Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil: 'I Wish All British Bands Were Like Arctic Monkeys'

"People can forget how productive they've been," he says of the Sheffield band.

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Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has praised Arctic Monkeys, saying that he wishes all British bands were like them.

As NME notes, Neil and his bandmates, Ben and James Johnston, played highlights from T in the Park on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show on Monday night (July 14). Speaking about the different artists as they played live clips from last weekend's festival, the band were full of praise for their fellow headliners.

"People can forget how productive they've been," said Neil. "Really, they haven't stopped at all. To still have that evolution in this record, to really take a huge step sideways and forward, it's opened up the possibilities for the next 10 years for them as well. I wish all British bands were like this."

Aside from Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro also praised Haim, Chvrches and Royal Blood. "It's just great to see a young band out there with serious aggression and knowledge of rock music, none of this kind of nonsense soft rock, you know like just a band that knows about riffs," Neil said of the Brighton duo.

Discussing the older material they have included in recent live shows, Ben Johnston from the band admitted that sometimes they have needed to jog their own memories to remember songs. "We played Ireland a couple of shows recently, and we played 'Hero Management' from the first record, and I don't know how truthful I should be here but in the practice room we had to get our iPods out."

Neil backed up his bandmate, "The amount of brain cells I've killed over the years! I messed up words, actually, I forgot the second verse of 'Victory Over the Sun' at T on Friday and it's always when I least expect it, 'cause the songs that I think I don't know, that we haven't played in a while inevitably are perfect, and there's only a certain amount of room for a number of songs in my little brain, so whenever I write a new song it normally pushes an old one out!"

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    Hmmm...headline is slightly misleading. He doesn't say that he wishes all British bands were like the Arctic Monkey's at all - he says that he wishes they were all as productive as them. Not exactly the same thing.
    Love this band saw them in Dublin they always put on some show. But they only played Hero Management in Cork unfortunately. And Royal Blood? Could be the best debut album of 2014. Can't wait!
    I was going to say no. To me Arctic Monkeys suck. If you like them fair enough but I don't want even more British bands doing the sing/talk thing in their regional accents thank you. I will admit I can't fault them for being productive though
    Yeah everyone should just sing in an American accent. Are you serious?
    No just sing. Simon Neil actually sings. He has melody. I find Alex Turner does the sing/talk thing and he always sounds bored. If the music was interesting to me I might forgive it but for me it's not. Again if you like it fair enough. But I don't
    I never sensed that he sounded bored, but I think him trying to sing (as in sing-sing) in his accent would just sound weird. As it is, he's found a way to make his accent work in his favour, and the AM sound wouldn't be half as distinctive without it
    So Alex Turner doesn't have melodies in his vocals? Of course he does, you don't like the tone of his voice, fair enough. But don't sit and make out he's not singing melodies.
    I know exactly what you mean, problem wasn't with the artic monkeys doing it, it was the slew of bands that copied them and made even less attempt to sing than Alex Turner.
    Royal Blood is amazing. Blood Red Shoes is another goodie - consistently release top notch material. Not a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys, however. Can't fault their productivity though.