Billy Corgan Stormed Off Stage

Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan threw a fit during his performance in Melbourne and stormed off stage after the audience yelled for Smashing Pumpkins songs.

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Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan threw a fit during his performance in Melbourne and stormed off stage after the audience yelled for Smashing Pumpkins songs, reports Australia's Undercover News.

One fan who who was at the show said that at one stage when an audience member yelled "play some Pumpkins," Corgan snapped back "Can I live my life for today?"

At another time, someone yelled, "We want rock", and Corgan told him to ask for his money back, the fan said.

Towards the end of the show, after another call for more "Pumpkins," Corgan is said to have said "F--k this," put his mic down and walked off.

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    CORGAN is God so people should step the *** back. ( even though he's a *******)
    What a bitch. He should respect the fans enough to play a couple of the old songs, but play mostly his new stuff. After he has a couple more solo albums, and maybe a hit song, then he should play only solo garbage.
    People... I would have been pissed too, but the show must go on. I'm sure there were people there that wanted to hear his new stuff he should have played for them and ignored the dumb ***s.
    I think if you asked Grohl to play some Nirvana he would ingore it and keep playing not have an "Axl Rose hissyfit" which we ALL know Axl Rose had(enen though I like Guns N Roses)I think the musician should of ingored them and continue what they're there for MUSIC not hissyfits!!!There was people there that wanted to hear Billy Corgan so he should've kept playing for them and let security take charge of the fans that kept yelling.(I think Corgan's a jerk)
    AXL!AXL!AXL! the 2000s needed a whiney bitch like Mr. Rose, and now we have found an apt replacement
    Holy shit, I was going to go to that with my mate. That's funny as.
    Well i'm a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins i think they were one of the best rock/alternative rock bands out there, and really i would rather watch a smashing pumpkins concert than watch a billy corgan's solo concert (even though i liked his album). And hey, people bought their tickets to a Billy Corgan concert, not smashing pumpkins, dont go in expecting to listen to pumpkins songs... Yeah, Billy kinda overreacted, but he had his reasons. Picture yourself on his situation, you're trying to show people some new work, and they keep asking you to play songs when you're not even on the same band. I would at least be angry about it.I side with Billy for now...
    why would you go to a billy corgan show after he just released a solo album and then expect him to play pumpkins songs? hes supposedly bringing them back together so wait until then to hear them.
    i would think its kinda expected, audioslave does rage and soundgarden songs, so cant billy do a couple pumpkin songs
    On one hand, he is there to entertain the fans, but on the other it is his art and he can pick what he wants to use to entertain his fans with.
    hahahaha, billy corgan sucks. Hollywood is not a place for a nice person to live, egos get as big as Billy Corgan's. - NOFX (pretty sure those are the lyrics)
    my dad knew his cousin, and she said he was a big crybaby, and had a major ego.... my two cents...
    i thoguht that he wante dto reunite the pumpkins. what a douche. i mean of course people are gonna ask for pumpkin songs. thats the band he was in.
    When you go to a Billy Corgan show, you expect some of his solo stuff, not Smashing Pumpkins' songs. He choose what to play, not you. With that said, he shouldn't stop the concert. Could have at least, say he doesn't do Pumpkins' songs on his tour and continue.
    corgan can do whatever he wants ..his fans and the people who hate him can say whatever they want ,dosnt change the world if he storms out of a show does it
    well i see both points it wasnt a "smashing pumpkin" show, it was billy corgan but..... he shouldnt have been such a dick, they like his old stuff but its still his stuff, with out fans likeing smashing pumpkins, he probably wouldnt be where he is today- i mean, i saw velvet revolver and they did some guns N roses cuz they new most VR fans are GNR or STP fans- but if hes trying to "get away" from his past stuff then i understand (i guess) but its still why hes even having a solo career now... dick...
    he "put his mic down and walked off"....i mean who "puts" their mic down? gosh, he cant even throw a fit right....
    "I think if you asked Grohl to play some Nirvana he would ingore it and keep playing not have an "Axl Rose hissyfit"" took the words right outta my mouth dude.
    Shouldn't expect previous work from previous bands, but also should be mature enough to be able to handle ******* fans.
    It's one thing to play songs from your old band(s) as 'covers' like Audioslave does and a whole different thing to start a new band and rely on your old bands songs like Wings. Would anybody give a shit about Billy Corgan if he hadn't been the frontman for the Pumpkins? Probably not. puncturedlung24: wt a dik. cors ppl r gna ask 4 pumpkins songs. Don't be cursing at me in no foreign language, dick.
    mustaine wrote: thats like askin jason newsted to play sum tallica, its unfair
    If he did, you know Lars would sue him.
    I don't know about being pissed for requests of his old band... but I guess it's frustrating trying to showcase your new music and having people constantly demand old stuff, kinda makes you feel like they don't care for your new stuff. But! being the lead singer of any popular broken up band, it's something you'd expect.
    I think the majority of you guys are being a little ignorant towards billy corgan. Of course I can justify this because as a musician and as a kid the smashing pumpkins were my all-time favorite band and they still are to this day. But people must see and realize that Corgan would want to start the Pumpkins again and of course we all would want to see a reunion like the all shit Motley Crue but you guys must realize that there were tensions between the four of them that proves the statment that the pumpkins will never get back together. As a solo artist, Billy Corgan is exactly what he says he is - an artist. Therefore the guy tries to reach new dimensions and explore new ways of developing music. he does what he hasn't tried yet. And it's obvouisly not going to be The Smashing Pumpkins. I still respect Billy Corgan as an artist for writing some of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Even if he walks off, the people wanted The Smashing Pumpkins - not Billy Corgan. That's like telling hey Robert Plant, get with Led Zeppelin.
    The Pumpkins were his brighter days, I think this one is the fans fault though. Your paying for a Billy Corgan show, not a Pumpkins show. If you don't like it then tough shit, his Pumpkin days are behind him.
    His solo stuff is sort of like a much worse version of Adore...with no instruments. It's not too bad, but Adore was sweet. 'Mina Loy' and 'The Cameraeye' are pretty okay.
    It goes back to fans being douchebags for no good reason. For example, I was at the Alkaline Trio/Rise Against show two days ago(if you don't like the bands, I don't care, nor does anyone else, that's not the point), and some moron spit right in Matt Skiba's face. You could tell he was incensed by it, but he tried to blow it off with a casual f*** you. His exact words were, "I've always wondered why you would pay $20 for a ticket to see a band and then spit at them." The point is, even the most adamant "Corgan's a pussy" posters in here have done something in the heat of the moment that upon close examination was not justified. It's easy to sit at your computer and criticize him because no one can see you at home being a hypocritical arse.
    Tom Martin
    Surely this can't be the first time people have asked him to play Pumpkin songs though?
    you go to a billy corgan show to hear billy corgan, as much as i hate to say it the pumpkins are over, lets move on, i think billy was right.
    I flew from Adelaide to see that show. I was more pissed at the moron fans than at Billy Corgan. I don't blame him for walking off, however unhappy I was... damn audience.
    Totally not fair to the 99% of people that paid to hear Billy Corgan and didn't yell like idiots.
    He sounds like a sissy, cant take 10 minutes out of your precious rockstar time and please the crowd? Play a couple of smashing pumpkin tunes and shut the f*ck up mary.
    THats Stupid. Corgan's tryin to do his own thing and the fans should be there for him and not the former band he was in. But I must say, I am a Pumpkins Fan and Corgan's new stuff. I just cant get into it. So I say bring back the pumpkins but let Corgan do his thing.
    I think he wasn't being that irrational, the show was almost over anyways, and he should be only playing his solo stuff, because thats the album he's trying to promote.