Billy Gibbons Joining Forces With David Guetta: 'The Only Thing Missing in Dance Music Is Good Guitar Player'

"It's a far cry from what people might expect," the guitarist says.

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Apart from marking the 45th anniversary of ZZ Top with "The Very Baddest of ZZ Top" compilation, guitar master Billy Gibbons has some fresh music on the horizon as well.

It might surprise a portion of fans, but Billy has joined forces EDM producer David Guetta, recently wrapping up between eight and 10 new tunes.

"I wanted to know how they did certain things, and of course they were badgering me to bring the guitar to the forefront," Gibbons told Billboard. "They said, 'Y'know, the only thing missing in dance music is a good guitar player.' I said, 'Let's see if we can bring the two together and make it shake.' That resulted in eight or 10 cuts that, by and large, I would consider completed."

Although the results might be unexpected, the guitarist still insists that it's that very same experimentation with electro sounds that rose ZZ to new heights back in the day. "It's a far cry from what people might expect - 'Gibbons and electronic stuff?'" he noted.

"But a lot of people have overlooked the fact that one of the things that made 'Eliminator' so interesting was the opportunity to go into that experimental side of things and fool around with the coolest new toys that could be found in the recording studio. I'm always fascinated by that, so my time in Spain was very fruitful," Billy concluded.

Not much info was unveiled regarding the new music, so stay tuned for fresh details.

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    There is some logic to it, ZZtop have been using drum machines for the last 30 years, it's nice to see a 65 years old man with an open mind, now the final result might be complete and utter bollocks.
    "It might surprise a portion of fans, but Billy has joined forces EDM producer David Guetta, recently wrapping up between eight and 10 new tunes." So...9 tunes?
    I get the fact that a lot of EDM needs good guitar playing, but goddammit, there are SO many better producers than David Guetta.
    If there was ever a perfect guitarist to lay down some boogie on EDM it would be Billy Gibbons. All he's done for the last 45 years is want to make people dance. I'm all for this.
    I think he's got a point..... a wicked guitar over a dance beat sounds great in my opinion... I dont know why there isnt more of it... I really dont...
    Let the elitist start their shit. You're not conforming to my definition of music, so I'm going to do everything I can to down you, and the intelligence of anyone who likes this. Rock, and metal used to be about non-conformity, but Ultimate-Guitar users present the opposite impression.