Bill Ward on Ozzy: 'I've Lost a Friend as Far as I'm Concerned'

Meanwhile, Ozzy named the most difficult singer to understand after recent study.

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Estranged Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recently opened up about being away from the Sabbath fold, confessing how difficult it is for him.

"I miss playing with Geezer [Butler], just horribly," the drummer told DC Heavy Metal. "I absolutely miss him to death. And I miss playing with Tony just ... every day. I mean every single day I - it just blows me away man."

Focusing on singer Ozzy Osbourne, Bill gave a bit of a different comment, saying, "And obviously I miss Oz. I've lost a friend as far as I'm concerned. A man that I dearly loved, and I still dearly love but I've had to really now readjust just how much I'm going to trust and love him."

In related news, Ozzy was named the most difficult singer to understand. Following a Blinkbox research, Osbourne fetched 28% of the votes for the most misheard vocalist, followed by Lady Gaga and Shaggy with 22% each.

As Digital Spy reports, the research also summarized the list of Top 10 commonly misheard lyrics. Check out the two rundowns below.

Top 10 Singers Whose Lyrics Are the Hardest to Understand:

01. Ozzy Osbourne (28%)
02. Lady Gaga (22%)
03. Shaggy (22%)
04. Sean Paul (14%)
05. Jay Z (14%)
06. Rihanna (14%)
07. Miley Cyrus (13%
08. Jimi Hendrix (10%)09. Prince (9%)10. Bob Dylan (8%)

The Top Ten Commonly Misheard Lyrics:

1. ABBA - Dancing Queen (22%)

"See that girl, watch her scream, kicking (instead of 'digging') the dancing queen"

2. Queen - We Will Rock You (18%)

"Kicking your cat (instead of 'can') all over the place"

3. Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer (12%)

"It doesn't make a difference if we're naked (instead of 'make it') or not"

4. Madonna - Like a Virgin (12%)

"Like a virgin touched for the thirty-first (instead of 'very first') time"

5. The Monkees - I'm A Believer (12%)

"Then I saw her face, now I'm gonna leave her (instead of 'I'm a believer')"

6. Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now (11%)

"I can see clearly now Lorraine (instead of 'the rain') has gone"

7. Rihanna - We Found Love (11%)

"What it takes to form a line (instead of 'come alive')"

8. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (9%)

Excuse me while I kiss this guy (instead of 'whilst I kiss the sky')

9. Spice Girls - Wannabe (9%)

"If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get rid of (instead of 'get with') my friends"

10. Starship - We Built This City (8%)

"We built this city on logs and coal (instead of 'rock and roll')"

Got some other interesting misheard lyrics to share? Do it in the comments.

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    And the feeling coming from my balls says to find a ho. -Seven Nation Army by White Stipes
    Speaking as a non-native English speaker - wtf? I've never misheard those lyrics, especially not like that.
    Seriously, the song is called "I'm a Believer" and people mishear that for "I'm gonna leave her"?
    Pablo Mortis
    I misheard the Jimi Hendrix one exactly like that - as far as the others are concerned, I agree with you. As for Ozzy being the hardest singer to understand, I assume they haven't heard many metal bands
    When I first read this headline on Blabbermouth I thought Ozzy had died or something.
    "Wrapped up like a douche" Not even on the list; How in the Hell?
    When I clicked on an article called "Bill Ward on Ozzy: I've lost a friend", I never saw this comment coming.
    Who the hell's mishearing these lyrics? "We built this city on logs and coal"? It's in the title!
    Why is something so personal and sad immediately followed by some goofy poll? It's really jarring.
    The main reason I came here is because I thought that Ozzy was dead and the title is a part of Bill's obituary to him. I'm happy that I'm wrong, for once.
    It's domination pushed into mini van ( instead of living hell)- Pantera Domination
    Ozzy is alive and well, for those misled by the title! I was fortunate enough to catch a STELLAR Black Sabbath show just this Saturday, and it came through FULL-Ozz.
    I'm honestly surprised Ozzy beat out Shaggy. I mean come on, this is a guy who's biggest song no one can tell what the lyrics are. They just mumble sounds to the melody and then sing the chorus, "She saw me on wasn't me." blah blah blah
    Wasunt Jimi hendix gay? I red it ina book.
    I'm surprised Paul Masvidal didn't top the list of hardest lyrics to understand. As much as I like Cynic, and I know it's meant to be abstract, I cannot figure out what the lyrics actually mean. e.g. "Bits, a handful of irregular bits A colored glass colors the light Warms up my spine"
    It seems to me nobody that does these lists listens to The Strokes, all Julian Casablancas does is incoherently mumble. If there wasn't lyrics in the books or online everyone would be lost.
    The Cars - Bye Bye Love - "It's just a broken lullabye" always sounded to me like, "it's just a f***'n alibi"...
    Can we just talk about how those polls add up to well over 100%?
    Pablo Mortis
    They asked a lot of people to name singers they found hard to understand, and allowed them to give more than one answer? Just a guess
    The Top Ten Commonly Misheard Lyrics, #11: Hendrix, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy!" (Track: Purple Haze). Err ... lol \m/
    Ozzy most difficult to understand? Phuck off. Try grunge singers--Vedder (Pearl Jam), Cobain (Nirvana), et al. WTF are -they- on about? \m/
    Sammy Mantis
    I thought Nirvana would have topped that list. Particularly Smells like Teen Spirit, but really any song is applicable.