Billy Corgan Fires Drummer Mike Byrne

The frontman also gave update on the new album, promised the lead single out this fall.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan shared quite a few updates on the current state of affairs, discussing the new album's sound, release date and the status of drummer Mike Byrne.

Chatting with Music Radar, Corgan was asked to comment about describing the guitar sound as "more so on the epic side of things than, say, grossly metallic."

"It probably has more to do with space than density," he replied. "There's a lot this modern tone - I don't want to name names - a kind of midrange in the modern sound with smaller guitars that sound big. I've tended to go in the other direction with the scooped-Hetfield sound, a lot of low end, a lot of attack."

Sharing fresh info regarding the release date, Billy expressed hope to have the lead single out this fall and for the full album to hit the shelves in February.

"Shooting for a single by October - possibly sooner, but I guess October, November at the latest - and then an album will probably be February. As for the timetable between the two albums, I worked it out contractually that it’d be no more than nine months, so I'm going to try to stick to that. I'm sure [BMG] would be fine if it were longer, but I'd like to keep it short," he said.

Finally, seeing that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee did a great share of drum recording for the upcoming two efforts, Billy was asked about the status of Mike Byrne, who had spent nearly five years in the SP fold.

"Tommy Lee is the drummer on the 'Monuments' album. Mike, like Elvis, has left the building," the frontman said. Asked on whether he wants to elaborate, Corgan added, "Mmm... Let's just say that Mike, like Elvis, has left the building."

As reported, the band is aiming to release a total of two albums during 2015, titled "Monuments to an Elegy" and "Day for Night."

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    Almost 19 years after Billy's hair leaves the building, Mike Byrne does the same.
    Billy Corgan Fires Drummer Mike Byrne Hmmm. I don't happen to read that anywhere.
    "Billy Corgan Discusses 'Scooped-Hetfield Sound' of New Smashing Pumpkins Album" Now that's a better title. I can give tips on how to write headlines if you want, UG.
    Didn't this article have a different, more honest headline and preview text an hour ago?
    Billy better quit slobbing Tommys knob or Pam is going to get jealous.
    Why? They split up years ago.
    Youre right. He should keep slobbing Tommy's knob all he wants, but then he won't have as much time to find doppelganger replacements for the REAL Smashing Pumpkins.
    Im not that bothered about the original members coming back apart from Jimmy.Billy writes pretty much everything which makes the other members hired hands plus Darcy and James never really had stage presence [to me anyway] so its not like their missed in that sense.
    To be honest, I feel like I would happily edit and moderate this forum only for some arbitrary piece of musical equipment and a crate of beer.
    It doesnt actually say that Corgan sacked him.If he did sack him im disappointed as i liked the guy.For sure he was no Chamberlain but he was solid enough and brought his own sound.
    Pretty disrespectful way of announcing it, not hugely surprising of Corgan though.
    i dont no y every1 is disrispecting ug...the title is apropiate These editors r topnotched, they deserve rispect
    I hope this album kicks me in the face. I want big punchy guitars, phat low-end and booming drums. I want Smashing Pumpkins music that can never be turned up loud enough.
    Personally, I did not like Mike Byrne as an SP drummer. He is a great drummer as an individual but he was too intense for the Smashing Pumpkins. He did not compliment the band's sound the way I would have wanted.
    I wish Mike Byrne and Billy Corgan nothing but the best. I cannot wait to hear the new music by The Smashing Pumpkins and I will always keep my ears open to new material from Mike Byrne.