Billy Corgan To Play With 'Spirits In The Sky'

artist: Billy Corgan date: 08/12/2009 category: music news
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Billy Corgan is gearing up for a series of concerts, during which he'll hit the stage without his Smashing Pumpkins cohorts. Dates and venues for the trek - which is billed as "Billy Corgan with special guests Spirits in the Sky" - will be announced "shortly," according to Smashing Pumpkins' website, and will include six Los Angeles-area shows. Spirits In The Sky - featuring Electric Prunes' bassist Mark Tulin, Catherine drummer Kerry Brown (ex-spouse of former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'Arcy Wretzky) and Strawberry Alarm Clock keyboardist Mark Weitz - formed recently for a tribute concert in honor of the Seeds' Sky Saxon, who died in June at the age of 71. Corgan and Spirits In The Sky made their live debut together at Los Angeles' Echoplex last month with a performance during which Corgan debuted a new song called "Freak," Rolling Stone reported. Corgan and Saxon had been collaborating prior to Saxon's death, according to Rolling Stone. Thanks for the report to
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