Billy Corgan Compares Tommy Lee to John Bonham: 'Heavy Drums Can Sound Soft And Expressive'

"He has a fantastic ear for music," the frontman adds.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently detailed Tommy Lee's appearance on the band's upcoming studio record, comparing the Motley Crue drummer to late Led Zeppelin icon John Bonham.

"The notion to reach out to T Lee came from The Shredder, who in hearing me say 'We really need to get someone like Tommy to play on this song' said, 'Well, why don't we reach out to him?'" Billy kicked off the official website announcement.

Further praising Lee and his skin-bashing style, Corgan added, "Tommy hits the drums in a crushing manner, but as many fans know this is not without nuance or reaction; as he has a fantastic ear for music and plays with the songs in a means that only enhances excitement.

"The only other place I've heard this phenomena is with John Bonham of Led Zeppelin: where heavy drums can sound soft and expressive. Good company indeed!" the frontman concluded.

Smashing Pumpkins are set to release two new albums in 2015, titled "Monument to an Elegy" and "Day for Night." The first effort is coming up quite strong and is "near completion" according to the latest info.

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    John B can still out drum him 34 years after his death
    Drummer here... Don't ever compare Tommy Lee to John Bonham. Tommy is a fine drummer but come on
    I saw this beforeā€¦ Corgan isn't aging well. Bonham??? Come on dude...
    Never understood the fuss about tommy's drumming. I've seen him near the top of a lot of best drummer lists, and I don't get it. Not saying he's bad, but I've never heard him play something that had me saying, "wow that was awesome."
    He is a solid groove drummer, and just what is needed in Motley Crue, but in terms of technical ability there isn't a whole lot to speak of. Of course that's not a bad thing, I like Dream Theater and Rush as well as AC/DC. But Tommy is a household name in drums because of being in Motley Crue and Pam Anderson, thus a popular name and popular choice in drum polls to the average voters.
    But Tommy is a household name in drums because of being in Motley Crue and Pam Anderson Well done, sir.
    Paul McCartney Joins NIRVANA Steven Tyler Joins Stone Temple Pilots Tommy Lee Joins Smashing Pumpkins Waiting for Pearl Jam, AIC and Soundgarden to jump on this trend...