Billie Joe Armstrong Could Still Be In Rehab In 2013

The band's label boss hints that singer may not be out until after Christmas.

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Billie Joe Armstrong's on stage meltdown and subsequent rehab admission last month have left fans uncertain about Green Day's immediate future, including what is going to happen with regard to their upcoming tour dates. Now, as NME reports, a comment from the band's label boss, Rob Cavallo, has revealed that there is no real certainty as to when Billie Joe might return to the fold:

"He's under medical supervision for a while to get him clean. His doctors are still evaluating. All I can say is I don't know if we'll see him before or after Christmas. It's basically undetermined when he'll be back."

Earlier this week, the band cancelled an appearance that they had scheduled for the New Orleans Music and Voodoo Arts festival, with heavy metal legends Metallica taking their place. Television appearances and publicity events in support of the band's recent album releases have also been cancelled because of Billie Joe's admission to rehab.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 last week, bassist Mike Dirnt had the following to say about Billie Joe's issues:

"There Were Signs Of Things Hitting The Fan... We Hadn't Slept In Forever And Billie Had Definitely Had The Worst Of It. He'd Been Going Through His Own Struggles... We Were There With Him But You Can Only Handle Things On Your Own... At The End Of The Day When We Got Off The Road The Most Important Thing Was My Friend's Life."

"I'm Sure Billie's Had It Really Rough... There's Been Very Little Contact Between Us, So I Guess I'm Just Generalizing, But It's a Pretty Heavy-Duty Process... This Is Probably The Longest Time We Haven't Seen Each Other - I Haven't Seen Billie In Weeks... It's An Awkward Position To Be In, But We'Re Going To Pander This Out. We'Ll Get There."

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    Billie Joes reaction: Gimmie a ----in break 2013? You're gonna give me till f--kin 2013? You gotta be ----in kidding me!
    Hahahaha ****ing epic XD and he has been around for like 1988!!! WHAT THE F!!!!
    Three month rehab for booze, but the kids in America need to be saved from marijuana. LOL
    It did say he was under medical supervision to get him clean. I think there might be a little more to it than a boozing problem.
    Actually alcohol withdrawal has a higher fatality rate than withdrawal from any other drug (worse than heroin, crack, most people don't know that). Seizures are really common if you're a severe alcoholic and stop suddenly. Most detoxes and rehabs will give you drugs to prevent that and help get you through.
    dang. i thought the marijuana mentioning would lead to a discussion. that would be a fun one. no more of this political crap. i like the occasional political debate but its seems like every other f***ing article turns into that. LEGALIZE IT!!!!
    Why does every stoner loser take every chance they get to talk about this. Oh, you think weed should be legal? So does everyone else. Shut. Up.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Why does Mike Dirnt speak in words that all start with capital letters? Thats really unpleasant to read. (Like physically, it makes my eyes hurt.) And I guess they're trying to rehab all the punk out of him. "No Billie Joe, we gave up our punk attitudes albums ago, you can't be like that now."
    Who the F proof read this?! Sweet capitalization of every word in Dirnt's quote.
    I Don't See Any Problems, Whatsoever. Ultimate Guitar Did An Amazing Job Writing Down Mike Dirnt's Quotes.
    Getting bored of hearing about this now, let the man deal with his problem in rehab and leave him alone for a while.
    The most important thing is that when he leaves rehab he is clean and sober and HEALTHY. There will be no Green Day tours or albums if he isn't allowed to get better. I wish him the best!
    Do the bosses of the label usually comment on the status of the musicians signed to them? I always thought that the members of the band and maybe the manager do that, not the head boss of the label.
    Rob has been with the guys for a long time, and I'm sure they are really close friends. He produced all of their records from Dookie to the present day (Except for 21CB - Butch Vig).
    Yeah, but Rob's been with them since Dookie. He probably cares more about Billie Joe than the run-of-the-mill label boss.
    I'm 21, and still love Green Day. They were the first band I ever liked, and I will never stop supporting them just because they have sub-par moments. IMHO.
    Well, I seriously hope this doesn't turn out like the whole Ronnie Radke/Craig Mabbit/Escape The Fate situation, though it looks like it's going down that way. Green Day can't afford to lose all of these opportunities. They need money, too.
    Hell....keep him in there longer so we don't have to listen to more of their crap music.
    1. Their music isn't crappy. 2. If you don't like their music, don't listen to it. 3. Why am I telling you this? If you weren't an *****, you wouldn't have wrote your comment in the first place.
    yes the music is crappy...what world do you live on? and no i dont chose to listen to it, its on everywhere i go, stores, radio, tv shows...etc. music awards? oh thats right they are sell outs, duh, forgot why they are everywhere
    If you think their music's crap, you don't need to wish the front man stays in rehab when it's probably easier to just not listen to music you aren't into... Just thought you might want to know
    Glad to know you think they're sell-outs. Now, please explain to me how you have more musical experience than Green Day, and how being successful makes you a sell-out. Evolution of a band's sound doesn't make them fake or sell-outs. Take a look at The Beatles.
    Well jeepers, a band wins an award for their hard work? OMG SELL OUTS!!1
    Oh is he really that bad off?! I want to see him back out there with his buds!
    makes perfedt sense, nobody would put out shit music like that unless they were ****ed in the mind. its a sign just ****ing quit!!!
    Funny how this happened around the same time they have a new album coming out. Old gag in the books, and Greenday fans are young and Naive enough to fall for it.
    God I hate Greenday
    Then you don't know good music you douche!
    really? green day is the epitome of good music nowadays? not saying there bad but there pretty much just middling. the problem is that there in this gray area that just isn't that interesting, there not raw and energetic enought to be really good punk, there not layered interestingly enough to equal up to electronic musicians nowadays or bands like radiohead, and there not changing up there rhythms or melody's enough to be interesting to listen to in an intellectual sense. I love band like mumford and sons because they reach my emotional core and I love bands like dream theater and emerson lake and palmer because they stimulate me intellectually, green doesn't really seem to do much of either.
    Of course I'm a douche for not liking Greenday. Just because I don't like a certain band doesn't make me a douche. In fact your being the douche for insulting me based on my opinion.
    green day has had their moment of fame...everything sounds like emo garbage imho...hes proly depressed and feeling emo with all that makeup. if i were members of green day, id start looking towards other professions...hope billie gets better, but the music sucks...sorry, just about everyone agrees if your over the age of 16
    I'm 21, and still love Green Day. They were the first band I ever liked, and I will never stop supporting them just because they have sub-par moments. IMHO.
    Lawl this guys WAYYYY past the rockstar stage of getting all depressed and going to rehab and all that
    He is probably in rehab for bad musical taste. Maybe when he comes out he will be able to write at least one original song that doesn't sound exactly like everything else he's ever written.
    This guy needs to just quit.. I'm surprised theres even Green Day fans still around haha
    Dude, there's no band around anymore that says the stuff people have on their mind. That's where Green Day come in. Think about that for a while.
    TheSlyFooX you really need to listen to more bands, just in the punk scene alone there are bands much more willing to talk about whats on our minds, if anything this is an indication of how low the standards have gone if greenday is considered the new pink floyd of meaningfulness.
    I do listen to other bands mother ****er. Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Blink-182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many other punk bands. You don't know shit you douchebag. And are we really doing this while he's in ****in' rehab.
    If Green Day is saying what's on someone's mind, it's a good indication that that person has stared at the inside of their colon for long enough.
    m4ss3 m/
    Americans.. Look at Alexi Laiho. He have drunk more alcohol during his career than an average American metal band and all he did was go to hospital for a weekend because his stomach got a bit hurt for drinking too much. L2drink
    Ya because only americans go to rehab. Ville Valo comes to mind as a Finnish musician to check into rehab in recent years.
    Well the world is going to end on the 12th of December. So I we'll never see him perform again...
    if you're gonna post bulls***, might ass well post correct bulls***. the supposed date is 21st December.
    Piss off the wrong people and you get dragged away to 'rehab'. I think he must have been starting to awaken from his brainwashing coma that the record companies put him in after Insomniac. Somebody has to rescue him before they do it again!
    "We'Re Going To Pander This Out. We'Ll Get There." Mike Dirnt Who are you going to pander to? The masses? The record label? THe shit rapper that you offended or the corporation with its hand up his puppet-ass? And...don't even get me started on people who type shitty, difficult to read or understand posts like this...
    I can see that there are absolutely no pure punk fans out there. Disappointed.
    Just because alcohol has a higher fatality rate doesn't mean it's more fatal. There are just more alcoholics than junkies.
    The Spoon
    "It's An Awkward Position To Be In, But We'Re Going To Pander This Out. We'Ll Get There."" Laughed extra hard at the way this was written.
    I don't get it. If you're rich, just go to your vacation home in Maui to relax. Why rely on cheap tricks like booze and drugs?
    Meltdown??? Him doing that onstage was the most rock and roll thing they have done in years. That is what rock is all about. saying F*** YOU!!
    If that's what rock is about, then rock is worthless. I don't think that's the case.
    You must be new around here. Welcome! To the wonderful world of rock music!!
    Imagine if The Who went to rehab every time they destroyed their instruments.
    The newest album doesn't bother me. I bought it. Do I think they are anything like before? No way. Will they ever get like that? probably not. Greenday seems to be losing their appeal to the mass audience. Billie really just needs to step out of the public eye and attend to himself.
    It's really telling about the state of a once-great rock band that the best compliment people can pay to their album is that it 'doesn't bother' them.
    I'm so sick of this guy. Green Day is a joke. One of the most overrated bands ever.
    I like how the only comment you have on your page is "Moronic jizzrag" It's fitting, remember that.