Bjork 'Thrilled' to Be on the New Death Grips Album

artist: Death Grips date: 06/10/2014 category: general music news

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Bjork 'Thrilled' to Be on the New Death Grips Album
Bjork has said she is "thrilled" to feature on the new Death Grips album, NME reports.

Death Grips recently released the first half of a surprise new double album, called "N-ggas on the Moon" which features samples of Bjork's vocals feature on all eight tracks. The album can be downloaded for free via the Death Grips Facebook page. The record is the first installment of a new double-LP, which is called "The Powers That B." The second part will be released later this year and is titled "Jenny Death."

Writing on her Facebook page about her inclusion on the record, Bjork has said she is "thrilled" to be the band's "found object." She wrote: "Iiam proud to announce my vocals landed on the new death grips album ! i adore death grips and i am thrilled to be their "found object" ! i have been lucky enough to hang and exchange music loves w/ them and witness them grow !! epic : onwards !!."

The 'N-ggas on the Moon' tracklisting is:

01. Up My Sleeves
02. Billy Not Really
03. Black Quarterback
04. Say Hey Kid
05. Have a Sad Cum
06. F--k Me Out
07. Viola
08. Big Dipper

The album is the band's first since last year's "Government Plates" which followed 2011's "The Money Store."
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