example to set forth, is all I'm saying. Stop being so damn close minded about it and understand. It's not about the person, it's about the example.
    That chap from Lost Prophets was both. Lets put them in a cell together!
    I wish people would stop it with these joke petitions. The White House already increased the amount of signatures required from 25.000 to 100.000 because of petitions to build a Death Star or assign state Pokemon. If people keep abusing the system it's going to fail when we they need it.
    >Death Star >State Pokemon I just completely lost it. No idea how I didn't hear about either of those. Go internet.
    WHEN WILL THE INTERNET LEARN - THE MORE YOU HATE HIM, THE MORE HE'LL BE PUSHED IN YOUR FACES. Ignorance is the best weapon we have, and we rarely use it.
    Okay ya know im no fan of Justin beiber but Deporting him? Heck should they have deported Lemmy back in the days when he did all those drugs.. Not a good role model their, and what about Ozzy?
    I'm happy about this and all (maybe not so much cuz then hell be coming back to canada), but seriously ug, another article about this little shit and nothing on the Crues retirement?! don't think you're slacking a bit missing out on that? or are you just assuming we all know already? i guess that would probable be accurate though haha
    I think Crue are retiring to Canada so they can indulge in a life just slightly less drug fuelled than Beiber aren't they? By the way, doesn't everyone in the rock scene worship Motley Crue for they're drug fuelled lifestyle of drunken debauchery and twatish stunts on the roads of LA. I think we should celebrate this cross over of two youth cultures and try and learn from each other in a culture of cooperation and peace.
    A true display of human nature. Jealous cretins, all clamouring over one another to make a popular cretin suffer. Miserable human beings. No wonder we haven't learned how to look after one another yet... If you don't like people like Bieber, change the culture you live in. Not the results of it.
    We the people, He thought losing the Lambo was going to be exspensive. Just wait til he has to buy congressmen, senators, and judges.
    Im glad everyone is willing to ruin a man's livelihood because you dont appreciate his music. He isnt a good artist in my opinion, but he in no way deserves to be deported. Everyone makes mistakes and i dont demand that they all be deported.
    I don't think it's his music (he only has like one song everybody knows). It's more his personality that people don't like. Either way, I just don't care.
    Where do I sign?
    Usually where it says "sign here". But, you know, it's different from article to article. Sometimes it's just "sign" or even just "initial here". So, I mean, it can be hard to find. It's understandable. Brave. Real brave question.