'Black Album' Outsells Megadeth's 'Super Collider' in the US This Week

Metallica's 22-year-old eponymous record beats the latest Megadeth effort on this week's Billboard chart.

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Metallica's multi-platinum 1991 eponymous record officially beat the latest Megadeth studio effort "Super Collider," outselling it on this week's Billboard 200 chart.

What made matters all the more interesting is the fact that 1,713 copies sold this week put "Super Collider" directly one spot below the "Black Album," which scored a 1,737 sales figure.

As far as the overall figures are considered, the "Black Album" is currently around 97,000 units short of reaching 16x platinum status, while "Super Collider" only managed to cross the 60,000 mark with a total of 60,519 units shipped in the US since the June 4 release.

As Metal Injection report points outs, the entire situation once again put Dave Mustaine in somewhat of an ironic position against his old band. Same source also indicates that the previous Megadeth record, "Th1rt3en," managed to crack the 120,000 figure within a month, beating the current "Super Collider" sales by far.

Megadeth are currently busy wrapping up this year's Gigantour with the concert trek's final show set to take place this Sunday (August 11) in Toronto, Canada. Metallica on the other hand, are mostly keeping themselves occupied with the upcoming "Through the Never" 3D movie and its September 27 exclusive IMAX 3D Theaters premiere.

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    This just seems like baiting for an ever-present Megadeth vs. Metallica argument...
    Too bad nobody with a brain cares about Metallica vs. Megadeth anymore... Yeah. Pointless article.
    Just as pointless and interesting as the following facts: Metallica has more songs called Enter Sandman on the black album then Megadeth's Super Collider contains. But then again, Dave is more of a ginger haired frontman then Kirk will ever be. Maybe UG should write an article about this too?
    Maybe its not the best song on the record but its the best one riff song on record. (No typos).
    Enter Sandman is fu*king horrible. Don't get me wrong the Black Album is great.
    The reason enter sandman is great -and it is great- is the marriage of a great riff, great arrangement, and the entire gamut of great engineering. Just because it's a mainstream song doesn't mean it can't be awesome.
    Honestly, the main problem with Enter Sandman is that it's been played about as much as Stairway or Sweet Child O' Mine. Yeah, they're great songs, but they got old after the first thousand listens. Maybe it's just because I live opposite a pub that does cover bands...
    am i the only person who likes both bands?
    So I guess the author doesn't like Megadeth much.
    I dont see any other reason why this is an article. Supercollider came out 2 months ago and has been out sold by the highest selling album of all time in one week. I bet Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin IV out sold both as well.
    Black Album is the highest selling album in the US, but not the highest selling album in the world. That goes to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
    Being outsold by a 22 year old album... I bet Dave doesn't want to play "Metal Militia" anymore.
    "What made matters all the more interesting is the fact that 1,713 copies sold this week put "Super Collider" directly one spot below the "Black Album," which scored a 1,737 sales figure." So Interesting, it's my 'fun fact of the day!
    There are 15 knives in my cutlery drawer and only 14 forks. You don't see articles about that shit. Aaand my forks and knives get along swimmingly at least 3 times a day.
    Hey Dave Mustaine, look at the silver lining- at least St. Anger, Bload or reBload didn't outsell you.
    How did that happen, did they re-release it with bonus material or something ?
    reliable master
    No, it's still being sold and people are still buying it, that's all. You'd know if it was being re-released, the UG team would be ramming it down our throats.
    Orion 2012 Day 2 might be a factor why it is still selling good lately. But for whatever reason, no one could deny the production quality of that album. Every instrument is audible and not just audible, all of them is punching through your ears whether you listen to it on a headset or a pair of big speakers. And it's not true that the Black Album is the starting point of the band's huge popularity. It's the "One" video that made them huge and when some of the core fans of the band started to hate them.
    it's the best selling album of the soundscan era (1991- present) and continues to sell well, it's like the 90's Dark Side of the Moon
    Really? I thought Nevermind would have sold more. Good for them.
    I think Nevermind originally out sold it but Metallica has been in the mainstream since the Black Album (which has led to its on going sales) where as Nirvana (although still showing a lot of success) has been out of the mainstream for a while thus people aren't buying their stuff.
    Considering the Black Album flew off the shelves from the start and Nevermind was released by a mostly unknown at the time band, add to that the fact that the black album was released before Nevermind, the black album got a huge head start.
    I'd guess to do with that film they put out? I think they just put it out? Or maybe it's coming out soon? I dunno. Great avatar.
    It actually has nothing to do with the movie believe it or not. For the past year and a half that I have been checking iTunes, the Black Album has been the number 1 selling metal album. It's because Metallica is still relevant and get new fans everyday, and a lot of them go to the album with the most hits first.
    Can we compare with the sales of LULU?
    The always accurate Wikipedia has this to say about the sales of LULU: "Worldwide sales have topped 100,000 copies in two weeks." So even that piece of horse ass outsold SC.
    Maybe start writing about something more interesting than only Megadeth? Everytime I check ultimate guitar it's all Megadeth related news....
    I thought the Black album was already certified 16x platinum in December 2012 or am I wrong?
    Hardly news, but still quite interesting. I like seeing actual numbers on how much records sell. All you normally hear about is "It made number 15 on the Billboard 200", but nowadays, what does that really mean? If you can get on the 200 chart by selling 1500 or so records, then the physical industry is indeed in bad shape
    This is just pointless trolling disguised as news, you're trying to start a fight and even by the standards I've come to hold UG "news" to it's disappointing.
    Well that's...awkward. That's just all you can say about Super Collider though really. Big disappointment.
    Yeah, Super Collider wasn't great, I mean there were a few good songs on it, but overall it just wasn't my cup of tea. I was hoping for a more metal record from them.
    Kingmaker isn't bad. But yeah I was expecting more... grabbing stuff I guess.
    I don't understand the point of this article. The Black Album was a $1 million+ album to produce over an entire year, the production is about as perfect as you can get, the songs are perfectly honed to be hard rock/metal radio hits that can be enjoyed by just about anybody on some level, and it has had massive radio airplay since its release. I don't think it is fair to compare that to Megadeth's recent release that is basically songs Mustaine could write quickly, record it into ProTools on a tight schedule, and then shit it out for us all to say "meh, lacking..." Nothing but trolling UG. Well done...
    KingV's comment is fact. There are no real arguments against it. End thread....
    Or perhaps it's a comment on the disparity in effort/quality between the two releases that you have commented on and a note that this is reflected in Megadeth's unimpressive sales figures?
    I guess you could say that the Black Album is higher than a Super Collider.
    I'll be honest, I think Dave is turning into the Tom Clancy of metal. Keeps releasing stuff so frequently in the hopes one of them becomes a classic. As far as the "news" article goes, it's only interesting in figures, though I'd be more interested in how the Black Album stacks up against other albums released at the same time.
    What about 13th and endgame? no good records? I understand your point about comparing apple and apple and not apple and pears but because of a "flow" like Collider means that Megadeth is selling cheap to any cost ??
    I am stunned that the Black album is still selling 1,737 copies in a week. I wonder how many Lars is buying?
    About 95% of the people who read this and commented, totally missed the point of the article.
    for something that is not "newsworthy" it sure stirs up a lot of comments.
    Because it is so annoying it deserves much derision.
    If you guys are bored of reading about this stuff, stop reading about it.
    Or perhaps UG could stop writing about pointless bullshit with the intention to start fights and ignite band rivalries in the comments section? Yeah. That works better.
    I dunno man, you seem pretty eager to click on these articles. And as long as they're getting the clicks, there's no complaint. Now if you really do want to complain or suggest a better practice for what the UG team writes about then you might do that in the Site Suggestions forum, doing it here isn't going to achieve anything.
    If it's wrong to pass comment on articles why not just disable the comments section?
    It's not wrong, I was just pointing out the inherent paradox of clicking/commenting on articles to show how you are bored of them.
    And the Backstreet Boys outsold both. I don't see how that's representative of quality.
    What does an album from over a decade ago by a different band have anything to do with Super Collider?
    Like Mustaine needs another reason to be upset about Metallica. He is at a place in his career--and has been for a long time--where he can let go of past resentments. This was very unnecessary.
    Comparing black album and super collider?, old school vs new school?, if you are going to compare old school, it should be, black album vs R.I.P, or new, death magnetic(Last release album, not new) vs super collider
    Most people are right. Yes, its pointless news. But it still made me smile Up Yours Megashit
    take a screenshot of what you just called Megadeth put it away somewhere look at it in 10 when you're a wee bit more grown up cringe at those last three words you just said.
    And by the way, talking about rock than metal, I think that Risk and Cryptic Writings are astonishing albums. Great great songs!! More quality and melody than the entire black album. Salute to Mustaine here.
    There's also the fact that the Black Album has been out since 1991, and Super Collider is brand new. I wouldn't expect it to have sold more copies.
    The point of the article is that the 22 year old Black Album sold more copies this week than Megadeth's new album did. We're talking THIS WEEK.
    why did Lars ever give a **** about music piracy... 16x platinum, nuff said
    I'd like to know the figures between "The Black Album", "Rust In Peace", or possibly "Cowboys From Hell".. those are 3 classic albums released generally around the same time.