Billy Corgan: Expect Original Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Soon!

It won't last long once it happens, though, the frontman adds.

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Billy Corgan: Expect Original Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Soon!

Billy Corgan revealed that the reunion of the classic Smashing Pumpkins is pretty much in the bag, stressing that once it happens, the comeback will be a short-lived one.

The frontman tells Mancow Muller: "I just talked to [original Pumpkins guitarist James Iha] the other day - things look good for us getting together to play, we're talking about it."

Billy further explained: "Being honest - there's a willingness for us to play, but also - the world has changed a lot since we didn't play.

"The reunion thing is always a bit weird, because then people come in with their expectations. So my whole thing is: if we're going to do it, I think we do it to make people happy, and not go against the tide of what people would want to hear and that type of stuff.

"But my interest in it is sort of limited - I'm not going to do it for 14 years of my life."

When it comes to the remaining original members, drummer Jimmy Chamberlin is back in the fold as of 2015. Not much is known about the status of bassist D'arcy Wretzky, though.

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    Well, I'm in. I'd love to see a proper SP show. Not that silly acoustic thing. I bought a ticket to that but they couldn't make it to Denver. Honestly, it's not the show I wanted. Bring on the electric stuff, Cypress Hill, Peter Frampton, and a giant inflatable Pig. Woo Hoo!
    paulstfu · Jan 11, 2017 02:01 PM
    yo did we order a orchestra? whats up with this orchestra man i dont know... um...we think we did...
    Now this is something I'd like to see!
    Ditto! I was all set to see them on the Mellon Collie tour, but I screwed things up with my girlfriend at the time, and she had the tickets. As far as going to concerts, that's one of my biggest regrets.
    Hell, yeah. London Brixton Academy gig is bar far their best. Thru the Eyes of Ruby being the absolute best.
    Corgan has been announcing his "announcements" for last year or so. Doubt it happens with Iha firing back up with A Perfect Circle...possible for 2018 but not holding my breath. Still waiting on the remaster Machina I and II!
    Fuck, I'd settle for a proper release of Machina II.
    The best thing about your Lars avatar, is that it forces me to hear whatever your comment is in his voice. Kills me every time!
    Oh man. To think I'm living in Chicago right now and this might happen... Can't wait to hear more
    I had a shock when I saw the picture, because I never pictured in my head that Billy Corgan once could have had hair
    "Expect original Smashing Pumpkins Reunion soon" ...end of article says "Not much is known about the status of bassist D'arcy Wretzky, though." Is this clickbait, UG being bad at headlines as usual or just Billy Corgan being too eager?
    And all they had to do was wiki her. "In August 2016, Billy Corgan posted a video to Facebook acknowledging that he and Wretzky had recently reestablished communication saying 'I’ve been in communication with D’arcy for the first time in 16 or 17 years, it’s awesome to have my friend back.' Corgan emphasized that this did not necessarily mean the band was getting back together instead insisting 'my primary interest in the old band was us having good relationships again.'" Source: Not big news or anything, but she left the band while dealing with drug problems and then just went off the grid for a very long time, so it's good to hear she's doing all right. I'd be thrilled to see the entire line-up reunite, but if I'm being honest all I need is Jimmy playing drums and I'm in.
    thx, yeah I'm hyped to see them live too and wasn't gonna nag about it at all, just felt it was such an amazing headline only to find it's in dry sheets at all...that was disappointing. thx for the kind reply, I was expecting to get trashed for my comment