Big Linkin Park News Coming Next Month: 'We Have Something Very Exciting for the Fans'

"I'm only allowed to pique your interest," says singer Mike Shinoda.

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While recently discussing a series of environmental issues and the group's involvement with the Urgency Network, Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda also touched on the subject of the current state of affairs among the LP ranks.

As the vocalist told Huffington Post, band is seemingly working on something big, but couldn't reveal too much details.

"We're working on a new album, we're about to go on a tour in Asia, and I can't give you too many details about what we have going on, but I think in the next month, we have something very exciting for fans and I'm only allowed to pique your interest," he said.

"That's all I'm allowed to say," the singer continued. "I promise something very exciting for Linkin Park fans in the next month."

Shinoda was also asked to share a word of advice for the young bands, underlining that the help of others is not something to rely on in the early days.

"I always tell new artists that the key to their success as they're beginning is to not worry about other people helping them out," he said. "It's really that they have the power to get their music to the next step completely on their own at this point in time, whether it's talking about making the music, recording the music, playing the music live or just spreading the word about the music, there are so many tools out there, especially online, for people to just make amazing stuff and they don't really need anybody's help."

The vocalist explained further, "That's not a knock against the label, I think the label can be really useful once you've already established something but don't look to some label or some producer or some deal to get you to the next step, especially if you're doing it just to get famous. I never related to that.

"To me, it's always been about making great art and being able to stand behind that at the end of the day," Shinoda concluded.

The latest Linkin Park record, "Living Things," dropped in June 2012 as the fifth effort in the group's catalogue. With 223,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    "I promise something very exciting for Linkin Park fans..." The new ones or the old ones?
    Exactly. I want to be excited, but every time they make a reveal I just feel more and more disappointed in them.
    How about the ones who have loved every album. 'Old fans' have been whining about LP since 2007-odd. They won't ever go back to nu metal because that fad is over, just like Metallica won't do another MoP etc.
    If so many people still want it, and they still include those songs as over half their setlist, it's not necessarily a fad, now is it? It's what people want to hear, and throwing in a few more guitar-driven songs, even in conjunction with their Rick Rubin-brand shite, would make everyone a little happier.
    Yes, people still want them to do that, but the fact is, they've moved on. Their last two albums are the most diverse and mature of their whole careers and they don't seem like the kind of artists to just go back to what they were doing before just because some people who liked their old music more want them to.
    Theres a difference between going back a rehashing something you've already done and completely abandoning your roots and changing every aspect of what made LP
    Except that LP is whatever they want it to be. Just as you have no obligation to continue enjoying what they do or buying it, they have no obligation to do the same type of song over and over again just to make their "hardcore fans" happy.
    Could be possibly be that you're going to release a song that is guitar-based?
    as long as they keep making great music, that's all that matters to me.
    They stopped doing that after Meteora
    there is more to music than over-aggressive nu-metal
    matteo cubano
    yeah but there's more to music then adapting to popular trends and styles.
    Yeah They such perfectionists then they all split up and Mike got lonely and made a couple of albums of self dwelling 4 chord synth songs..... I hope they get their balls back.
    What they had worked. Everyone loved it. It made them HUGE, and when they achieved that, they changed. Why? To be more popular. More than they already were..? If M2M or even ATS did poorly wouldn't Living Things have gone back to the original sound? The fact is the more people claim they sound like pop music or mainstream, the further they actually move from mainstream. The truth is it took balls to say "we are going to make the record we want to make, not what we know will be a hit" I understand a lot of the complaints about the music, but no one can say with any evidence that their integrity is broken. They are moving in a direction against what the majority wants them to be. Also, lots of bands adopt popular sounds. This is literally the exact same thing that happened to Rush (and a lot of bands) in the 80's when they brought in synths. Are they not allowed to ever change styles or be influenced by the music around them?
    Hmm they actually said they changed their style to widened their audience... Get more fans. Doesn't look to me like they made the music for the sake of pleasing themselves with what they're making, they wanted more audience...
    Indeed. With ATS they made a record that's supposed to be listened to as a whole. This is a stupid move to make when you want to gain more 'succes', because the industry is currently dominated with single song downloads and not with album sales. It takes a lot of effort to make an album like that and a as said above, balls to create a long listen for a culture that's driven by short, non narating songs.
    Totally agree with you man !!! They bought in new styles. According to me ATS was a masterpiece !!
    You all would of complained if they kept up with the Nu Metal sound by saying "Oh, their music is sounding the same" and when they went to change you all bitch about it. It wasn't for popularity. It was to keep them fresh and interesting and they decided the Nu Metal sound just wasn't their thing anymore. If anyone knew anything about Linkin Park on this website they would know that they were doing strict pop styled songs before they were even known as Linkin Park. As cool as I think it would be to have another Nu Metal album, LP have changed and I personally love them in either style.
    m4ss3 m/
    I'm sad they never made Reanimation 2 about Meteora. Now it's just pointless because their last two albums sound like Reanimation. That's why they should make a metal-remix album about their last two albums.
    Bro... I can't even. You are the cat, and you definately got the cheeseburger with that oneI
    It's such a shame most people on here only want the heavier guitar based music of this band. They've got so much more, but then again... this is Ultimate Guitar of course... I can't blame people for wanting to hear guitars.
    Living Things sounded very similar in vein to their old sound to me, even if being very electronic. It had a big choruses, more straightforward songwriting, and more Shinoda presence. Minutes to Midnight was a lot softer as a whole and yet was predominantly guitar based. I think if you look past instrumentation they're currently not very far off from the old sound like they were during the A Thousand Suns time period.
    Tell that to the guys who upped the top comment. I loved Living Things and A Thousand Suns.
    I really don't give a shit unless its remnant of their HT/Meteora nu-metal days.When will these guys bring that back???!!!
    Section 5
    A mix of their older and newer stuff would yield good results, I think. A Thousand Suns had some pretty nice ideas on it, as did Living Things.
    A Thousand Suns was amazing. I don't get why people hate it so much, like... why? Linkin Park doing a concept album turned out way better than it had any right to.
    I think A Thousand Suns is their best work, though most fans don't take too kindly to a radical shift in sound when it comes to mainstream bands like Linkin Park.
    Exactly. I've been an LP fan since Hybrid Theory and I really think A Thousand Suns is their best and Meteora is their worst. And I think I'm alone in that haha
    No you're not. Ever since ATS I stopped listening to Hybrid and Meteora. I sometimes make an exception for MTM. I wish they'd make another theme album.
    I agree with ATS, but disagree with Meteora. Meteora is still better than Hybrid Theory because of the songs' diversity.
    You most certainly are not. I can't even listen to their old stuff anymore, it sounds immature and childish.
    But I also LOVE Hybrid Theory haha I think it goes 1.) A Thousand Suns 2.) Hybrid Theory 3.) Minutes to Midnight 4.) Living Things 5.) Meteora Obviously not factoring in remix albums and stuff.
    Agree. Something powerful as Theory and Meteora, musically eclectic like A Thousand Suns and filled with new ideas like some songs from Living Things. And it all sounds like Minutes to Midnight with rapping like Fort Minor has - grrrrreat!
    I dont hate A Thousand Suns. It definitely wasn't their best, but there's some pretty good ones, like "Iridescent," "Waiting for the End," and even "The Catalyst." I love about two/thirds of Living Things. Everything from "Lost in the Echo" down to "Roads Untraveled" is good, then I stop listening. But with that said, I hope a new album is closer to their old sound.
    Linkin Park lost their balls to a label... Then obviously made Brad Delson take a backseat to the writing process... he's no Tosin Abasi, but he can sure came up with some catchy and heavyish riffs...It's quite obvious to me that the morons who think albums after Meteora are better than the early days, predominately have lady parts. Or they could possibly be gender confused pre-teens. I rest my case UG. Good Game.
    Is Chester still working with LP, or has he left to focus full time on STP?
    I assume Chester gets like 4 hours of sleep every night if he's writing material for STP and Linkin Park. Seems to me that a new album and tour for Linkin Park are in the works.
    I wouldn't wait for guitar-heavy Linkin Park like Hybrid Theory or Meteora, but I either don't want shit like Burn it Down.
    So how does their setlist look like these days? Mostly new stuff, mostly old stuff, 50/50?
    50/50 ... They actually blew out 71 other bands including metallica , slayer etc because of their incredible live performances at this year's Soundwave Festival in Australia.
    LP is one of the few bands that I didn't start hating when they changed their style.. Every album has a unique sound and nothing sounds rehash to me.
    They say "On this next album we're returning to our roots." and they release shitty rock albums one after the other, full of nothing songs and never actually do what they say they will.
    "for the fans". Shame, if only they had stopped at "exciting", I'd assume they were going to break up.
    I personally loved minutes to midnight and cant understand why everyone hates it...wasnt a fan of a thousand suns and living things is a 50/50 for me...