Billie Joe Armstrong Hospitalised

The Green Day frontman has been taken seriously ill, but the band won't say what happened despite a profuse apology for cancelling the last show of their current festival tour.

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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has been hospitalised with an undisclosed illness.

The band were forced to cancel an appearance at a festival in Bologna, Italy when the frontman was rushed to hospital.

"We apologize profusely. This is really unfortunate, but Billie got rushed to the hospital last night due to illness," said bassist Mike Dirnt in a video posted on the band's website. "The doctors don't think it's a good idea for him to play today. This sucks - we really, really were looking forward to playing in Bologna as the highlight of our tour."

"We're beyond devastated and sad, as you guys are. Billie is extremely upset about it, but we'll see you soon," said drummer Tre Cool.

The cancelled Bologna set would have been their final appearance in a short run of shows to promote their upcoming album trilogy "¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre!", which will be released on September 25, November 13 and January 15 respectively.

Watch Green Day in action at Reading Festival two weeks ago in this clip, where Billie Joe appeared to be in good health:

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What do you think could be wrong with Bille Joe? Did you catch them during this short run of festival dates in Europe and Japan? Let us know in the comments.

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    Maybe he'll fake his own death. Those 3 albums would be MONSTER sellers if he did that.
    Yeah, I caught up with them at the Reading Festival secret set. They were amazing, but ****ed off their faces. Tr Cool looked like he was on auto-pilot the whole show and pretty fooked up, which I at first thought was because he's probably not been awake at 11am since he left school, but other footage shows he seems to be like that these days... Billie Joe was clearly on something, and I would not be at all surprised if his stint in hospital is drug abuse related. Dos! appears to be about a massive party, with the clip of nightlife played on Radio One a couple of weeks ago clearly being about being on drugs. I still love them though (despite 85% of 21st Century Breakdown haha) and wish him all the best. Gutted for people who were gonna be seeing them in Bologna.
    Usually when famous musicians are sick it has something to do with their touring schedules, constant exposure to loud noises and exposure to foreign diseases. You'd be sick too if you were constantly being transported all over the world, playing in the center of a large room filled with noise and being unable to get a full nights sleep for months on end.
    I'd also go with this explanation. Relentless touring will play havoc with one's immune system, plus constant exposure to foreign everything. Just exacerbates the situation.
    Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is out of the hospital and back in L.A. following a medical scare ... and upon his arrival Monday, the singer mouthed to TMZ that his voice is completely gone. The band was supposed to play a show in Italy this weekend, but the guys were forced to cancel the gig when Billie Joe was "rushed to the hospital due to illness." The rest of the band released a video statement saying, "We're beyond devastated ... We're as sad as you guys are. Billie's extremely upset about it." The guys never revealed the nature of Armstrong's illness ... but now it's obvious, it has something to do with his throat. On his way out of the airport, we asked Billie Joe about some other stuff ... but for some reason, he didn't have much to say.
    but for some reason, he didn't have much to say What a bunch of ***holes, how can they end it like that. I don't like nowadays Green Day, in fact I despise some of their music but that doesn't mean I'm insesitive to the human being ill. I hope he recovers, the worst that can happen for a man who sings its that.
    With Tre Cool it doesnt surprise me, he's constantly off his face, With Billie Joe im surprised as he was been off the drink for a while with all his DUI's in the past!!!
    They aren't announcing the cause of hospitalization publicly because it's either drug related, very embarrassing or even a combination of both
    Billie Joe Armstrong's brother posted on Facebook yesterday that he had food poisoning that caused severe dehydration. He was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains after being sick vomiting for almost a day. How is it that people jump to the conclusion of drug overdose from severe stomach pains? Jeez. He's got kids. Show some respect. As far as Tre looking like he was on auto-pilot and looking stoned or whatever, that's ridiculous. Have you even looked at the tour schedule? They were playing a gig in a different country almost every single night, meaning they had a show and then immediately jumped on a plane to go to the next show. And in-between shows, they were doing media appearances, promotions and interviews, while trying to keep up with their fans on social networking sites. They didn't have a minute to themselves, much less to rest, and it caught up with them. Exhaustion doesn't mean drug abuse and you should really get your facts straight before posting speculation that slanders other people. And for God's sake, quit it with the "Wake Me Up When September Ends" jokes.
    I agree with what you're saying, but it's falling on deaf ears. They're a rock band, that is why people jump to these conclusions. Also they are mega famous. Does this mean they most certainly do all the things they're speculated to have done? Certainly not. However, the media has made it clear, as well as many if not most bands and celebrities in the past, that this type of behavior is quite common in said crowds. Being quick to judge isn't right, but it's what they signed up for so let 'em speculate and accuse, how else do we have anything interesting to talk about when it comes to this stuff...
    Sir Stoney
    Billie looks kinda baked. His eyes are red and low. Tre on the other hand... looks tweaked out of his mind.
    I'm pretty sure he came down with a case of "Forgetting how to Rock" which was instantly followed by a bowel moving case of "Records Shitty Music"
    Bitch please, you may not like their style or sth but they do make good music. They're just one of the best bands around. They experiment a lot, but they're still great.
    Yeah, because the possibility that they're just saying that so the world won't find out that they're massive drug addicts, doesn't exist. Easy with the harsh remarks. We don't all constantly stalk every bands Facebook account.
    he's got the clap. it's the only reason i can think of why they wouldn't disclose the illness.
    You're an idiot. It's not drugs, it was food poisoning. His brother confirmed it on Facebook.
    Can't say I'm much of a big Green Day fan anymore, but he's still a human being and I wish him a quick recovery. If it's something with his throat as some articles and stuff have speculated I hope the damage is minimal, he still has a lot of people to entertain live, even if I'm not one anymore.
    Hang on I thought Green Day were a 3 piece band? Whose the other gezzer?!
    Presumably it's Jason White, who's been touring with them since Warning.
    Yup, they were touring with 2 Jasons and a Ronnie following American Idiot, looks like they're back to just Jason. Jason typically plays solo's, allowing Billie Joe to be a better front man and singer.
    They've still got both Jason's on tour with them as well. They've got a bloke named Jeff singing some backing vocals and playing a bit of additional guitar (when it's needed) as well.