Biffy Clyro Hint at 'Special UK Shows Next Year'

artist: Biffy Clyro date: 11/01/2013 category: general music news

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Biffy Clyro Hint at 'Special UK Shows Next Year'
Biffy Clyro have revealed that they have plans for a special one off show that they will announce in the very near future. Speaking to Gigwise at their Samsung Galaxy Studio Live gig in Guildford this week, the band said that although they have no plans to tour the UK yet, but they do have a secret special gig hidden up their sleeve somewhere. The exact details of what they're planning remains unknown but they did divulge that all would become clear in the near future. "We won't probably play much of the UK this year although there's not much of this year left to be honest," said drummer Ben Johnston. "Next year (is) festivals of course and I guess we'll maybe try and fit in a wee tour, I'm not entirely sure. We don't want to commit to anything right now as we have a lot of other countries to visit that we've never been to before and obviously the last thing we'd want is for you guys to get sick of us." He continued: "We might try and fit in some festival dates and a wee special gig." Bassist James Johnston added: "It's tough with the festivals as obviously people want to announce things when they're ready - it's not always up to us to announce it. We've got some plans afoot, we're not far away from being able to share them with you, but for the moment our lips are sealed."
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